Major Desperate Housewives Spoilers! Road to the 100th Episode!

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5-11  “Home is the Place”  (Episode 98) January 4

Susan’s at a gay club for the first time; she’s with Lee (Kevin Rahm). She believes a shirtless guy is flirting with her, til he mentions he’s gay.  Susan might sleep with Lee, but not remember it afterward. We may hear but not see Jackson (Gale Harold). Gabrielle learns one of Carlos’ former associates has a job opening perfect for Carlos. Carlos, however, has decided to teach the blind, to Gabrielle’s horror. Carlos and Gaby host a dinner party where they learn they might be happier than his former associate and his wife are now. Andrew’s fiance Alex Cominis (Todd Grinnell) is in the episode, as is Alex’s mother (Joanna Cassidy). Look for Alex’s mother Melina to clash with Bree. Lynette has to handle Warren Schilling, or otherwise he’ll make trouble for Preston, who’s still posing as Porter. How far will Lynette go to protect her son?

5-12   (Episode 99)  “Connect! Connect!” January 11

One of the women may be set up with a produce guy. Gabrielle has her roofer order her kids to pick up their toys. Porter is laying low at the retirement home of his grandmother Stella (Polly Bergen) who might have had a heart attack.

5-13   (Episode 100)   “The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened” January 18

Beau Bridges guest stars as Eli, the neighborhood handyman who’s found dead on Susan’s roof. The women of Wisteria Lane will recall significant moments from when Eli was present, including the day Mary Alice killed herself.  Guest stars for the episode include Steven Culp as Rex Van De Kamp and Christine Estabrook as Martha Huber. Brenda Strong will also appear in person as Mary Alice. A short-tempered caterer (not Bree or Katherine) prepares for a wealthy woman’s event. We’ll meet one of the women’s ex-husbands,a hot Latino.

5-14  (Episode 101)  Probably February

We meet the headmaster of a private elementary school, as Susan’s ready to send MJ to the school. We’ll also meet Bree’s book publisher. Can Gabrielle squeeze into the dress she wore when she became engaged? Probably not, as Gabrielle and another woman attend a fitness boot camp.  Tom may be forced to sell his car. Someone argues with their liquor distributor over an unpaid bill.

March sweeps

This season, sweeps are in March instead of February. Sundays during March sweeps include March 8, 15, 22, and 29.

May sweeps

This season, Sundays during “May” sweeps include April 26, and May 3, 10, and 17.

General season 5 spoilers

Susan and Edie are locked in a basement together.

Gossip Girl Spoilers & Scoop: Jenny‘s hair explained! Plus a Pregnancy, a New Couple, and More!

Gossip Girl: Jenny‘s hair explained! Plus a Pregnancy, a New Couple, and More!

The CW Source

We finally might have an explanation for Little Jenny Humphrey’s suspiciously rock-n-roll hair – 15-year-old actress Taylor Momsen is apparently putting together a band. According to the New York Post, Taylor was spotted at a Blondie show at the Manhattan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where she told friends she was going to be the frontwoman for a new act. “She looked just like a rocker and kept talking about her band,” their sources say. What do you think? Would you want to see Taylor rock out?The Post also reports that there may be a new couple on the set — Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr were spotted smooching as they waited for a plane in Dallas. “They were trying to be discreet by stealing kisses near the gate,” the Post’s source says. But what we find REALLY shocking about the story is that the two actors flew coach to La Guardia. Chuck Bass wouldn’t stand for such an indignity!

The folks at New York Magazine are rabid GG fans – remember their cover story proclaiming Gossip Girl the best show ever? So we loved reading their impressions about meeting series producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz at the Apple store in Soho. They also got plenty of scoop. Some fun facts:

  • The kids will be going to college next year, but expect them to stick around New York.
  • Ed Westwick originally auditioned for the role of Nate. Can you imagine?
  • Expect Georgina to return at some point: “”It’s hard to imagine a boarding school for bad girls in Idaho would be able to hold her for long,” Savage said.
  • It’s a heck of a lot easier to film in New York than in California, Josh said. “When we filmed The O.C., we couldn’t even get a permit to fly a helicopter over the beach. We’re grateful New York has lower standards.” Hee!

