New 90210 Spoilers! Preview “Hello, Goodbye, Amen”

Dixon Wilson is getting closer to Christina Worthy on the January 6 episode of ‘90210’.

A promo of “” episode 1.12 has been released. Not giving any details about what will happen on the next episode, the preview shows only that Beverly Hills can change people because the place is filled with contradictions since whenever there are virtue, honesty and trust, temptation, lies and betrayal will follow closely behind.

With the title “Hello, Goodbye, Amen”, the episode revolves around Brenda Walsh who receives a life changing news after having some kind of problems with Kelly Taylor on the last episode. Dixon Wilson grows closer to Christina Worthy, while an unexpected secret is destined to rock Adrianna Duncan’s world.

Additionally, according to OK! Magazine, the series will feature Brenda Walsh’s character having fertility issues, causing her to be unable to have kids, as revealed by reliable sources close to the series. The CW network then comments that fans will have to wait until the show returns on January 6 to find out.

Recurring actresses, , , and Jessica Lowndes will make another appearance on the next episode along with guest star Lauren London. “Hello, Goodbye, Amen” is one of two episodes directed by , and scheduled to air on The CW on January 6, 2009. —  Ace Showbiz


90210 Storyline Scoop!

There’s been plenty of talk of what ailment Brenda played by 90210 original Shannen Doherty – who returns for the show’s midseason finale tonight – will suffer from when she’s back in the halls of West Beverly Hills High. Is she lying in that hospital bed dying? Not quite.

The TV Fanatic has learned it’s much worse. Sources close the series have revealed to me that Brenda has fertility issues and won’t be able to have kids, though the official CW comment is that fans will have to wait until the show returns Jan. 6 to find out.

Well, if anything, Kelly can take comfort in the knowledge that there’s no way Brenda, who confessed she slept with hot-for-teacher Ryan Matthews in last week’s episode teaser, can be pregnant with his baby. That’s got to be mildly reassuring.

Not really.

Catch 90210 Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

America’s Next Top Model Recap: McKey Wins Season 11!

Episode Air Date: November 19, 2008

From Angela Williams, for

Down to Three

It’s down to three: McKey, Sam and Annaleigh. Of course, Jay Manuel has to put them through their paces one more time with a commercial. On camera, Sam comments that she hopes her male model doesn’t have herpes when she finds out she has to kiss him. Don’t remember her saying that last time. McKey finally gets the words out, but she is too robotic for Jay to be impressed. Annaleigh just loses it and blanks out at first. Jay had to feed her the lines, and we all know how Tyra feels about that…Next at the Cover Girl photo shoot, the photographer is impressed with Sam’s personality. He likes Annaleigh’s poses, but wonders if there is more. He likes McKey’s quirkiness. They all go to sleep later, and for once, the final three left in the house actually get along and there is no drama.


The three nervously assemble in front of the judges for their individual evaluations. From their words it seems that McKey is a shoe-in for the runway fashion show finale. Sam and Annaleigh must have felt it also because their smiles were gone and they were looking pretty solemn. After the commercial break, Tyra announced their choices, and Annaleigh is sent home. Thank God Tyra didn’t move around too much. That scarf she was masquerading as a dress was more like a towel and it was just too short for a woman over 4. As in four.The final two are whisked away for their Seventeen Magazine shoot. The winner’s cover will be used. Then it was off to see the runway Jay Manuel had designed. It looked like a Dr. Suess maze. Last year’s winner, Whitney, joins them. The show goes off without a hitch, high heels and pink hills and all. Afterward, they face Tyra and the other judges one last time. The winner…McKey!

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!


By Korbi Ghosh,

It’s a real bitch watching Friday Night Lights without a box full of tissues sometimes… and tonight will be one of those times. A few weeks back, the show said goodbye to Smash Williams with a few poignant, emotional scenes, and this evening’s episode will provide a similarly worthy farewell to our boy Jason Street (aka “6”).

It’s always hard to watch series regulars walk away from a favorite show, but I like the fact that FNL is letting these two characters move forward. Every invested Friday Night Lights fan wants to see Smash and Street succeed, and while it would be fairly realistic to watch J.S. just waste his life away in Dillon, Texas — working at Garrity Motors and making the most of a mediocre existence — FNL is writing him out in an inspiring, motivational way, giving the character the possibility of reaching its full potential as Jason travels to New York City to pin down that Sports Agency job and provide for his son.

