New Gossip Girl Spoilers & Scoop: Preview ‘O Brother, Where Bart Thou?’

Are Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Jessica Szor (Vanessa) really together in real life?
Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

My sources are telling me that they’ve been “pretty cozy” and “more than friends” for a little while, and the latest report and photo on W magazine’s website sure seem to second that notion! You can see it here. Personally, though, I’m even more fascinated by what happens with Ed on the show with a certain Queen B! Keep reading to the spoiler section for that.

Gossip Girl news! Please, anything on Chuck and/or Blair.
Well, after you see tonight’s episode you’ll know who the death is, and you’ll know why I’m being told that Ed Westwick turns out a performance next week that is actually so good it’s worth an Emmy. It’s the funeral episode and you will sob. Most importantly, though, I’m hearing that all this heart-wrenching torment may cause some upward movement in a certain long-awaited coupling many of us have been dying to see since last weekend. Blair Waldorf just might, finally, say those three little words? No, not “Do-Ro-Ta!!”! Something else a wee bit more special that you will not want to miss. Like I Love You! — [Watch With Kristin]

Gossip Girl

12/8 Mid-Season Finale
‘O Brother, Where Bart Thou?’

A sudden and tragic event impacts the lives of our favorite Upper East Side teens and their parents.

On the December 8 episode of ‘Gossip Girl’, a tragedy will strike the Upper East Siders’ life.

A promo for episode thirteen of The CW’s drama series “” has been released. As can be seen on the promo video posted below, the episode will have something to do with the past and the truth that cannot be changed.

The next episode entitled “O Brother, Where Bart Thou” itself focuses on a sudden tragedy. The tragic event will have big impact to the Upper East Side teens as well as their parents’ lives and Chuck Bass, played by , knows something about the tragedy.

Starring , , and as Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, and Dan Humphrey respectively, “O Brother, Where Bart Thou” is scheduled to air on December 8 at 8/7c on The CW network. — Ace Showbiz

New Privileged Spoilers!

Will’s taking Megan home to meet his mother. Source: Watch With Kristin

What’s coming up for Megan and Will now that he’s not going away?
They’ll continue to have some issues. Seems Megan still thinks he’s not completely committed to her… and her mother (whom we’re meeting next week) will echo the sentiment. To make matters worse, Megan may be losing her main confidante, Charlie. Not only does his new live-in lady friend disapprove of their co-ed relationship, but word is, the big C wants to go back to school… in San Diego! Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Complicated situation will be faced by Megan Smith on the December 8 episode of ‘Privileged’.

There will be a visit from Megan Smith’s mother, Shelby, on the next episode of ‘‘. As revealed by the sneak peek, Megan has to deal with her family life while her love and professional life are on the move.

“All About the Ripple Effect” shows Megan, who has just getting used to her relationship with her father Arthur, getting another emotional blow when her mother unexpectedly pays a visit. Her situation gets even more complicated when she learns that her sister Lily impulsively ran off and got married to a man Megan cannot stand.

Elsewhere, Sage Baker denies that she is attracted to Luis, forcing Rose Baker and Marco Giordani to come up with a scheme to make Sage admitting her true feelings. But, Sage turns the tables on Rose by setting up a date for her with Zachary, a boy Rose already likes.

“All About the Ripple Effect” is scheduled to broadcast on The CW network at 9/8c, December 8. TV Guide has reported earlier that this episode will be aired out of the series’ ordinary schedule on December 8 after ““. Still, it will also get rebroadcast on the following night at 9/8c, in the show’s usual time slot. — Ace Showbiz

More Heros Spoilers!

The show is looking for an actor in his 40s to play a member of a bomb squad who is called on to defuse an explosive situation. [Michael Ausiello]

One Tree Hill and West Wing alum Moira Kelly will be playing Abby Collins, a Homeland Security agent, in at least one episode of the “Fugitives” volume (the next chunk of episodes in the current third season). [Watch With Kristin]

Dan Byrd of Aliens in America has a recurring role in “Fugitives,” and his character Luke’s power is microwaves that are strong enough fry people. Luke goes on the road with Sylar seeking adventure and excitement, but poor unlucky kid’s probably just going to get debrained for his trouble. [Watch With Kristin]

