Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Upcoming episodes & Jim’s (David Conrad) thoughts about living on as Sam


Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad in “Ghost Whisperer.” CBS photos

  • Episode 4.09 – Pieces of You [Airing December 5]: Eli talks to Travis, who he believes to be a serial killer but after hearing Travis’s story, he changes his mind. They deal with a bunch of dolls taken apart into pieces and a well full of wishes. Travis’s sister died when they were younger and is haunting him and Eli and Melinda learn something more about his more recent past that helps heal him. Source:
  • Episode 4.10 – Ball & Chain [Airing in January 2009]: Melinda helps the ghost of a woman named Tammy who was abused by her husband. She wants Melinda to help who she believes is the man’s new wife or girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is also being abused. Melinda figures out that the man was holding the women basically as prisoners and helps reunite Tammy with her real husband so she can pass over. Jim, as Sam, is still with Melinda. Source:
  • Episode 4.11 – Life on the Line: Melinda helps the ghost of a young boy named Josh who was killed when trying to drive a riding lawnmower with his brother. The whole family is falling apart and having trouble talking and Josh wants them to get along and talk about what they are feeling before he moves on. Source:

71 “Pieces Of You” December 5, 2008 409
A mystery involving a wishing well uncovers information about the decades-old disappearance of a little girl, now haunting Sam/Jim. Melinda tracks down a girl who has been missing for 12 years and discovers a long-held secret.
72 “Ball & Chain” December 12, 2008 410
coming soon…
73 “Life On The Line” January, 2009 411
A 14-year-old ghost wants to get his divorced parents and estranged brother back together so they will finally discuss the real reason for his death…
74 “This Joint’s Haunted” January, 2009 412
coming soon…
75 “Body of Water” January, 2009 413
When Nikki pays a prolonged visit, Melinda fears that Sam/Jim will never reconnect with his true nature. Meanwhile, Melinda discovers a mysterious and vengeful contingent of ghosts at a local lake, where a financially distressed mortician had been secretly dumping bodies scheduled for cremation…

* Directed By: Jennifer Love Hewitt

76 “Slow Burn” February, 2009 414
As Melinda and Sam/Jim decide to give dating a try, Melinda must also help the ghost of Deborah Marks protect her teenage daughter from a supposedly bad-news boyfriend…
77 “Greek Tragedy” February, 2009 415
A sorority girl goes missing in the woods during a secret initiation ceremony, and Melinda is confronted with the uneasy spirit of a sad ghost who encountered tragedy during that same ritual 40 years ago..
78 “Ghost Busted” February, 2009 416
coming soon…

Jim Lives On, Sort Of, On Ghost Whisperer

Posted by Ian Spelling on 11/21 at 03:15 PM

Jim is dead; long live Jim. Yes, Jim (David Conrad), the understanding and adoring husband of Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), died of his injuries a couple of weeks back on Ghost Whisperer. But, pulling a page from Heaven Can Wait, Jim will remain very much a part of Melinda’s life and Conrad will stick around on Ghost Whisperer. How, you ask? Well, Jim is now safely nestled inside the body of Sam (Kenneth Mitchell), and even though the characters within the Ghost Whisperer universe – except Melinda – will see Sam, it’s Jim through and through. You following any of that?

Anyway, for a better understanding of it all, check out tonight’s episode of Ghost Whisperer, as Melinda embarks on her second shot at true love and contends with Jim/Sam’s amnesia. In the meantime, read on to hear the thoughts of David Conrad and Ghost Whisperer co-executive producer P.K. Simonds, who took to the phone the other day for a conference call with journalists to discuss recent and upcoming events on the hit show.

UGO: David, how did they tell you about this storyline? Did they come up to you and say, “We’re going to kill, but don’t worry, you’ll be in another body?”

Conrad: My first reaction was kind of like something out of Prizzi’s Honor or Goodfellas, where they kind of walk up to you and say, “You’re gonna disappear for a while.” I was sure in a very nice way they were saying, “You’re done. You’re out of the show.” But P.K., the man on the phone with us, in a very erudite, complete and assuring way, said, “I have this great plan…” And at first I was like, “Oh, come on…” And then I thought, “Great.” But, yeah, it was a face to face meeting. A guy knocked on the door and handed me my envelope.

UGO: So many shows and movies of this kind have a spouse who’s disbelieving. Jim was so open and believing and supportive. Now, in a way, you’re the familiar disbelieving character. How different will it be to play Jim as Sam?

