Pushing Daisies Episode Recap


Pushing Daisies proves yet again why this show is so magical. Putting aside the fact that it took place almost entirely at a magic show, the character development alone was enough to be put anyone under its spell.

Ned used to love his dad’s magic tricks. That is, until he made himself disappear and never came back. Even though it wasn’t their fault, Ned always resented his long-lost half brothers for taking his father away. Now that they’re reunited as a family, Ned has to put aside his hatred for all things magic. Maurice and Ralston are illusionists and want their big bro and his friends to come see their double act and The Conjurer’s Castle. The main act is The Great Herrmonn (played by Fred Willard), who seems to have a problem keeping his assistants alive.

Herrmonn recruits Emerson to help solve the mystery, but it turns out to be more than Emerson bargained for. The “assistants” are actually animals—doves, a bunny, and a monkey. Pet detectives get paid big bucks, according to Emerson, but Herrmonn coughs it up with great fanfare. And this week’s case is off to a running start! Ned pulls Herrmonn aside to ask about his relationship with the twins. It turns out that their father abandoned the boys at one of his shows, and the twins were instantly enamored with magic. He thinks they were trying to hold on to their father’s memory….. Continue reading »

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