Claire’s going to make it. In fact she gets well enough to again pursue her goal of getting into the fight. In an upcoming episode, Claire becomes the centerpiece of a major showdown between good and evil. [Watch With Kristin]

Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek) captures many of the Heroes and loads them onto a transport plane. When the plane goes down, “You don’t know who survives,” says Greg Grunberg. [Watch With Kristin]

90210 Spoilers! ‘Friday Night Light’s’ Aimee Teegarden To Befriend Ethan on ‘90210

Aimeeteegarden Friday Night Lights fans, don’t fret! Though my friends over at E! Online have just reported that FNL‘s Aimee Teegarden has been cast on 90210, this does not mean we’re seeing the last of Dillon, Texas this season. Sources tell me exclusively that Teegarden’s character Rhonda is a West Beverly student who takesDustinmilligan center stage in just one particular episode when Annie’s boyfriend, Ethan, injures her in a freak car accident. Seems Rhonda is a sweet and quiet soul who Ethan hadn’t noticed before the incident, but the two will become friendly as she recovers in the hospital. No word on whether the friendship will extend past the hour, but if NBC and DirecTV decide to renew FNL for a fourth season, this 90210 role certainly won’t prevent Teegarden from being a part of it… — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Privileged Episode Recap


We begin where the previous episode left off, with Megan having just absorbed the wham-bam double cliffhangers of learning that Rose is planning to cheat on a history test and that Will is about to head off to Brazil for a couple of months. In fact, we begin exactly where the last episode left off, with Megan outside of Rose and Sage’s classroom door. Megan knocks on the door, chats up the teacher, and comes up with a wonderfully deft excuse for why she needs to grab Rose’s purse and take it with her. Making up a quick lie is a talent, and Megan just pulled it off flawlessly. Would she have been able to do that at the beginning of the series, or are Rose and Sage actually rubbing off on her just as much as she’s trying to teach them?

Megan has thus defused Rose’s problem without allowing Rose to dig herself into a deeper and more dangerous hole, but the consequences of Rose’s actions will have to be tabled for a bit, because when Megan gets back to the estate, Will is still there waiting to talk to her. But Megan’s still preoccupied. When Megan tells Will what Rose did, Will actually thinks it’s pretty brilliant. After all, it took great foresight and planning – precisely the things that Will has totally failed to pay heed to here. Will finally gets to describe his new job to Megan. It’ll entail traveling with the Brazilian national soccer team for a few months, focusing on a teenage phenom. That’s actually a totally sweet gig.

But it’s a sweet gig that won’t ever happen. Will’s intended boss calls up soon after and pulls the job out from under Will, saying that the company’s initial choice to take the job has now decided to accept. Well, that storyline was a big tease. Bogus cliffhangers, people! We had these two big earth-shattering cliffhangers, and Megan defused the Rose situation in thirty seconds while the Will situation ends up completely scuttled….. Continue reading »

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck vs. the Sensei”

When Casey is confronted with a mentor from the past, he must contain his anger and use Chuck and Sarah to help thwart another spy plan. Will Casey find his calm center or just explode as usual? And what about the arrival of Awesome’s parents? Will it be AWesome or AWful?…..

Casey’s back-story comes into the forefront when we find out in 1994 Casey, just 23, was training with his sensei, Ty Bennett. A new mission has come to the team despite Chuck’s reluctance to jump right in. He wants to take a little break after just experiencing the problems with Jill.

Their new mission is to infiltrate the Global Launch Agency (GLA) that does work with the NSA. Casey and Sarah need to bring Chuck to the facility to see if he flashes on anything. As a bored Chuck sits in the surveillance van and Sarah and Casey walk the premises, a masked spy, dressed completely in scientific white (except for dark sunglasses), drops in and steals an unknown object from a locked case. He subdues Casey who abruptly stabs him with a Buy More pen. This gives Casey just enough time to unmask said spy who, as luck would have it, is his old sensei. What a small world, right?