Conrad: That’s really exciting. In the first place, what I really liked about (the show) was that (series creator) John Gray wrote a character who, from the get-go, knows this about his wife. He thinks it’s kind of cool, that it’s a little freaky, but it’s something he loves about her. The core thing that she is, the best thing that she does, he loves, which in any marriage is probably a good thing. But after three years, for me – the disbelieving thing, I’m not sure how that’s going to go – what’s exciting is that I get to play the part we never got to play at all, which is I meet this stranger and I’m really attracted to her for some reason and I really like her. So we get to flirt. It’s like we start all over again.

UGO: How much is Kenneth Mitchell around? And how strange is it for you to now share your role with him?

Conrad: He’s a sweet guy and he is around pretty often. Yeah, it is kind of strange. He’s really good. He’s amazing at imitating me. I’ll do a scene and he has to mimic some of the movements, and he’s spot-on. His timing is crazy.

Simonds: If I can jump in… Kenneth Mitchell is a terrific guy. The model is actually much more Heaven Can Wait. He’s there to remind us of what the rest of the world sees, but because we as an audience quickly understand that it really is Jim in that body and that because that’s what Love Hewitt’s character sees when she looks at him – not literally, but it’s who she knows is in there – we’ll see David 99 percent of the time.

UGO: It’s Jim now, but some David Conrad fans are concerned that once the transition is complete it’ll be this other guy, and not David, that they’ll see. How long will we see David at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s side?

Simonds: We will always be seeing David at her side. I mentioned Heaven Can Wait. It’s a great movie. Everyone should rent it. It’s one of my favorite movies ever. There’s too many people who haven’t seen it and it’s a brilliant, brilliant movie…, but that’s all by way of saying that in that movie we never, ever saw any of the other bodies Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty) was occupying. What you’re saying to the audience, which is true in our case, is since it is still Jim’s soul it’s still in almost every sense Jim. So that’s who we want to see. We’re interested in the soul of Jim, and obviously the real reason we’re interested in that is we have David, and David is an amazing actor. One of the things that excited us about doing this story in the first place was we knew had an actor who could do a lot more than, frankly, we were asking him to do. And he’s done an amazing, amazing job of filling this new role, which we’re really excited for the audience to start to see, and it really kicks off with (tonight’s) episode.
Originally posted: November 20, 2008

David Conrad is dead and loving it

Posted at 11 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20

His character is dead, and David Conrad of CBS’ “Ghost Whisperer” loves it.

The actor, who plays Jim Clancy, the husband of the ghost whisperer herself, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), was killed off in last week’s episode. Conrad said the twist is giving him and Love Hewitt the chance to reboot their love story.

“What’s exciting to me is I get to play the part [I] never got to play at all,” he told reporters Thursday. “… We get to start all over again.”

Confused? Let me explain. When Jim died, his ghost took over the body of a dead man named Sam after his soul “went into the light.” Now a revived Sam—who doesn’t look like Jim to anyone but Melinda—has amnesia. He doesn’t have Sam’s, or Jim’s, memories.

Viewers will see Conrad as Sam/Jim “99 percent of the time.” For the other 1 percent—just to remind viewers who the other characters are seeing—actor Kenneth Mitchell plays Sam/Jim.


”It is kind of strange,” Conrad said of Mitchell. “He’s amazing at imitating me … I’ll do a scene and he has to mimic the movement and he’s spot on.”

Conrad said that because Melinda wants to be with Jim, she and Sam must fall in love, beginning with the episode called “Heart and Soul,” airing at 7 p.m. Friday.

“It’s like a prequel,” he said. “They get to date, flirt, fall back in love with each other. And that’s thrilling, that’s maybe at the heart of what makes them exciting, that chemistry.”

Conrad said he wasn’t surprised with the story line, considering the show deals with death, ghosts and other supernatural phenomenon.

“It occurred to me when I was filming the pilot [that] at some point they were going to hand me the pink slip,” he joked. “I didn’t know it would be in such a creative, cool way. I thought they’d be like, ‘You know, we hired David Duchovny, and he’s coming on the show and you’re going …’

“I knew it all the time. Somehow, I was going to become ghostly.”

Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Are the viewers going to see Jim or Sam from now on?

All I want to know is the bottom line when it comes to Ghost Whisperer‘s Jim dying. Will he ever be brought back to life (his life), or is his only involvement going to be in the body of Sam?
MATT: It’s simple, really: Jim is now going by “Sam,” but Sam is mostly Jim. “Since it’s Jim’s soul [inside Sam’s body], we will always be seeing David [Conrad] at Melinda’s side,” exec producer P.K. Simonds tells me, dismissing rumors that Conrad is leaving the show. Much of the story to come involves Sam (who to everyone else looks like Jericho‘s Kenneth Mitchell) realizing that he has this new life inside of him. As Conrad explained it to me, “It’s the whole question of how you define yourself, in terms of what people say you were and what you slowly find out you are. Jim gets told by people who knew Sam that he was ‘this way,’ so he doesn’t believe what Melinda says.” OK, maybe “simple” wasn’t the best adjective to use earlier. — TV Guide

The last episode of Ghost Whisperer experienced a rather daunting blow in the ratings.  Its previous installment, “Heart and Soul” brought in 11.36 million viewers, 300K shy of its preceding season high.  The results actually lost quite some fans due to the plot twists it’s been employing, but the series remains a driving force in the 8pm timeslot.