Taylorkitsch Of course, the driving force behind Jason’s NYC dreams are the kid and his baby mama, but the inspiration behind Jason’s perseverance will be his best pal Tim Riggins, who accompanies Jason to the Big Apple and offers some much needed advice when things don’t turn out as planned. I’m telling you, Riggs has come a long way from the dude who was secretly bangin’ his paralyzed buddy’s girl back in season one. Just wait till you see his face in the last scene of tonight’s hour. You will lose it.

Aimeeteegarden But Riggs isn’t the only good friend you’ll be spying this evening. Ms. Julie Taylor will confront her father, Coach T, after he refuses to consider letting Julie’s back-on b.f. Matt Saracen switch positions on the team, and it is too adorable. I am so feeling the magic of Matt and Julie all over again. Is it just me or is Saracen somehow sexier when he’s with Jules? Think I’m going to make his face my screen saver this week…

Adriannepalicki What else? Tonight, Tyra will have second thoughts about going to college, knowing that Cash will be on the road without her. Tammy will fall in love with a beautiful, big house which she will try to gently bully her husband into buying. And Coach Taylor is bringing J.D. McCoy’s football trainer on to the team as a replacement for Coach Mac, who collapses on the field from an apparent heart attack.

M.I.A. from the hour are a few major players including Lila and Landry, but I can’t actually complain. The stories they have chosen to service tonight are well worth our time. I think I might actually watch the episode twice…

Supernatural Spoilers! Dean and Anna Hook-Up! Plus Ruby & Sam!

‘Supernatural’ Sneak: Dean and Anna Get it On!

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Supernaturalkiss_lDear Supernatural fans:

The image to the left is just a little something to whet your appetites for tomorrow night’s episode of Supernatural, the final original of 2008.

Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.

Yours truly,

Michael Ausiello

P.S. If you’re wondering whether there’s any connection between this image and a certain sex-drenched spoiler that ran in Ask Ausiello last week, wonder no more: There is: “One of the of the Winchester brothers will partake in a shirtless (and presumably pantsless) sex scene before the end of November sweeps. Even more shocking than that? The deed is done at a location Supe fans hold sacred.”

Supernatural‘s Ruby: “I Feel Like, Deep Down, She’s In Love with Sam”

