America’s Next Top Model Recap: McKey Wins Season 11!

Episode Air Date: November 19, 2008

From Angela Williams, for

Down to Three

It’s down to three: McKey, Sam and Annaleigh. Of course, Jay Manuel has to put them through their paces one more time with a commercial. On camera, Sam comments that she hopes her male model doesn’t have herpes when she finds out she has to kiss him. Don’t remember her saying that last time. McKey finally gets the words out, but she is too robotic for Jay to be impressed. Annaleigh just loses it and blanks out at first. Jay had to feed her the lines, and we all know how Tyra feels about that…Next at the Cover Girl photo shoot, the photographer is impressed with Sam’s personality. He likes Annaleigh’s poses, but wonders if there is more. He likes McKey’s quirkiness. They all go to sleep later, and for once, the final three left in the house actually get along and there is no drama.


The three nervously assemble in front of the judges for their individual evaluations. From their words it seems that McKey is a shoe-in for the runway fashion show finale. Sam and Annaleigh must have felt it also because their smiles were gone and they were looking pretty solemn. After the commercial break, Tyra announced their choices, and Annaleigh is sent home. Thank God Tyra didn’t move around too much. That scarf she was masquerading as a dress was more like a towel and it was just too short for a woman over 4. As in four.The final two are whisked away for their Seventeen Magazine shoot. The winner’s cover will be used. Then it was off to see the runway Jay Manuel had designed. It looked like a Dr. Suess maze. Last year’s winner, Whitney, joins them. The show goes off without a hitch, high heels and pink hills and all. Afterward, they face Tyra and the other judges one last time. The winner…McKey!

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