New Privileged Spoilers: Will-Megan-Lily and Pete Wilentz!


Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

I’m a big Will-Megan fan. What should we call them? Mill? Wegan? What’s coming up for them?
I think Mill or Wegan works. But if there’s a better suggestion, comment it… What’s coming up? Well, let’s see, I’m hearing rumors of sister Lily’s return, and word is, she and Will will be locking lips. Yeah. Megan won’t take it so well.

Brianhallisay I am so happy that Charlie isn’t all up in Megan’s grill anymore. They’re way better as friends. Any Will scoop?
We’ll be meeting Will’s very wealthy parents in a couple weeks and they seem super cool and completely supportive of Megan’s relationship with their son.

Petewentz_ashleesimpson New Papa Pete Wentz isn’t letting his brand new baby boy Bronx slow him down. Having previously appeared as himself on One Tree Hill and Californication, sources tell me exclusively that Wentz will add another TV credit to his resume when he guests on an upcoming episode of The CW’s Privileged.

Word is, his scene in the show’s 14th hour — it’ll likely air as the first ep of 2009 — will be with the series’ teenage stars, Ashley Newbrough and Lucy Hale. Insiders say the cast and crew couldn’t be more excited to have Mr. Wentz on board.

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