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Now that she’s got nine episodes of Supernatural (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, the CW) under her belt and Ruby’s complicated story is beginning to be fleshed out, felt the time was right to talk to former Wildfire star Genevieve Cortese about playing the double-agent demon. Might Ruby actually be in love with Sam? What sort of surprises might this week’s midseason finale have in store? And what’s it like shooting a love scene with Jared Padalecki? Let’s find out…. Were you warned coming onto the show that its fans can be a bit, um, “discerning” when it comes to the women in the Winchesters’ lives?
Genevieve Cortese:
It was kind of after the fact that I found out. [Laughs] But yeah, once I started talking to people about it, they were like, “Watch out.” Did you bother to take any cues from the previous Ruby, Katie Cassidy? Or did you figure the character would simply be who you make her to be?
It’s funny, because when I auditioned for Supernatural it was for “a love interest.” I didn’t know I was going to be playing Ruby until I got the job. I was handed DVDs of what Katie did, and at first it was a little funky trying to step into what she did. I was conflicted over where Ruby is now versus where she’s come from…. The fans seemed to pick up on that right away — “Something is different about Ruby. Is it simply a new actress playing her, or something more?”
If you look at Katie’s last episode, you see that while Ruby’s not responsible for Dean going to hell, she does have some guilt about it. I wanted to use some of that, though not as a sympathy card. After all, if people don’t like her, they don’t like her. She is a demon. But I wanted to address questions like, “Why are the boys hanging out with her? What do they need her for at this point?” It’s not like she is kicking ass; she’s asking Sam to kick ass for her, so it’s kind of a mutual exchange. I almost feel like, deep down, she’s really in love with Sam. One of the lines in [last week’s episode] is, “I used to be human, and I still remember what it feels like.” Maybe she was being manipulative, sure, but maybe there’s also truth to it. Lately, fans seem to be more accepting of Ruby. Why do you think that is?
Probably because you now can see where she’s come from. I didn’t walk in going, “I’m going to kick everyone’s ass and be tough,” so it was a total 180 from [how she was] last season. It’s difficult to watch your favorite show and have a character suddenly be different, so I can totally see how people would be angry. Now they’ve been able to see what happened in the last six months. Did you always feel that “I Know What You Did Last Summer” would be a big step in shedding light on Ruby’s mindset?
Yeah, I was really excited for that episode. [Supernatural creator] Eric [Kripke] and I had a big discussion about it, to not have the attitude but show how she’s coming from a lonely, desperate place. She has no one. All she has is Sam. She can’t even go back to hell, because she f–ked them over. When you can’t even retreat to hell, where can you go? Pittsburgh?
[Laughs] Exactly. There’s nowhere to go. Maybe Detroit. Were you extra-nervous doing Ruby and Sam’s love scene, knowing that the boys get precious few of them?
There were two things at play. One, I figured they’re not going to be looking at me anyway; they’re going to be looking at Jared. And two, I was more nervous because he is so big and so tough! [Laughs] Jared’s muscles… I mean, his arm is like the size of my body! And it was a pretty physical love scene, too.
Yeah! Knowing how Ruby was emotionally, I really felt good about it, because it was important to see that desperation. It’s like Monster’s Ball — it’s about two people who are so broken and sad. That scene just cued up here on my DVD player… Look at you two!
[Laughs] I know…. That was fun. I’m going to be one hated girl! How do you feel about the means by which Ruby came to inhabit her new host body? Do you think the fact that this girl was in a coma will assuage some concerns?
I do. It’s the best way for the fans to accept that [Ruby and Sam] would actually have sex. She came back for him, he asked her to leave that [previous] body and she did. That’s what I paid attention to — “Wow, she’d even jump into a new body for this guy. What’s going on here?” Will this week’s episode, the last before the break, leave us with a big cliffhanger? [Supernatural returns with new episodes Jan. 15.]
I don’t know if there will be a cliffhanger like there was [last week], but there will be parts where they cut to commercial and you’ll go, “What?!” Anna [the young woman who can hear angels] goes through some major stuff, and you really get to see her inner struggle. It’s a great contrast between the two of us, because we’re both in these places where we have to make decisions for the boys. Both of us sacrifice a lot, and I think that will get the fans very excited.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Scoop!

Having Denny appear on one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, because Izzie’s memories were triggered by a case, is one thing. But to make him a ghostly fixture in her life and carry on some kind of romance from beyond the grave is beyond ridiculous. — Evie
MATT: I hear you. Getting it on with a ghost is so circa-1981 Barbara Hershey. Now, if s-e-x between living, breathing humans is what floats your boat — and lord knows the pickings are slim if you only watch Grey’s, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural these days — Drs. Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang might soon move beyond spontaneous necking and into full-on boinking. As Kevin McKidd himself tells me, “At the end of the day, this is Grey’s Anatomy, so you can bet good money on it!” (Read my full Q&A with “McArmy” on Thursday. Great Scot, he gave up crazy Journeyman scoop!) As for Izzie and Denny, that “ghost story” isn’t ending any time soon, seeing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a few more appearances left (says EW’s Ausiello). — TV Guide

Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Interns Gone Wild!

By Kristin Dos Santos, E!Online

Silly interns, appendectomies are for real doctors! Press play above to get an early look at this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. It seems that Lexie and the rest of her gang of medical wannabes have really done it this time. Can Mer and Cristina save the day and the dude on the table? Post your verdict in the comments, and check out the other three clips below to see what else happens tomorrow night, including sex sounds from Izzie’s room and more Sadie mischief. (That minx!)

New One Tree Hill Spoilers: Dawson Leery Snorts Coke!

Dawson Leery Snorts Coke!

James Van Der Beek, One Tree Hill David Giesbrecht /The CW

Take that, Pacey Witter!

You may have gotten the girl, but Dawson Leery ended up with a totally badass Hollywood career and rock-star life—complete with the flaming nasal cavities to prove it!

James Van Der Beek returns to his former home of Wilmington, N.C., and the CW (formerly the WB) in this Monday’s episode of One Tree Hill, called “You Have to Be Joking!”

It’s a touching homecoming, really. And by “touching,” I mean JVDB is touching a straw to his nose and taking a big ol’ snort of cocaine to celebrate his return to his roots. Check it out…

Yes, Dawson Leery has gone wild, baby!

