New Chuck Spoilers!

Anna is back in a huge way next week. [Michael Ausiello]

Josh Schwartz talking about the Dark Intersect storyline: “The Dark Intersect is the first sign that the bad guys (read: FULCRUM) are figuring out that if they can’t find the Intersect, why not rebuild it — which makes Chuck even more valuable. And yes, it is a trilogy.” [Michael Ausiello]

Brooklyn Decker and two other S.I. models head for Chuck in an upcoming episode, and Chuck (Zachary Levi) is in for a surprise when she slaps him. [Watch With Kristin]

  • Episode 2.10 – Chuck Versus the Delorean [Airing December 8]: Sarah’s dad is in town and helps Sarah, Chuck and Casey with a case. He tells Chuck that Chuck made him a believer that he and Sarah are a couple. We see a flashback to when Sarah was a preteen. Source:
  • Episode 2.11 – Chuck Versus Santa Claus [Airing December 15]: A gunman holds people, including Chuck, hostage in Buy More. Casey and Sarah freak out and are prepared to storm the store when a news reporter announces that another hostage has been released but they aren’t sure of the identity because his head is covered when he is led to an ambulance. Sarah and Casey realize the “released hostage” is Chuck and that Fulcrum now has him. Source:
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