Friday Night Lights Spoilers!


By Korbi Ghosh,

It’s a real bitch watching Friday Night Lights without a box full of tissues sometimes… and tonight will be one of those times. A few weeks back, the show said goodbye to Smash Williams with a few poignant, emotional scenes, and this evening’s episode will provide a similarly worthy farewell to our boy Jason Street (aka “6”).

It’s always hard to watch series regulars walk away from a favorite show, but I like the fact that FNL is letting these two characters move forward. Every invested Friday Night Lights fan wants to see Smash and Street succeed, and while it would be fairly realistic to watch J.S. just waste his life away in Dillon, Texas — working at Garrity Motors and making the most of a mediocre existence — FNL is writing him out in an inspiring, motivational way, giving the character the possibility of reaching its full potential as Jason travels to New York City to pin down that Sports Agency job and provide for his son.

Taylorkitsch Of course, the driving force behind Jason’s NYC dreams are the kid and his baby mama, but the inspiration behind Jason’s perseverance will be his best pal Tim Riggins, who accompanies Jason to the Big Apple and offers some much needed advice when things don’t turn out as planned. I’m telling you, Riggs has come a long way from the dude who was secretly bangin’ his paralyzed buddy’s girl back in season one. Just wait till you see his face in the last scene of tonight’s hour. You will lose it.

Aimeeteegarden But Riggs isn’t the only good friend you’ll be spying this evening. Ms. Julie Taylor will confront her father, Coach T, after he refuses to consider letting Julie’s back-on b.f. Matt Saracen switch positions on the team, and it is too adorable. I am so feeling the magic of Matt and Julie all over again. Is it just me or is Saracen somehow sexier when he’s with Jules? Think I’m going to make his face my screen saver this week…

Adriannepalicki What else? Tonight, Tyra will have second thoughts about going to college, knowing that Cash will be on the road without her. Tammy will fall in love with a beautiful, big house which she will try to gently bully her husband into buying. And Coach Taylor is bringing J.D. McCoy’s football trainer on to the team as a replacement for Coach Mac, who collapses on the field from an apparent heart attack.

M.I.A. from the hour are a few major players including Lila and Landry, but I can’t actually complain. The stories they have chosen to service tonight are well worth our time. I think I might actually watch the episode twice…

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