New Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Preview 5.10 “All by Myself”

Tell me more about this Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice crossover. It’ll take place over the course of three episodes (Feb. 5, 12, and 19) and the only confirmed participant as of now is Kate Walsh.

Question: Is Mary McDonnell going to be back on Grey’s Anatomy? I loved her Dr. Dixon. I watched last week’s episode thinking she’d be back, but she wasn’t. — Jackie
Her second of three episodes airs Dec. 4. Personally, I wasn’t a fan. You know I worship the ground McDonnell walks on, but I found her Asperger’s depiction a tad over the top. And I’m not alone. Megan, a self-proclaimed Aushole and Asperger’s sufferer, called the portrayal “robotic and single focused — which we are but not to that degree. Grey’s missed the boat on this one. Instead of normal with slight social misperceptions, it came off as a bad version of a high-functioning autistic, and they’re two different things.”

Question: I didn’t think Shonda Rhimes could come up with anything worse than Gizzie on Grey’s Anatomy, but this ghost Denny business is about one episode away from officially being the worst thing the show has ever done. Please tell me it will be over soon! — Nick

Ausiello: Afraid not. Denny will be haunting Izzie at least through February. In possibly related news, the title of episode 14 is “Beat Your Heart Out.” Hmmm….

Enough with Izzie-Denny and Cristina-Owen. I’m surprised that no one has asked about another “situation” that I’ve noticed on Grey’s Anatomy since the season began: The slow and steady flirtation between Mark and Lexie. Where are they going with this?
To first base in early ’09, and I can’t wait. McSteamy is actually making Lexie (gulp) interesting.

Question: Why has T.R. Knight had only a few scenes per episode on Grey’s Anatomy recently?
I did some digging and, unfortunately, there’s nothing juicy to report. I’m told it’s just part of the natural ebb and flow of storylines. He’ll start flowing again next year when he gets mixed up in the Alex-Izzie-Denny story, but not in any romantic sort of capacity. Shonda may be kooky but she’s not a masochist.

How come ABC has such a big deal with lesbians on Grey’s Anatomy, but no problem with all the guy-on-guy make-out sessions on Brothers & Sisters?Ausiello: I honestly don’t think the suits at ABC are scared of gay men or lesbians. They just despised the character of Erica Hahn and her romance with Callie. And as soon as they had proof that the audience agreed, they dumped Brooke Smith. As an ABC insider explains, “In the process of doing some maintenance polling, the sample group for Grey’s hated the Callie/Erica coupling while still liking Callie.” Source: The Ausiello Files

The official ABC logline for the Decemeber 4 episode includes this little morsel: “Callie can’t figure out if Sadie is just friendly or flirtatious.” …. “I think the love triangle with Denny, Izzie, and Alex is among the most interesting we’ve ever done. Watching the chemistry between Jeffrey and Katherine again has been really touching. I can’t wait for our viewers to see where we’re taking it. But what it won’t involve is Izzie having a brain tumor,” [Shoda Rhimes revealed… Denny will] be in at least five episodes.
Source: The Ausiello Files

McDreamy’s getting a McMama! [Tyne Daly will be] playing Derek’s mother, Carolyn Shepherd. She heads to Seattle for a quick visit in January to meet likely future daughter-in-law Meredith for the first time.
Source: TV Guide

Cristina is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents, but must give it up and choose her replacement. Meanwhile Mark performs a cutting edge procedure to restore a patient’s ability to speak — and impresses Lexie in the process — and Callie can’t figure out if Sadie is just friendly or flirtatious. Source: ABC

Episodes 5.22: Title Unknown  Airdate: April/May 2009


: Male intern, mid 20’s, Bi-racial (African American & Caucasian). He is smart and funny; a boy next door type. Recurring Guest Star. Source: SpoilerTV

In the new episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, a sole surgeon is taking place with Dr. Cristina Yang being awarded among the residents.

It’s Cristina Yang’s week in the new episode of ““. In “All by Myself”, she is awarded the first solo surgery among the residents but must give it up and choose for her replacement. Meanwhile Mark performs a cutting edge procedure to restore a patient’s ability to speak, and impresses Lexie in the process. Also, Callie can’t figure out if Sadie is just friendly or flirtatious.

“All by Myself” is airing December 4 at 9/8c on ABC. Kevin McKidd is back as Dr. Owen Hunt, Cristina’s new love interest while is guest starring as Sadie, Callie’s possible new lover. Academy Award nominated actress Mary McDonnell also joins the show as Dr. Virginia Dixon, a cardiac surgeon who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that causes an inability to interact socially with others. — Ace Showbiz

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  1. Merryn

     /  May 7, 2009

    Is Tyne Daly (Dereks Mother-Grey’s Antatomy) the mother of Sara Ramirez (Callie-Grey’s Antatomy) in real life????

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