In other news, People magazine reports that “the mom” on Gossip Girl is living up to her title. Kelly Rutherford, who plays Lily van der Woodsen, is pregnant with her second child. But don’t expect to see Lily sporting a baby bump: “I told [the writers] pretty much as soon as I found out, so they had some time to think about it,” she says. “I’ll only be I think about six months pregnant when we go on hiatus so it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out and work around it.”

EW’s Michael Ausiello has the scoop on a new teacher who will be hitting Constance Billard. Word is that Laura Breckenridge of Related will be coming on board as Rachel Carr, idealistic and fresh-faced new English – and she looks young enough hat she gets mistaken for a student! The part we’re salivating over is that the new teach is not impressed with Upper East Side It-Girl Serena. Wait, someone who doesn’t worship the ground Serena walks on? It’s about time!

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

The Return of the Nana Redux on ‘Gossip Girl’


Last week’s Gossip Girl featured yet another biggest-social-event-of-the-season, Faux Chuck and Beta Blair, and a mysterious limo crash featuring Bart Bass. Remember when he had a heart attack and drowned in the pool? What do you mean that was Caleb Nichols? Oh, they’re different people??

Sunrise is gorgeous over the headlines of Bart’s death. Serena, dressed totally inappropriately, sits down for breakfast with her brother and Grandma Cece (woot!!) sips gin out of her coffee cup (“life goes on”, as Cecelia points out.) Like a good little WASP, Lily has responded to her husband’s death by forgoing food entirely, and daringly carrying a tan Birkin with her grey suit. Lily is upset by the heat of the room and the smell of the tuna tartare and oh good lord, is she pregnant? She dashes out to take a walk; meanwhile, Chez Waldorf, Blair glowers at Cyrus Rose over a lox and schmear (oh, he’s not just gauche, he’s Jewish too?) while Eleanor echoes Lily’s sentiment to send a thank-you note to the newspaper’s photo editor for printing such a nice photo of Bart. Blair, in a LBD with a black velvet headbow, runs off to find out if Nate has heard from the bereaved Chuck. Serena has decided to wear a daringly low-cut one-shouldered Grecian gown to….her stepfather’s funeral…wow, this is just so inappropriate. Cece and Lily would never ever let her out of the house in that. Lily walks through Central Park with Rufus, telling him how guilty she feels for planning to leave Bart just before his death. She reveals that although Bart left her a voicemail the night he died, she hasn’t been able to listen to it yet: when she does, it’s Bart telling her that he knows why she was hospitalized. Rufus tells her that he will wait for her; meanwhile,Kellyrutherford8_gossipgirl_s1_240 Cece, following the two, is horrified to see them together. Chuck ignores Blair’s calls while meeting with Bart’s PI at a bar; he tells the PI he will pay more than “that bitch” Lily for whatever information Bart found out the night he died. Aaron and Dan compete, in front of the church, for Serena’s attention. Little J arrives in a 6-inch-long bubble skirt (it is a FUNERAL, people! Cover your goddamn knees!)

Blakelively9_gossipgirl_s1_240 When Serena arrives, she holds Dan tighter and longer than she holds Aaron, and everyone notices. Cecelia confronts her daughter – quickly and quietly and passive-aggressively – about seeing her with Rufus, just as a drunken, angry Chuck arrives borne up by Blair and Nate. Chuck screams drunkenly at Dan, telling him that his father is dead because of Rufus. Cece asks Dan to leave, telling him that Chuck needs to be here today, and if he doesn’t want Dan to be here, then Dan shouldn’t be here. Chuck then proceeds to call Lily a whore in front of the congregation and stagger into the church. Rufus strums that song he was playing when he kissed Lily at that VH1 concert last year as Dan walks in and tells his father what happened at the funeral. Rufus quizzes Dan about his relationship with Serena; this goes about as well as you’d expect. At the wake, Blair tries to get food into Chuck’s stomach, and Nate comments on how lovingly Blair treats Chuck. She splutters and goes running for the kugel. (Oh my god, it’s the Charlotte York Goldenblatt-ification of Blair Waldorf, and I could not be happier.) Cyrus tells Eleanor that the sermon made him unable to wait another day to marry her; Jenny offers to make Eleanor a custom le smoking for their wedding tomorrow. Cyrus runs off to tell Aaron, who is busy asking Serena to go to Buenos Aires with him for Christmas. She tells him she can’t – because she is at her father’s funeral right now, you ass – and he says it’s because of Dan.