Now, lest you think the scene above is a wacky dream/fantasy sequence, I should tell you that, no, sources confirm to me that that’s really his character—and his character really is that outrageous.

James plays a film director whom Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) goes to visit in Hollywood in this episode. He’s a bit, er, intense and wants to change everything about his script.

I’m told the Beek will be back for more episodes later on this season.

What do you think? Will you be watching? And who got the better gig: JVDB on OTH or Joshua Jackson on Fringe?

Smallville Spoilers: Erica Durance on Lana’s Smallville Return: “You Can’t Take Away Clark’s First Love”

VIDEO: Erica Durance on Lana’s Smallville Return: “You Can’t Take Away Clark’s First Love”

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

This week on the CW’s Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), Lana Lang (played by Kristen Kreuk) walks back into Clark’s life, and at a most inopportune time — at least as far as Lois is concerned. “[Lois and Clark] are both discovering how and what they feel,” Erica Durance previews in this video. “There is a moment when you think that they may actually admit that to each other… and then Lana comes back.”

Ms. Lang, of course, is not some everyday high-school flame to be casually dismissed. As Durance notes, “The writers did a lovely job of creating this amazing first love relationship for Clark… and you can’t take that away. What I worked really hard with the writers to portray is that Lois is sensitive to that.”

So even though “Lois is a fighter… she realizes that sometimes you need to be patient,” Durance says. The actress then adds, “We all know [Clark and Lois] end up together, but the joy is watching the journey. The more selfless Lois is with her love for Clark, the more she’ll deserve him.”

Watch the full video at TV Guide.

America’s Next Top Model Spoilers: Inside Scoop on Who Wins Tonight

Top Model: Inside Scoop on Who Wins Tonight

by Kristin Dos Santos, E!Online

McKey Sullivan, Samantha Potter, Analeigh Tipton, America's Next Top Model Barrie Hullegie/Pottle Productions Inc

Tonight is the night! The winner will be crowned on America’s Next Top Model, securing her spot as the next femme fatale we’ll see awkwardly stumbling through “My Life as a CoverGirl” commercials for months to come.

So who will it be? Who is the “obvious” choice?

Here’s the inside info sources just spilled…

“It’s a clear win. It’s not a close tie or anything. The winner blows the other two away.”

This is what an insider who works on the show tells me of tonight’s finale, adding, “It’s the most expensive final runway we’ve ever done. It is insane.”

I’m also told that the winning chiquita is currently on the East Coast, though I’m not sure that helps us since none of the three has an East Coast hometown listed on the CW’s Top Model homepage.

Samantha is from Woodland Hills, Calif. (right up the road here from Hollywood); Analeigh is from Sacramento, Calif., and currently living in Los Angeles; and McKey is from Lake Forest, Ill. So, hmmm, she is the farthest east.

McKey still seems the “obvious” choice the Jays hinted about at the start of the season. She has the perfect editorial face, presents herself like a real model and is the most bookable (see: Holland “go-sees”) of the three. Plus, we’ve seen so very little of her up until very recently this season, which tells me they’ve been trying to hide the obvious.

Analeigh and Samantha are both very likeable, but this isn’t a personality or a popularity contest—the judges, not America, will decide. So here’s me putting all my money on a McKey win for tonight…

What do you say? Who will win?

Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: What’s Ahead for Jim?

Mega Minute: House‘s Unlikely Hero, Smallville‘s Lois Update & Ghost Whisperer

What other surprises are in store for Ghost Whisperer’s Melinda and Jim?

The latest from TV Guide’s Matt Mitovich’s Mega Minute includes what’s ahead for Jim now that his soul is transplanted into Sam Lucas’s body.  Since Jim cannot remember his past or Melinda, the next couple of episodes will focus on getting his memories back, and restarting their relationship from scratch.

Now playing in this week’s Mitovich Mega Minute:

• When hostages are taken on House, who takes one for Team Princeton-Plainsboro? Get a preview.

• Will Smallville‘s Lois fight for “her man” when Lana returns to town? Erica Durance offers an answer in a brand-new video.

• What other surprises are in store for Ghost Whisperer‘s Melinda and Jim?

Watch this week’s MMM after the jump! read more

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