Gossip Girl Spoilers 2.11: More Previews “The Magnificent Archibalds”

Lily trying to convince Jenny that Rufus loves her and Blair reminding that ‘Serena doesn’t share’ in two ‘Gossip Girl’ clips.

Two scenes from the November 17 episode of “” are released. Titled “The Magnificent Archibalds”, the episode is taking on the family rift between Jenny and her father, Rufus, and also Lily coming to their rescue. Jenny is ready to cut all sorts of communication with Rufus if she doesn’t get her way but Lily decides to make a peace treaty for them by taking Jenny in her house. This will be previewed in the first clip.

The second clip is a phone conversation between Blair and Serena. The former who complains about her mother’s new boyfriend who breaks all of Waldorf tradition during Thanksgiving and the latter who complains on her new lover’s past. Blair is baking in keeping the dinner tradition at home while Serena is trying to come clean with the fact that Aaron has a female friend whom he’s close with.

Also in the Thanksgiving episode, Dan accidentally reveals a few tidbits of his past on his own as well as Blair and Chuck coming to their friend’s aid when Nate is once again forced to confront his father’s abandonment, as he finally returns from abroad. Vanessa becomes depressed upon hearing that Nate is leaving New York with his father, but she doesn’t hear that from Nate himself. Finally, Eric discovers a secret that Bart has been keeping from Lily. — Ace Showbiz

Gossip Girl Sneaks: ‘Tis the Season of Pie and Tears

It’s Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side, a time when everyone is reminded of the family ties that bind and gag.

As you can see above, Blair’s building herself an old-fashioned family holiday—she has no family this year, but at least there’s always the divine Dorota.

Plus, in the two other sneak peek video clips below, Lily heroically tries to keep Rufus and Little J from breaking up forever, and Dan oh-so-helpfully tries to explain Serena to her new love interest, Aaron Rose. That goes great, and by great I mean terrible and awkward…

Given a good helping of Chuck and Blair action (not to mention stuffing and many kinds of pie), I think this feast of drama might be the best Gossip Girl episode yet.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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