Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Are the viewers going to see Jim or Sam from now on?

All I want to know is the bottom line when it comes to Ghost Whisperer‘s Jim dying. Will he ever be brought back to life (his life), or is his only involvement going to be in the body of Sam?
MATT: It’s simple, really: Jim is now going by “Sam,” but Sam is mostly Jim. “Since it’s Jim’s soul [inside Sam’s body], we will always be seeing David [Conrad] at Melinda’s side,” exec producer P.K. Simonds tells me, dismissing rumors that Conrad is leaving the show. Much of the story to come involves Sam (who to everyone else looks like Jericho‘s Kenneth Mitchell) realizing that he has this new life inside of him. As Conrad explained it to me, “It’s the whole question of how you define yourself, in terms of what people say you were and what you slowly find out you are. Jim gets told by people who knew Sam that he was ‘this way,’ so he doesn’t believe what Melinda says.” OK, maybe “simple” wasn’t the best adjective to use earlier. — TV Guide

The last episode of Ghost Whisperer experienced a rather daunting blow in the ratings.  Its previous installment, “Heart and Soul” brought in 11.36 million viewers, 300K shy of its preceding season high.  The results actually lost quite some fans due to the plot twists it’s been employing, but the series remains a driving force in the 8pm timeslot.

The Jim/Sam storyline seems to be keeping fans curious, which is probably the strategy of the writers.  It raises more questions than answers, sometimes inundating the viewer with mystery that it gets rather difficult to keep up.  But even though it’s gotten pretty bad response from the audience, Ghost Whisperer remains able to maintain its strong ratings.  However, only the next few weeks will tell if they can get it higher.

On December 5, don’t forget to catch “Pieces of You,” the next episode of the Melinda-Jim saga. Ghost Whisperer airs Fridays at 8pm on CBS. — Buddy TV

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