Private Practice Episode Recap

Chrislowell_privatepractice_240 Over the river and through the woods we go, and Addison’s brother Archer has come for a visit… and to stir up some trouble with our Oceanside doctors. Charlotte’s secret also comes out, and Pete’s friend Meg is back for a visit too. We’re reaching some storyline arcs tonight, I think.

Addison and Officer Kevin return from a night of go-kart racing to find her front door open. Officer Kevin morphs into policeman mode (with Addison following right behind, yeah, right) to find Addison’s brother Archer and Addison’s neighbor getting it on in the kitchen. Archer Montgomery, an ex-doctor and current famous author, is anti-L.A. and decidedly anti-Officer Kevin.

Archer invites Addison and the doctors to a swanky book party, and during the party, Archer works the room and all of the doctors. Officer Kevin and Archer start in on each other, and Archer says that Addison is a trust fund baby worth millions, who is only “enjoying” Kevin for now. Archer also hooks Sam up with a hottie, and hooks up with Naomi himself. The next morning, after Archer’s walk of shame, Addison asks Archer where he was, hoping that he helped Naomi home before his night of debauchery. Addison’s eyebrows realize what happened before we switch to… Continue reading »

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