Ugly Betty Episode Reca: “Bad Amanda”

Beckinewton_uglybetty_240Amanda isn’t the worst roommate ever, but she’s no prize. Besides treating Betty like a servant, wearing her clothes, and blaming the missing food on the mythical Bad Ronald, she doesn’t even bother paying rent. This is New York: Rent is supreme.

But no worries. Mode has just launched and has opened it up to the staff. Betty pitches and — with Amanda’s social savvy — lands a story idea: How to have fun in NY on zero dollars. And despite Betty’s reluctance, their partnership is pretty darn good.

Amanda has all the ideas and know-how: makeup samples from pricey stores, tucking in the tag of a garment to return later (I enabled someone to do that once), drinking free booze at gallery exhibits and allowing generous men to buy you dinner. All goes well when Claudio and Luca ply the girls with expensive champagne … until the bill comes and the men were nowhere to be found. Hmm, they’re good.

No dine and dash for our upstanding Betty though. In a flash, she cons the manager into comping the meal since the restaurant will get a huge write-up on . I’m pretty impressed with the plucky girl. It’s all great … until it turns out that the two dudes also stole Amanda’s wallet (they’re really good) AND Betty’s rent money that Amanda had planned on delivering for her. Ouch.

Betty’s pissed. I’d be pissed. Papi reasons with her and plies her with food, but it’s not until Daniel reads her story and says this should be a regular feature that she’s feeling magnanimous again. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Amanda is feeling properly contrite and has taken a second job where she has to wear at least 6 pieces of flair in order to pay her share of rent. And as usual, we’re rewarded with a heart-warming scene — Betty has made dinner for the hard-working Mandy….Continue reading »

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