Cece pulls Lily away to ask her what Chuck knows about her and Rufus, and tells her that she had better find out. Jonathan, Eric’s ex, appears at the funeral and tells Eric he has some ‘splaining to do. Lily follows Chuck up the stairs while Cece takes a call on her cell and says “she’ll be right down.” Lily finds Chuck rifling through Bart’s papers, looking for Lily’s file: he tells her that after he gets his money she will never see him again. Eric begs Chuck not to leave, that he doesn’t want to leave his brother too. Chuck hisses at him and leaves, which…ok, that breaks my heart, because Chuck is the only person who was there for Eric when he came out, and has been more than a brother to Eric ever since the moment their parents began dating.  Cecelia tells Lily that the PI has called her to bid on Lily’s secret, and that Cecelia is not going to pay.

Leightonmeester5_gossipgirl_240 Blair chases Chuck down the street, begging him not to go. She tells him that wherever he needs to go, whatever he’s going through, she wants to be there for him, to go through it with him. He shakes with rage as she tells him that she loves him, and gets into his limo, overwhelmed. The next morning, Dan and Serena walk through the rain as she tells him about Bueno Aires; he asks her if she’s asking him to ask her not to go. Cyrus tells Blair that he loves her and how happy he is to have her as a daughter; she tells him about telling Chuck the same, and that he pushed her away. Cyrus shakes his head, and holds her as she cries, and tells her Chuck just needs time. Cece enters the kitchen and tells Lily that this chapter is closed, and what is she going to do now that she’s in love with Rufus. Lily says pertly that she doesn’t think she’s going to do anything, and Cece aha’s that she was fishing. Heh. I would watch these two read the phone book to each other. Serena, of course, walks in just as Lily is telling her mother that she loves Rufus. Serena sadly tells Lily it’s her time now, and tearfully says that she’s going to try to make things work with Aaron.

Taylormomsen9_gossipgirl_s1_240 Jenny and Dan run for Eleanor’s wedding, where Dan is planning to tell Serena not to go to Buenos Aires. Lily calls Rufus, and the two make plans to go away together for Christmas. In the meantime, the PI reveals that Chuck was the only bidder for the information – Cece told him that Lily wanted to expose all of the lies in her past. Oh, Cece. Serena arrives at the Waldorf abode and tells Aaron that she is going to Argentina with him; Dan arrives to see them kissing. Aaron walks away and Dan tells Serena not to go; Serena tells him that she can’t be with him because their parents are truly in love. Blair flounces downstairs in champagne silk to grab Serena for her fashion sense (which, honestly, is going to wind up with Eleanor in a wrinkled satin micromini and a Miracle Bra.)

Edwestwick8_gossipgirl_s1_240 Chuck glowers at Lily and tells her that he’s surprised she wants this information to become public; she is confused, then understands. She begs him to not turn away from the people who love him, then walks away. Chuck throws Lily’s secret into the fire. Dorota! Is a bridesmaid! Eleanor and Cyrus glow at each other under the chuppah as Dan walks home in the cold. Lily and Rufus pack their respective bags, and Cyrus and Eleanor toast each other as Dorota tells Blair that she has a visitor. Chuck sits crying on her satin coverlet. She holds him, and he falls back into her arms. Cece arrives at Rufus’ front door to tell him that all she has ever wanted is Lily’s happiness. Serena and Aaron taxi to the airport, as she tries to be happy, like Lily always was, with the choices that have been made for her.Later, Dan arrives home to find Rufus sitting in the dark. He tells Dan that he will never be with Lily, and walks out the door; Dan calls Serena, and Aaron tells Serena that he’s falling in love with her. Well, that’s one way to stop her from answering the phone, ass. Rufus arrives at Grand Central and asks Lily if their baby was a boy or a girl. Blair wakes up to find a note from Chuck telling her she deserves better, and not to come looking for him.

January 5th: Chuck Bass is a golden god!

OMFG. To me, that was a darned near perfect episode, even if the Lily-and-Rufus-had-a-baby reveal was a little less than shocking (I mean, that’s what we had all figured it was, right?) How are we supposed to wait four weeks for more? Merry Chrismukkah to you all, and you know I love you…xoxo…

Gossip Girl: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad

Gossip Girl
(S02E13) “Only a masochist could love such a narcissist.” – Blair

Wow! I finished watching the last new episode of Gossip Girl before the hiatus about 10 minutes ago and my jaw is still not back in its place. Talk about an emotional and action packed episode! Gossip columnist such as Kristin Dos Santos and Michael Ausiello warned us that “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” was one of the best GG episodes and they weren’t lying! Not only did Ed Westwick gave one of his best performances to date, but the reveal as to what Lily’s secret is just sent the series in spin mode as a lot of twists and turns can be brought up with it.