Back at the home front we finally get to meet Awesome’s parent, Honey and Woody, played by Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner. They surprise Ellie and Awesome by flying to red eye to meet them. In typical monster-in-law fashion, Honey has been planning their wedding and hands Ellie a book of cuts outs and clips of photos, lists, etc. We can certainly see where this may end up….. read more

Heroes Episode Recap: “The Eclipse, Part 2”

The loss of abilities may have scared the heroes and villains in the previous episode, but in the conclusion of “The Eclipse,” it was the lessons each character learned from their inabilities that seemed to matter most. Nathan decides that some power was necessary in a world of evil, Daphne learned to forgive herself and make her past wrongs right, Hiro remembers that heroes exist to give hope to the hopeless, Mohinder learns that the evil brewing inside of him may not be a side effect of his injection and Sylar decides that no one can really ever change themself. Throw in a few deaths (some permanent, others not so much) and the regaining of powers (that was quick, huh?)and you have one wild episode. Let’s dig in!….read more

Heroes Redux: That Did Not Just Happen–Right?

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC

Oh, Heroes.

You offer us the prospect of Sylar as a good guy, Sylar as a Petrelli brother, the redemption of electric Elle, an Elle-Sylar romance, an Elle-Claire friendship, H.R.G. mentoring Elle or resentfully partnering with Sylar or any number of equally awesome connections, and now…now, you’re taking it all away?

Cruel. It’s just cruel! If you’ve seen the tragic episode-ending scene, get in here. There is much to discuss.

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC


* Claire died! But the trouble for Heroic blondes doesn’t stop there. Please tell me that Sylar did not just kill Elle. Because I could have sworn that, not hours before, Sylar had thrown Elle to safety at the cost of his own life. If he wanted her dead, he certainly could have left her behind, wounded and weak, a sitting duck for H.R.G. Instead, he sacrificed himself and died for her. (Oh yeah, Sylar died too, in this episode, until the end of the second eclipse restored by his and Claire’s healing power. Get it? Got it? Good.) Gabriel loves Elle, Elle loves Gabriel Gray, and even with all that self-loathing pessimism he’s wielding these days, I can’t believe that he just sliced her head open! Could someone please tell me that this is a double-cross on Sylar’s part? I’m clinging to a hope that it all ties back to what Sylar told H.R.G., how he’d like to become a guy who values “home and family, but is not afraid to do the job I have to do.” (Who’s with me?)

* Sam and Frack are awesome. (And props to the writers for incorporating a Comic Book Guy shoutout in the comic book guy scenes.) Like a walking Heroes Wiki of storyline trivia, the guys zeroed in on a tiny comic-book detail that lesser nerds might not have noticed: Claire and Hiro peering out from the shadows at the moment 16 years ago when Kaito asked H.R.G. to raise Claire. (Easily the best time-travel hijinks in a long time.) And even though Claire’s mad at her dad right now–he did desert her on her deathbed–I think this might be the beginning of a new understanding between the two of them, and any Claire-H.R.G. rapprochement is just fine by me!

* Maya is still around. Maya Herrera is still here. Eden, Charlie, Kaito and Adam Monroe were rubbed out–but Maya is still popping up. Oy. I really thought we’d seen the last of her, but tonight, when Mohinder thought that he was cured, he ran right to her doorstep, and then when his scales returned, he freaked out and ran away, conveniently dropping a clue to his whereabouts in his wake. A clue that Maya will, no doubt, use to find Mohinder again. In another episode. No comment.

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC


* As I told you last week, a blond Hero who’s in a new relationship is getting killed, but I’ve since learned that despite many signs pointing to that Hero’s death, all is not lost. There’s a coverup at work, and she may well rise from the dead. Holler!

* You know how H.R.G. told Gabriel that he was being played by the Petrellis and that he was not, in fact, their son? Circa Volume IV: Fugitives, Sylar begins a new hunt–but he’s not seeking to feed his hunger anymore. He’s tracking down information on his past…

* As you saw in this episode, Nathan Petrelli is at a turning point. He’s ready to harness his power, only he’s still not sure in whose service he ought to employ that power. What does he decide? Well, let’s just say that in 2009 Claire-Bear might have another morally ambiguous dad to disapprove of…

Now, let’s discuss: Can you live with a dead Elle? Post your feelings about this seemingly tragic turn of events in the comments!

