Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: 4.08 “Heart & Soul”


‘Ghost Whisperer’: Jim goes Sam Beckett on us

Previously on Ghost Whisperer, Jim was shot and killed but refused to cross over, instead inhabiting the body of an accident victim named Sam but having no memory of Melinda.

We join Melinda sitting by Jim’s bedside in the hospital. When he awakens, he still doesn’t know who she is. Eli plays Exposition Fairy, telling Delia that Sam just moved to town so he doesn’t have any friends and she’s telling people that she hired Sam to remodel her garage. Eli further informs Delia that Melinda thinks Jim “stepped in” to Sam’s body and that she’ll tell him the whole story once he remembers who she is.

When Jim looks in the mirror, he sees Sam’s face and so does everybody around him, except sometimes Melinda sees Jim instead of Sam. How Quantum Leapy of them. As Melinda leaves the hospital, she sees the figure of a surly man in a suit. The next day, Melinda meets Jordan, a person Sam was supposed to meet. Turns out Jordan is a woman, who was so worried when Sam didn’t come home last night. As Sam Beckett would say… “Oh boy.”

Jordan tells Melinda that she’s Sam’s sister. Phew! Melinda takes Jordan to the hospital to see Sam. As Sam speaks with Melinda and Eli, we get a ghost-point-of-view shot of them and then the surly suit man tells them Sam will never remember Jordan.

Melinda’s House. Creepy suit guy comes into her bedroom, telling her that she and Jim are both thieves. The next day, she goes to Sam’s house because he was discharged. His parents are taking him back to their house, 800 miles away.

Eli does some research and says the creepy suit ghost was the driver who caused Sam’s accident and was killed on the scene. Melinda says that Alan knows they are thieves because he saw what Jim did to Sam’s body. Eli tells her that this “stepping in” phenomenon is usually permanent but that past life memories tend to be lost.

Sam wakes up in his house, listening to his parents and sister yell at each other. He wants to know how old he is and his parents are obviously hell-bent on taking him home and making him their “little boy” again. Sam gets dressed and sneaks out the window.

Melinda’s store. Sam shows up and and wants to spend time with Melinda because she’s the only person he knows who isn’t desperate for him to remember her. Ouch. They head out to eat sandwiches and Melinda remembers a picnic she went on with Jim. She and Sam talk about his family fighting and he thinks maybe the amnesia is a fresh start for him.

That night, she is haunted by Alan the creepy guy again. He accuses Jim of stealing that family’s chance to grieve and now they’ll never know that Sam is dead. Alan now knows his purpose is to make sure that Sam’s family knows the truth and he shatters her bedroom windows in her face.

The next day, Sam comes to Melinda’s house and he helps her clean up and repair the windows. He says he doesn’t remember much about architecture and therefore has no job and no income, so she offers to let him stay in her garage while he fixes it up. Later, his parents storm into her store, demanding that she back off and yelling that he’s coming home with them. Isn’t this guy like 30? Those parents are the ones who need to back off.

That night at his apartment, Sam picks up his guitar but cannot remember how to play. Alan the creepy ghost is there and draws Sam’s attention to an article in the paper about Jim’s shooting death. Sam realizes that Melinda is Jim’s widow.

He goes to see Melinda the next day, asking for honesty from her. He wonders what else is up with her besides being one of his “clients.” He wants to know why she didn’t confide in him about Jim’s death. She decides to tell Sam the whole story about Jim, but he jokes about her thinking he’s her dead husband reincarnated and she backs down.

That night, Sam and Jordan pack up his things at his apartment. HIs parents crash and he tells them he’s staying there and working for Melinda. He tells them he needs to be on his own to figure things out, but he says Jordan should head home to be with their parents.

Melinda’s store. She’s upset because she couldn’t tell Jim the truth because Sam doubted her. Delia tells her that she’s just going through the stages of grief, which Melinda takes umbrage to. Delia tells Melinda that this time is different from her usual ghost whisperings because this time she isn’t helping anyone. Melinda insists that Jim took a chance to stay with her and that is what love is. Delia wonders if she has to check her common sense at the door in order for them to be friends and both women start crying. Delia storms out. Nice work by both actresses.

At home, Sam is waiting for Melinda on the porch. He tells her that it’s weird for him to move in and it’s also weird how he feels when they’re together. He confesses to her that he’s starting to think they were having an affair, which is making him not want his memory back because he doesn’t want to be the person who would do that. She reassures him that they were not having an affair and he says being around her makes him crazy. Melinda says she can’t tell him the truth, but says that if she feels like a friend to him (he says, “At least”) that he has to trust her. He says it’s better off if he just goes away. Melinda cries, as creepy Alan urges her to tell him the truth.

Melinda tells his parents that Sam is gone and she urges them not to blow it now, not to hold on to their children so tightly that they lose them. Creepy Alan smiles in the background.

Delia tries to show up at Ned’s shooting clinic and she calls Ned. He confesses that it was just him and Jim, there was no clinic. Suddenly, Sam is there on the courts. He tells Delia that he has no idea what he’s doing there. He says he was driving out of town and then suddenly felt like he had to be at the basketball courts. He was hoping someone would recognize him. Delia says, “It’s really you” and I tear up a little. Damn this show. It always makes me cry.

Melinda’s house. Delia bursts in and says Sam is outside and she has to figure out what to say to him to get him to stay. Delia says, “He was waiting for Ned… and I finally understood that I was wrong.” Sniffle sniffle! Oh my god, this show. In sending her outside, Delia whips off Melinda’s sweatshirt, claiming it “had a stain on it” and leaving Melinda in a camisole. Snerk.

Outside, they agree to take babysteps in helping him remember. They move his stuff into the garage, with Delia’s help. He tells Melinda that his parents called his sister and apologized and that she went back home with them. He knows she changed their minds and she coyly says, “I have a few talents.” Creepy Alan is there and he says to her, “It’s a good thing you didn’t listen to me.” He says he was wrong. He wanted the family to have closure, but she held out for more. She gave them their family back. Awww. Alan goes into the light.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure how they were going to handle Jim’s death. I figured it for a Show Killer. But honestly? This is a way to keep the Jim/Melinda relationship while spicing it up and keeping it from getting stale. I approve. Well done, Ghost Whisperer.

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