Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: More on what’s in Melinda and Jim’s future after he died

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Ghost WhispererGhost Whisperer has been going through major adjustments these days, and the show’s audiences are bursting with emotion about it.  With that, the executives of the series have taken the time to explain their side of the story.  Perhaps in an effort to calm everyone down, the showrunners offered a few hints of where exactly Ghost Whisperer is heading.

“David Conrad is very important to the show.  Jim is a character that is in the core of the storytelling, and he is not leaving the show: not in any way, shape or form,” executive producer Kim Moses declared.

He and fellow executive producer Ian Sanders are highly aware of the viewers’ reactions to the Melinda-Jim relationship.  Though many might disagree, they’ve assured fans that they’re set to recapture that special something which made audiences fond of the pair.

“We’re going to reboot Jim and Melinda’s love story so that the audience can experience them falling in love from the very beginning.” Moses said.

Sanders continued, “This was a way of going back and giving them a courtship, if you will, and a [romance], in a way that we think is very dramatic and very exciting.”  As many might know, Sanders took on the directorial helm for the next episode, “Heart and Soul.”  Airing tomorrow, it focuses on the evolving story arc focusing on Jim’s departure from his mortal figure.  Melinda continues to deal with her loss – and gain – as she faces a new life with a new Jim.

“We realized that we want to give their relationship more screen time,” said Moses. “And so we have to balance out the ghosts, and the way to do it is to take the journey that we’re taking.  And so what we want the audience to know is this is about hope, because very few people get a second chance at true love, and that’s what this journey is about.”

With the New Jim, how will events play out on Ghost Whisperer?  It’s a wonder if the fans’ curiosity is all that’s keeping them from switching channels, or is it loyalty to the series itself?  Whatever happens, the producers have taken the risk and the changes are going to reverberate throughout the season.

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  1. Janice

     /  November 22, 2008

    They wanted to “give their relationship more screen time.” That makes sense. Jim was an EMT. He wasn’t working with Melinda in her shop nor was he a ghost expert. With every show dealing with a new ghost problem, where did that leave the Jim character? To say honey is there a ghost here with us every week?

    I can see where this would frustrate the actor. Now from the interviews I’ve read David Conrad seems excited about the direction of his character. I think the viewers should calm down and give this a chance. Going forward the viewers are going to get exactly what they want – more of Melinda and Jim together. Is it really going to matter if he is called Sam rather then Jim? Is it going to really matter how the rest of Landview sees what Jim looks like? I think if we all look at this with an open mind we will be satisfied in the end.

  2. Felicity

     /  November 22, 2008

    i think what they’ve done is awesome. i was a bit sceptical at first but after watching heart and soul i think the shows going to be funnier, more heartwarming than usual. and it would be cool to see some ‘conflict’ like sam/jim being attracted (briefly) to another woman. overall. ghost whispere is going from strength to strength and janice is right jim’s character was becoming a little stale. so this is a very nce very unexpected twist. good job guys

  3. There are other ways they could have shaken up the characters without killing off Jim. I agree his character was a little boring, but now it’s just silly. It doesn’t make any sort of sense, not even for a show about paranormal events. How can a body that couldn’t sustain Sam’s spirit, sustain Jim’s spirit?

    I think they should have had him be in a coma or something, or instead of having Jamie Kennedy, Jim could have been the one to wake up with the ability to hear ghosts. I am one of the viewers who will continue to watch, but only out of curiosity. It’s become like a train wreck to me. Maybe they will be able to make it believable, but right now I don’t see how.

    PS-I wish Jay Mohr’s character would come back. :o( But he wouldn’t even really fit in anymore with this new direction.

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