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “It’s a Wonderful Lie”

Gossip Girl

By Jordan Hudson

Two weeks ago, we all gave thanks for a very emotional episode of Gossip Girl, with the possible exception of Vanessa, who you know is vegan and doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving because of the oppression of zzzzzzzz I’m sorry, what? Oh, right. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we have even more to be thankful for: some sort of Christmas cotillion! I hope everyone wears masks again.

New York is a winter wonderland, and the girls are planning a high school charity ball, because of course. Blair has a file of potential dates, Chuck vetoes them all, and Serena has on her Liza-With-A-Z makeup, which can’t be a good sign. Although Serena has gotten Aaron a first-edition Rilke for Hanukkah, he will not be attending the Snowflake Ball. Serena and Dan decide to not go together, but to each go alone, together, to the ball. Meanwhile, in the world where people are not enrolled in school, Jenny bitches to Vanessa about how bored she is with no schooling and no fashion career. She admits to Vanessa that she doesn’t know what went wrong with Nate, and somehow Vanessa neglects to mention that she stole that letter last week, as Nate buzzes through on V’s cell. Penelope arrives to commission a Snowflake dress from Jenny, who tells her she’s very expensive. Rufus and Lily chair the decorating committee of the Snowflake, and Lily asks him to save her a dance; however, Bart arrives and tells his wife that they need to talk. Lily essentially tells him that she can’t stop him from talking, and he tells her that he has fired his PI, and that he’s sorry. I believe him not an iota. He says he’ll be back from his Miami trip in time for the ball, and says that he would love to escort her.

Lexi, Aaron’s ex, bitches about his pictures of Serena just as S and Dan walk through the door of Aaron’s studio. Serena tries to be a good sport, eventually blackmailing Aaron into taking her to the Snowflake, while Lexi hones in on the chiseled cheekbones and blank stare of Dan Humphrey. Eeewww ew ew ew ew ew Nate and Vanessa kiss in close-up and please stop that. Gross. Ew. She is such a bitch! Nate asks V to be his date to the Snowflake, but she begs off because of Jenny; he persuades her with lots more gross kissing, while some wee shutterbug snaps a pic. Back in Brooklyn, Penelope asks Jenny what happened with her and Nate, just as GG publishes the photo of Nate and Vanessa kissing. Again: ew. Vanessa arrives at the loft to find Little J with a seam-ripper. Jenny shrieks, and Vanessa tells her that she will be attending the Snowflake as Nate’s date. Burn!

Chuck, in camelhair, plays the Waldorf piano (not a euphemism) until Blair walks in dressed in a beautiful Mondrian-inspired dress; the two decide to pick each other’s dates. If Chuck likes the date Blair chooses for him, she gets his limo for a month; if Blair likes her date, Chuck gets…DOROTA! Say it ain’t so! Oh, that’s spectacular. Aaron, Serena, Dan and Lexi awkwardly walk around Brooklyn, while awkwardness awkwardly ensues, ending in Lexi angling for an invitation to the ball. Aaron reveals that Lexi enjoys, ah, getting close on a first date. Serena makes the ew face that I, too, am currently making. Jenny delivers Penelope’s dress to a jealous Penelope and Hazel, who warm to her when they learn that she and V are no longer friends. Iz prances out in a dress that turns, to her chagrin, entirely sheer under the lights: Jenny and the Headbands conspire to loan Vanessa the see-through dress for the ball. Jenny tells V she couldn’t sleep and gives her the dress that she “stayed up all night” making. V tries to confess to J about the letter-thievery of Thanksgiving; Jenny scampers off before she can, and Vanessa tells Nate over the phone that she has a confession for him as well.

Serena boredly lacquers her nails while Blair natters on about her (absolutely killer) Louboutin peeptoes and her chosen date for Chuck. Serena worries about Dan and Lexi sleeping together before Aaron and Serena; she’s “not rushing into anything”, which…thank God, he’s disgusting. Dan calls Serena to make sure she’s ok with him taking Lexi to the ball, which she pretends to be. Of course, she propositions Aaron as soon as she gets off the phone. Dorota is culling possible Bass dates from her Facebook groups. Mom, Dad, if you read this, could I PLEASE have Dorota for Christmas? Thanks. Blair tries to describe Chuck’s perfect woman to Dorota, and ends up inevitably describing herself. Lily calls her husband’s secretary and learns that Bart is in a meeting with his PI. She tells the secretary that Bart should not come meet her at the ball.

