Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV


There have been many weepy Friday Night Lights moments over the last few weeks or so, but as all devoted fans know, FNL does lighthearted and funny just as well, if not better. Tonight’s hour will end on one of those high notes, courtesy of Tim Riggins, who’ll put a giddy smile on your face with his God-given wit and charm… although, I must warn, the Riggins charisma isn’t present throughout the entire episode. In fact, Timmy’s lady Lila will not be feeling the love, frustrated by her man’s lack of focus when it comes to his future. Turns out TR’s being recruited by a pretty decent college football program, but he doesn’t seem to care. And he’s not the only Riggins in the dog house. Tyra’s sister Mindy has called off her engagement to Billy and he’s all broken up about it. The upside? Mindy and Lyla — the most unlikely of pairs — get together to wreck on the brothers and form an anti-Riggins forcefield, lol. That’s right, FNL, you just forced me to type out “LOL”.


And I have but begun to scratch the surface of everything going on tonight. It’s Ms. Tami’s birthday… though she seems reluctant to celebrate it, Tyra’s finally seeing Cash’s true colors… and turns to the Taylor’s for help, the Dillon Panthers have been selected as high school team of the week… which means their game will be nationally televised, and Matty Saracen makes a return to the football field spotlight …which may just bring his feuding mom and granny together. It’s a good episode, my friends. As always with Friday Night Lights, highly recommended.

Tyra finally discovers that Cash (Zach Roerig) has a dark side that involves gambling and mistreating women. Landry, time for another murder to defend your girl! Also, Grandma and Shelby fight viciously, leaving poor Matt in the middle, and someone with an agenda makes Riggins an offer he can’t refuse. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

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