Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Scoop!

Having Denny appear on one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, because Izzie’s memories were triggered by a case, is one thing. But to make him a ghostly fixture in her life and carry on some kind of romance from beyond the grave is beyond ridiculous. — Evie
MATT: I hear you. Getting it on with a ghost is so circa-1981 Barbara Hershey. Now, if s-e-x between living, breathing humans is what floats your boat — and lord knows the pickings are slim if you only watch Grey’s, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural these days — Drs. Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang might soon move beyond spontaneous necking and into full-on boinking. As Kevin McKidd himself tells me, “At the end of the day, this is Grey’s Anatomy, so you can bet good money on it!” (Read my full Q&A with “McArmy” on Thursday. Great Scot, he gave up crazy Journeyman scoop!) As for Izzie and Denny, that “ghost story” isn’t ending any time soon, seeing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a few more appearances left (says EW’s Ausiello). — TV Guide

Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Interns Gone Wild!

By Kristin Dos Santos, E!Online

Silly interns, appendectomies are for real doctors! Press play above to get an early look at this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. It seems that Lexie and the rest of her gang of medical wannabes have really done it this time. Can Mer and Cristina save the day and the dude on the table? Post your verdict in the comments, and check out the other three clips below to see what else happens tomorrow night, including sex sounds from Izzie’s room and more Sadie mischief. (That minx!)

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