New Privileged Spoilers! Possible “Gossip Girl” Crossover?


‘Privileged’: Who’s Guesting, Who’s Getting New Boyfriends & Will There Be a ‘Gossip Girl’ Crossover

By Korbi Ghosh,

Dedicated Privileged fans, this post is for you. When I mentioned last week that I’d be visiting the set, your questions came pouring in and it was an absolute pleasure getting them answered. The cast of this show couldn’t have been cooler and executive producer Rina Mimoun is my new favorite person. Sure, Bill Lawrence will always have a very special place in my heart — after all, he put me on Scrubs, gave me a line and everything — but Rina Mimoun, she is one of us, people. The woman is an avid player of Friends trivia, can spend hours gabbing about Grey’s and Gossip Girl, and will debate the Felicity dilemma (Ben vs. Noel) with the best of ’em. God bless her, between all the TV watching and running this hour-long series, she actually found time to give me a tour of the Privileged set, introduce me to the cast and answer many of your queries. So, without further ado, the answers…

Brianhallisay I love Megan and Will, but don’t want them to rush into a relationship because then he might not make it to Season 2 as a love interest. I’m curious to see how they play that one… Also, is Lily back for more trouble this season or have we seen the last of her? -Manda
We have not seen the last of Lily. In fact, she’ll be back to wreak havoc in Megan and Will’s relationship! That’s right, Megan and Will are most definitely giving this thing a shot, but his previous dalliance with Lily will bring up a few problems. Brian Hallisay, who plays Will, said there will be various issues and bumps in the road for them, but only because it would be boring otherwise. However, he also mentioned that Will will open his world up to Megan, introduce her to his family and possibly help her get ahead career-wise.

Kristinaapgar Will Megan and Lily ever have a normal relationship? -abcguy
JoAnna Garcia told me she can’t imagine that happening. But just because their dynamic is dysfunctional doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Rina said there will definitely be times when Megan’s down and we see a softer, more caring side of Lily come out.

Lucykatehale Absolutely love Privileged. It’s my new Gilmore Girls! A question for Lucy Hale: We got to hear her wonderful singing voice this week. Will we be hearing the former American Junior winner belt out some vocals in the upcoming episodes? -Chance
Unfortunately, as of now, the answer is no. They haven’t filmed Lucy singing again so far — they’ll be moving away from that whole “this is our publicist, we’re going to be famous” storyline pretty soon — but that’s not to say they won’t. Rina’s very well aware of how talented Lucy is and may be thinking of more organic ways to weave her voice into the show.

Ashleynewbrough Can you find out if Sage is a lesbian? Anyone else feel like she might be? -Kara
Ha! It never crossed my mind and I’m pretty sure the answer is no. In fact, I met Sage’s new love interest, Ignacio Serricchio (Diego on General Hospital), on set — he is also an avid Friends trivia fan who faces off against Rina — and it seems like things will get pretty hot between his character and Sage when he joins the Baker staff as Marco’s kitchen assistant. Ashley Newbrough, who plays the taller twin, said she’s not sure if he’ll be able to put up with Sage, but her feelings for the aspiring chef will certainly bring out a more vulnerable side.

Michaelcassidy Is there any hope for Charlie and Megan? -Robbie
Not in the near future. Actually, JoAnna mentioned that Charlie may soon realize his feelings for Megan might have been a bit misdirected.

You promised more scoop on Marco’s boyfriend. Spill it. -P
The hair stylist b.f. of Marco is being played by David Monahan, Jack McPhee’s first boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek! Apparently, he’s Rina’s go-to gay lover!

Joannagarcia Question for JoAnna Garcia: Are there plans to bring any of her former Reba cast members to the show yet? -Anonymous
Indeed. A huge smile swept across JoAnna’s face when I asked her this Q. She said, yes! Very soon! …Also, Christina Pickles, who played Ross and Monica’s mom on Friends, is doing a guest stint as a Palm Beach socialite who faces off against Rose over an upcoming charity event.

Garcia has stated that she wants the Gossip Girls to do a crossover, so is anyone else doing anything about it, or is it just wishful thinking? I think it would be great for Privileged. -Tony
Leightonmeester The answer, straight from the mouth of Ms. Mimoun: “We would love to do a Gossip Girl crossover! We even came up with a really fun idea for Sage and Blair (because clearly they would be friends). The problem is scheduling. With Gossip shooting in New York and us being in L.A., it makes it really difficult. But I’m still hoping we could find a way to make it work…” So, we shall see! Maybe an uproar from fans clamoring to make it happen will help. Is a Gossip Girl/Privileged crossover something you guys would be down for? Any storyline suggestions?

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  1. Alma

     /  December 15, 2008

    Oh..yes,.That wold be so cool.She can go in New York to prose her music carrera.I mean on that cute girl,what she sing so good,her voice is unbelievable.I love her.I love privileged,i just didn’t remember their names yet.

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