Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck vs. the Sensei”

When Casey is confronted with a mentor from the past, he must contain his anger and use Chuck and Sarah to help thwart another spy plan. Will Casey find his calm center or just explode as usual? And what about the arrival of Awesome’s parents? Will it be AWesome or AWful?…..

Casey’s back-story comes into the forefront when we find out in 1994 Casey, just 23, was training with his sensei, Ty Bennett. A new mission has come to the team despite Chuck’s reluctance to jump right in. He wants to take a little break after just experiencing the problems with Jill.

Their new mission is to infiltrate the Global Launch Agency (GLA) that does work with the NSA. Casey and Sarah need to bring Chuck to the facility to see if he flashes on anything. As a bored Chuck sits in the surveillance van and Sarah and Casey walk the premises, a masked spy, dressed completely in scientific white (except for dark sunglasses), drops in and steals an unknown object from a locked case. He subdues Casey who abruptly stabs him with a Buy More pen. This gives Casey just enough time to unmask said spy who, as luck would have it, is his old sensei. What a small world, right?

Back at the home front we finally get to meet Awesome’s parent, Honey and Woody, played by Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner. They surprise Ellie and Awesome by flying to red eye to meet them. In typical monster-in-law fashion, Honey has been planning their wedding and hands Ellie a book of cuts outs and clips of photos, lists, etc. We can certainly see where this may end up….. read more

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