Heroes Episode Recap: “The Eclipse, Part 2”

The loss of abilities may have scared the heroes and villains in the previous episode, but in the conclusion of “The Eclipse,” it was the lessons each character learned from their inabilities that seemed to matter most. Nathan decides that some power was necessary in a world of evil, Daphne learned to forgive herself and make her past wrongs right, Hiro remembers that heroes exist to give hope to the hopeless, Mohinder learns that the evil brewing inside of him may not be a side effect of his injection and Sylar decides that no one can really ever change themself. Throw in a few deaths (some permanent, others not so much) and the regaining of powers (that was quick, huh?)and you have one wild episode. Let’s dig in!….read more

Heroes Redux: That Did Not Just Happen–Right?

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC

Oh, Heroes.

You offer us the prospect of Sylar as a good guy, Sylar as a Petrelli brother, the redemption of electric Elle, an Elle-Sylar romance, an Elle-Claire friendship, H.R.G. mentoring Elle or resentfully partnering with Sylar or any number of equally awesome connections, and now…now, you’re taking it all away?

Cruel. It’s just cruel! If you’ve seen the tragic episode-ending scene, get in here. There is much to discuss.

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC


* Claire died! But the trouble for Heroic blondes doesn’t stop there. Please tell me that Sylar did not just kill Elle. Because I could have sworn that, not hours before, Sylar had thrown Elle to safety at the cost of his own life. If he wanted her dead, he certainly could have left her behind, wounded and weak, a sitting duck for H.R.G. Instead, he sacrificed himself and died for her. (Oh yeah, Sylar died too, in this episode, until the end of the second eclipse restored by his and Claire’s healing power. Get it? Got it? Good.) Gabriel loves Elle, Elle loves Gabriel Gray, and even with all that self-loathing pessimism he’s wielding these days, I can’t believe that he just sliced her head open! Could someone please tell me that this is a double-cross on Sylar’s part? I’m clinging to a hope that it all ties back to what Sylar told H.R.G., how he’d like to become a guy who values “home and family, but is not afraid to do the job I have to do.” (Who’s with me?)

* Sam and Frack are awesome. (And props to the writers for incorporating a Comic Book Guy shoutout in the comic book guy scenes.) Like a walking Heroes Wiki of storyline trivia, the guys zeroed in on a tiny comic-book detail that lesser nerds might not have noticed: Claire and Hiro peering out from the shadows at the moment 16 years ago when Kaito asked H.R.G. to raise Claire. (Easily the best time-travel hijinks in a long time.) And even though Claire’s mad at her dad right now–he did desert her on her deathbed–I think this might be the beginning of a new understanding between the two of them, and any Claire-H.R.G. rapprochement is just fine by me!

* Maya is still around. Maya Herrera is still here. Eden, Charlie, Kaito and Adam Monroe were rubbed out–but Maya is still popping up. Oy. I really thought we’d seen the last of her, but tonight, when Mohinder thought that he was cured, he ran right to her doorstep, and then when his scales returned, he freaked out and ran away, conveniently dropping a clue to his whereabouts in his wake. A clue that Maya will, no doubt, use to find Mohinder again. In another episode. No comment.

Heroes Adam Taylor/NBC


* As I told you last week, a blond Hero who’s in a new relationship is getting killed, but I’ve since learned that despite many signs pointing to that Hero’s death, all is not lost. There’s a coverup at work, and she may well rise from the dead. Holler!

* You know how H.R.G. told Gabriel that he was being played by the Petrellis and that he was not, in fact, their son? Circa Volume IV: Fugitives, Sylar begins a new hunt–but he’s not seeking to feed his hunger anymore. He’s tracking down information on his past…

* As you saw in this episode, Nathan Petrelli is at a turning point. He’s ready to harness his power, only he’s still not sure in whose service he ought to employ that power. What does he decide? Well, let’s just say that in 2009 Claire-Bear might have another morally ambiguous dad to disapprove of…

Now, let’s discuss: Can you live with a dead Elle? Post your feelings about this seemingly tragic turn of events in the comments!

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