More Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Casting News!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: Eric Stoltz lands killer role

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Ericstoltz_lHere’s some news that should comfort Izzie “I have sex with ghosts” Stevens: This January, she won’t be the only crazy person roaming the halls of Seattle Grace.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Eric Stoltz has been cast as a serial killer in need of immediate medical attention on Grey’s Anatomy. The actor and future star of Sci Fi’s Caprica, who proved himself to be a believable sociopath in Pulp Fiction and Killing Zoe, is on board for three episodes.

I’m told Stoltz’ story, which takes a surprising turn around the second episode, will raise a myriad of thorny ethical questions for McDreamy and Co.

Stoltz didn’t have to travel far for his audition: He directed several episodes of Grey’s this season, including the Nov. 13 installment, “These Ties That Bind.”

In other Grey’s news, did you know that Jessica Capshaw is scrubbing in as a pediatric surgeon named Arizona Roberts for a multi-episode arc? If not, you just scored a bonus scoop. Congrats!

Ugly Betty Spoilers! Wilhelmina & Betty Moving Back Home!

Betty’s father will suffer a heart attack soon. Fortunately it’s not fatal, but it will prompt Betty to move back home. [Watch With Kristin]

Is Ugly‘s Wilhelmina Getting Soft?

by Gina DiNunno, TV Guide

Vanessa Williams‘ cut-throat, no nonsense attitude as Wilhelmina Slater put her at the top of Mode‘s food chain, but lately, the Ugly Betty star’s fierceness is nowhere to be found now that she’s in loooove. caught up with Williams at an Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract event to get the scoop what she thinks about her character getting a bit soft now that the new CFO of Meade Publications, Connor Owens (Grant Bowler), has caught her fancy.

So, when will we see Willy’s ruthless side back in full force? “Depends on how things go with Connor,” says Williams. “Right now she’s in love and feeling good. But we just had a read through [Monday] and she’s not feeling so good anymore — so things are going to heat up in the next couple of weeks.”

With Nikki Blonsky and Bernadette Peters added to an extensive list of Ugly guest stars in Thursday’s episode, Williams also revealed her desire to have entertainer Bette Midler stop by to shake things up a bit on the comedy series. “She would be phenomenal in terms of the [dynamic between] her and Willy.”

And let’s not forget Season 2’s crucial storyline of Christina (Ashley Jensen), the surrogate mother who’s expecting Willy’s Meade baby, which somehow seems to be getting trumped left and right by everyone’s love lives this season. “[Christina’s] been pregnant for a long time, but it will happen — probably in about two months,” reveals Williams.

As for Willy’s maternal instincts kicking in at that time, Williams is a bit dubious. “We’ll see. Motherly is all relative for Wilhelmina [laughs].”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Izzie/Denny ghost story twist revealed!


‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: Izzie/Denny ghost story twist revealed!

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Warning: Stop reading, Grey’s Anatomy fans, if you don’t want to know the big secret behind Denny’s afterlife love affair with Izzie.

I’m serious. Stop.

Okay then, here we go. Turns out Shonda Rhimes wasn’t lying when she told me last month that a brain tumor wasn’t what was causing Izzie’s case of “I see dead people… and have sex with them!” But she was being sneaky.

Last chance to run, spoilerphobes!

According to multiple sources, Izzie’s hallucinations are health-related — and brain-related. And although the specific name of the ailment is being kept in the safe underneath Rhimes’ desk, I’m told it’s similar to an aneurysm. And every time it flares up, she sees Denny. And sometimes when it really flares up, she shags him. (A Grey’s rep could not be reached for comment.)

But wait, there’s more! Izzie’s aneurysmish disorder was never intended to be fatal. Plans change, but, per an ABC insider, Rhimes didn’t cook up this story in order to grant Katherine Heigl’s alleged wish to be let go from the show. Rather, the boss wanted to give her employee the thing she allegedly wanted, the thing that eluded her last season: great, Emmy-worthy material.

And say what you want about the story, Heigl has delivered.

For their part, ABC execs remain divided except for on one point: Everyone acknowledges that the plot is asking the audience to take a huge leap. “It’s definitely an unorthodox story, but I trust in Shonda,” maintains one suit, who says the press will eviscerate the net no matter what they do. “If we interfere, we get blamed for messing with someone’s creative vision. If we don’t do anything, we get blamed for the backlash. You really can’t win.”

Another insider says Alphabet execs are getting antsy waiting for the audience to find out about the underlying medical issue fueling Izzie’s spectral romance. So antsy, in fact, that they are applying some light pressure on Rhimes to speed up the reveal. Once you know the reason Izzie is seeing Denny, they figure, you’ll be much more willing to go along for the ride.

Well, let’s put that theory to the test: Now that you know what’s behind Izzie’s condition, do you feel better? Worse? Indifferent? Sound off below! (Personally, I can get on board with this story now. I think.)

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New Gossip Girl Spoilers! Meet the New Teacher…..

Exclusive: New ‘Gossip Girl’ teacher is ‘Related’

by Michael Ausiello, EW


Something tells me Chuck is going to be paying a lot more attention in English class next semester.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Laura Breckenridge (Related) is joining the cast as Rachel Carr, the idealistic and fresh-faced new English teacher at Constance Billard.

That’s right, I said teacher. An extremely young teacher, but a teacher all the same.

At 25, Breckenridge –- who is booked for a minimum of three episodes — is only a few years older than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. And Gossip producers are wisely acknowledging that right at the start when Miss Carr gets mistaken for a student on her first day.

No word on potential love interests, but I have some scoop on her first loathe interest: Blair. Word is the two of them don’t exactly hit it off. Shocker!

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Preview: VIDEO: Denny Shows His Possessive Side

VIDEO: Denny Shows His Possessive Side

Source: TV Guide
Apparently, in the land of Grey’s, even dead guys get jealous with their flesh and blood girlfriends. In this sneak peek of Thursday’s episode, Denny decides to accompany Izzy to Seattle Grace (maybe he’s hoping to get to scrub in to the solo surgery too?). But when Alex moves in to give his lady a kiss, dead Denny gets all up in arms — and rightfully so considering Izzy just consummated her relationship with a ghost.

Click here to watch the video.

New 90210 Spoilers! Ty’s Return!

The gay character on 90210 has to be the guy who starred in the musical with Annie. He’s tall, handsome, well-dressed and —mannered, and he loves musical theater … hello!
I’m thinking that it’s Ty, Annie’s Spring Awakening costar. We haven’t seen him in forever. —
Rampant trading in gay stereotypes aside, this is an educated guess. But if Ty does come out of the closet, it’ll be but one of two interesting storylines currently planned for the character. Remember when he flew Annie to San Francisco for dinner? Well, his talent for chivalry doesn’t stop there, as Adrianna will soon discover. — Source: TV Guide

Not only is Ty Collins (Adam Gregory) returning, but he’s bringing mom and dad back with him. Look for an appearance by Ty’s ultrarich but surprisingly nice parents. Hmmm…wonder if he’s bringing Annie home to meet his family? — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Someone’s getting into a car accident. Source: Kristin on E!Online

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