Gossip Girl Spoilers! Who’s Pregnant?

Rumor has it was supposed to be Jenny with Nate,

Gossip Girl Shocker! Guess Who’s Having a Baby—-On the Show?

Kelly Rutherford
Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford (Lily) is having a baby in real life! A hearty congrats to the lovely and charming 40-year-old actress…but what I really need to tell you involves a huge shocker that is happening on the show.

Someone has a secret.

A huge secret.

And yes, it involves a baby.

Keep reading only if you really want to know!

First of all, can we just point out that the CW’s Gossip Girl is probably having the best creative season so far of any series on television? If you’ve been watching, I defy you to prove otherwise in the comments below.

And the totally awesome twists and turns just keep coming…

Inside sources have just revealed to me that not only is next week’s episode (about the aftermath of Bart Bass’ accident) one of the most gripping episodes ever, it involves a jaw-dropping twist for one of the Gossip girls. And yes, that twist involves a pregnancy!

We will find out that one of the Upper East Side females we know and love is indeed with child.

Any guesses as to who?

Did Serena’s artsy-fartsy new lover, Aaron, seal the deal?

Maybe Blair’s carrying a little Basshole?

Or could it be Lily? Or Vanessa? Or…?

The comments are yours for the taking! (And I encourage you to look hard at the words I chose for this story…)

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