The Jim/Sam storyline seems to be keeping fans curious, which is probably the strategy of the writers.  It raises more questions than answers, sometimes inundating the viewer with mystery that it gets rather difficult to keep up.  But even though it’s gotten pretty bad response from the audience, Ghost Whisperer remains able to maintain its strong ratings.  However, only the next few weeks will tell if they can get it higher.

On December 5, don’t forget to catch “Pieces of You,” the next episode of the Melinda-Jim saga. Ghost Whisperer airs Fridays at 8pm on CBS. — Buddy TV

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Private Practice Spoilers 2.07: Tempting Faith

Addison’s little brother Archer will stir things up with his easy-go-lucky attitude in the new episode of ‘Private Practice’.

Addison receives a surprise visit from her brother in the new episode of ““. Archer, played by Grant Show who claimed his fame in “Melrose Place”, comes over to stir up the situation with his playboy status. The man who is also a surgeon, oozes his charm at women and sleeps with several of them.

Archer not only causes a trouble for his big sister but for Naomi and Sam as well. Meanwhile Meg returns to try to make it work with Pete, and a patient accused of a malicious crime stirs up anger and emotions, for both Violet and Dell. The episode is called “Tempting Faith” and aired November 26.

Meanwhile, schedule for “Private Practice” midseason slot has been announced. ABC will move the show to Thursdays at 10/9c, right after “” and ““. The new schedule will take effect starting January 2009. — Ace Showbiz

New Gossip Girl Spoilers Photos & Previews! Dan & Serena Get Back Together!

Big News from Mike Ausiello: Dan and Serena are getting back together!!!!!!!!!!!

Got any Gossip Girl scoop related to Dan and Serena?
Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited ’cause we understood. There’s one perfect fit, and, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey.

The deceitful yet fragile Queen B gets her spotlight in the new promo video of ‘Gossip Girl’.

While the show is being delayed a week, The CW has let out a new promo of “” that focuses on one of its Upper East Siders, Blair Waldorf. Past scenes where the so-called ‘Queen B’ appears, are compiled in a video that also features ‘s new hit “Keeps Getting Better”.

Included are, her catfight scene with Serena, her telling Chuck that she hates him, her talking to the dean of Yale on how ‘traditional’ she is and also what the others think about her. Blair, the only daughter of house of design owner, Elanor Waldorf, is known for her exquisite style, her dare to achieve what she wants and her devious way in getting herself into something. “Cheating, drinking, drugs – it’s all fair game,” she once was quoted as saying.

The next episode of “Gossip Girl” titled “It’s a Wonderful Lie” will only be aired on December 1. There will be a funeral scene here for one of the show’s characters.

On other news, Buddy TV is reporting that there’s a chance that Georgina, played by , will return to the series as the trouble maker who creates quite a stir for Blair and Serena in season 1. Her departure at that time was marked when she was shipped off to boarding school after Blair tricked her into reuniting with her parents. No confirmation from The CW yet regarding this. —

Blair Waldorf Promo:

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.15 – Behind the Scenes –Spoiler TV

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Gossip Girl – Set Photos


Gossip Girl – Episode 2.13 – O brother, Where Bart Thou? – Promotional Photos

Gossip Girl – Set Photos


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Gossip Girl – Episode 2.12 – It’s A Wonderful Lie – 2 New Promotional Photos

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.12 – It’s A Wonderful Lie – Promo Screencap

Here’s a grab from the 2×12 promo that most people will miss because it flashes by so fast!

Gossip Girl – Set Photos


Gossip Girl – Set Photos

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New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers!

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.16 – Ghost Busted – Casting Call

Executive Producers: Ian Sander, Kim Moses, P.K. Simonds
Co-Exec. Prods: James Van Praagh
Writers: P.K. Simonds & Mark B. Perry
Director: John Behring

Mid to late 20s, good looking but “geek chic” (think Adam Brody and Zachary Levi type). Linus has been hired by one of Melinda’s neighbors, John and Devon, to come “investigate” a haunting in their house. Linus is a ghost hunter and uses all of his high tech equipment to try to capture real evidence of this haunting. GUEST STAR. Source: SpoilerTV

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