Snowflake Ball! Teenagers wear rented tuxes and drink well drinks, and Little J’s custom dress for Penelope looks like a bad Jessica McClintock, which is saying something. Chuck (in a rhinestone-encrusted velvet tuxedo jacket) and Blair introduce their dates to each other to discover that they have brought manques of themselves; the Chuck wannabe is even wearing a scarf. Lexi tells Dan that Serena and Aaron are going to share a sleeping bag tonight, and Dan chokes a lot. A beautiful Lily approaches Rufus and tells him that she’s leaving Bart, and asks him for a dance. They hold each other, and more than Chuck and Blair, this is the love story that this show is most invested in, and by extension the love story that we most root for. Serena, beautiful in a sequinned nude dress with layers of tulle, moves into Dan’s arms, and they try to negotiate their friendship, their exes, their currents, and their sex lives while holding each other close. Serena blanches when she learns that Dan will most likely be sleeping with Lexi later, because she assumed that Dan placed more value on sex than that. (Um, he’s a 17-year-old boy, Serena.) Vanessa tells Jenny that she’s breaking up with Nate in order to preserve her friendship with J. She then reveals to Nate that she took his letter to Jenny, then walks away. The Headbands turn a spotlight on Vanessa, and she stands there in her underwear while everyone laughs. Jenny chases after her with a wrap, but Vanessa leaves the ball.

Nate tells Jenny that Vanessa didn’t deserve her public humiliation, and gives J the letter he sent. He tells her that those feelings he once had are no longer valid after her treatment of Vanessa. Chuck and Blair come across their respective doubles, kissing, having decided that they were meant for each other. Lily and Rufus sit outside in the snow and twinkle at each other. She asks Rufus to “tell her something he shouldn’t.” He hems and haws and come ON, Rufus! He tells her he let her marry Bart because he was afraid he couldn’t give her what she needed; Chuck sees the two holding hands. He calls and tells his father, who is being accompanied from the airport by his PI, whom he did indeed fire: the PI tells him that he wants to tell him what he found out about Lily. At the ball, Chuck confronts Lily and tells her that his father is on his way, and that she owes Bart an explanation. Nate catches Vanessa at a cab (ha! she’s a subway taker) and tells her that despite everything, he wants to be with her. They kiss as she cries, outside in the cold. Jenny watches them drive away.

Jenny is approached by the Headbands, whom she tells that Vanessa is twice the person that each of them are. Blair mournfully watches the dancers as Chuck asks her to dance; she asks him what the point is, what they even are to each other anymore. He tells her that they have tonight, and leads her out to the floor. Lily’s phone rings with a restricted number and her face freezes. Dan tries to avoid being left along with Lexi: Serena asks if she can speak with him briefly. She apologizes for being so jealous, and the two of them really don’t want to go home with their respective dates. He stops her and tells her that their first time together was the greatest night of his life; Lily rushes up frantic, looking for Chuck, and tells Serena that Bart has been in an accident.

Next week: blackmail, and Bart’s funeral? OMFG.

Well, that was…hmmm. I can’t help but feel like they’re working awfully hard to keep throwing Dan and Serena together, and like they’re working awfully hard to keep Chuck and Blair apart. And does anyone want to see Vanessa with Nate? Because ew, right? Discuss.

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Robert’s Dying? Kevin the Father!

Matthew Rhys, Brothers & SistersThe episode airing this Sunday is huge. Tommy and Julia are forced to find out who her real father is. My money’s on the guy Tommy is currently not getting along with (on the show or reportedly in real life). You know who, right?! If not, hit up the comments, where your friends will guide you. Also, someone is going to have a heart attack. And he’s a heartthrob. (it’s Robert, AKA Rob Lowe)  [Watch With Kristin]

Kitty’s quest to become a mom remains a struggle. After all their adoption woes, Robert and Kitty decide to try in vitro fertilization, but that doesn’t go any better.  [Watch With Kristin]

Justin isn’t too happy when he finds out Rebecca is a pawn in Tommy’s sneaky plan to get back at Holly. [Watch With Kristin]

Rumor has it producers are casting a love interest for Kitty who will arrive in April. [Michael Ausiello]

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