Privileged Episode Recap


We begin where the previous episode left off, with Megan having just absorbed the wham-bam double cliffhangers of learning that Rose is planning to cheat on a history test and that Will is about to head off to Brazil for a couple of months. In fact, we begin exactly where the last episode left off, with Megan outside of Rose and Sage’s classroom door. Megan knocks on the door, chats up the teacher, and comes up with a wonderfully deft excuse for why she needs to grab Rose’s purse and take it with her. Making up a quick lie is a talent, and Megan just pulled it off flawlessly. Would she have been able to do that at the beginning of the series, or are Rose and Sage actually rubbing off on her just as much as she’s trying to teach them?

Megan has thus defused Rose’s problem without allowing Rose to dig herself into a deeper and more dangerous hole, but the consequences of Rose’s actions will have to be tabled for a bit, because when Megan gets back to the estate, Will is still there waiting to talk to her. But Megan’s still preoccupied. When Megan tells Will what Rose did, Will actually thinks it’s pretty brilliant. After all, it took great foresight and planning – precisely the things that Will has totally failed to pay heed to here. Will finally gets to describe his new job to Megan. It’ll entail traveling with the Brazilian national soccer team for a few months, focusing on a teenage phenom. That’s actually a totally sweet gig.

But it’s a sweet gig that won’t ever happen. Will’s intended boss calls up soon after and pulls the job out from under Will, saying that the company’s initial choice to take the job has now decided to accept. Well, that storyline was a big tease. Bogus cliffhangers, people! We had these two big earth-shattering cliffhangers, and Megan defused the Rose situation in thirty seconds while the Will situation ends up completely scuttled….. Continue reading »

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