90210 Episode Recap: “That Which We Destroy”

We jump right in with Sean telling the Wilsons (and I Moan (Naomi) lurking in the background) about his decision to serve his country and how in some ways, being overseas in war was more stable than his upbringing in South Carolina. Well, that’ll endure you to the parents who abandoned you. Guilt. He says he’s shipping out in a few weeks and might not have another chance to meet his birth parents so when the PI showed up looking for him he decided to come Do I smell a killed-in-the-line February sweeps plot? Tracy comes bursting in calling him “her son” and telling him to call her “mom” and it’s REALLY gross. Credits.

Post credits, it appears Sean has left with I Moan and Tracy. Harry is being very hesitant to make any decisions, treading very lightly around his kids. Grandma is distressed because she wants to be 54 and asks Dixon how old she was when she had Harry if he has a 25 year old son from when he was 18. Dixon tells her 11 and Grandma says that’s a bit unseemly. Snerk. This grandma goes to 11….. Continue reading »

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