New 90210 Spoilers! Ty’s Return!

The gay character on 90210 has to be the guy who starred in the musical with Annie. He’s tall, handsome, well-dressed and —mannered, and he loves musical theater … hello!
I’m thinking that it’s Ty, Annie’s Spring Awakening costar. We haven’t seen him in forever. —
Rampant trading in gay stereotypes aside, this is an educated guess. But if Ty does come out of the closet, it’ll be but one of two interesting storylines currently planned for the character. Remember when he flew Annie to San Francisco for dinner? Well, his talent for chivalry doesn’t stop there, as Adrianna will soon discover. — Source: TV Guide

Not only is Ty Collins (Adam Gregory) returning, but he’s bringing mom and dad back with him. Look for an appearance by Ty’s ultrarich but surprisingly nice parents. Hmmm…wonder if he’s bringing Annie home to meet his family? — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Someone’s getting into a car accident. Source: Kristin on E!Online

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