Bart may not have been a major player in the series and fans will probably not write angry letters to The CW saying that they made the worst mistake in killing him off but you have to admit that his death caused major chaos that will felt throughout the rest of the season if not beyond.

Chuck, masterfully played by Ed Westwick — especially this week — was quite shaken up by the death of his father. It may be surprising to some that Chuck reacted so strongly considering the lack of relationship he had with his father, but remember that the young Bass’ mother passed away meaning that he is, in a way, now all alone and that Bart recently made some effort to be a better father. We also have to keep in mind, as both Sissy and Lily said, that everybody mourns in their own way.

What I’m afraid now is what will happen next for Chuck. He is clearly not thinking straight and he is reacting, not acting. Seeing Chuck crash and burn may be entertaining for a while but as a fan of the character, I do not want to see him self-destruct more than he already has. He must find his way back to being in control and, to do so, he will have to rely on his family (aka his friends) like it or not.

In case you were wondering about the content of Chuck’s letter to Blair, he tells her that he’s sorry for everything, that she deserves much better and he asks her not to look for him. Quite frankly, I hope Blair doesn’t follow his request. Chuck is in need of a shoulder to mourn on and Blair is the best to provide that at this time. Not only did she finally tell him she loves him but she truly accepts him with all his flaws. Since Blair is a resourceful girl, especially when teamed with Dorota, it’s only a matter of time before she finds Chuck’s hiding place.

Bart’s death also had major impact on the Lily and Rufus pairing. As you know, I’m a Lily/Rufus shipper and truly hoped that Bart’s death would mean that they would finally be able to get a second chance. I was all giddy inside for about 90% of this week’s episode as it did look like they would be a couple once again. In the back of my brain, I always thought that Lily went to the institution because of her relationship with Rufus. I expected the secret to be that she ended up being a huge mess after their breakup (maybe a depression and/or self-mutilation) but never thought that the secret would end up being a deal breaker.

So when I watched this week’s episode, I expected Lily and Rufus to get a few week of lovin’ before the Upper East Side reality came knocking. Yeah I know, it was foolish of me to think that the last episode before the hiatus would end perfectly for Rufus and Lily. But somehow, I wanted the GG people to give us a tiny gift before parting ways for a few weeks. Looks like my list to GG Santa got lost in the mail.

So Lily went to the institution not because she had mental problems but because she was with child. It’s not 100% certain that Rufus is the father but considering his strong reaction, it’s pretty much a given that he is. This storyline is not the most original out there (90210 has a similar storyline going on) but seeing it unfold in Gossip Girl‘s world can make it quite interesting. Rufus may have said “I will never be with Lily” after learning of the secret but, somehow, I expect them to patch things up in the end (“the end” can actually be the series finale).

Lily hid a major secret from him and he has all the rights to be pissed, but Rufus is a down-to-earth and sensible man so once he learn her reasons and sees his child (now an adult), things may different from him and he may want to give Lily another chance. In any case, that’s my wish. So GG Santa please hear my request and make it happen before the series end.

What do you think of Lily’s secret? What repercussions do you think it will have in the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders? What will be Chuck’s next move? Are you happy that Eleanor and Cyrus got married? Share your theories, opinions and ideas in comments below.

Gossip Girl will return with fresh episodes on January 5.

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck and the Deloreon”

Yvonnestrahovski_chuck_s2_240 Chuck wonders what the hell Sarah could possibly see in Gary — he’s so old! But Sarah’s not dating Gary — he’s her father, dedicated con man. He used to use cherubic young Sarah in his schemes, but he’s been working on his own for a while. His latest score involves ripping of an Arab sheik for $750,000 by selling him a building he does not, in fact, own.

Small problem: The sheik in question has ties to terrorists. The CIA would love to get a crack as freezing his bank account, but they haven’t been able to find it. If they could get him to transfer money to the CIA’s account, they could trace it back and nab him. Therefore, they need Sarah, Chuck and Gary to step up the con.

Things get set in motion when Chuck poses as Mr. Liechtenstein, the fictitious owner of a not-actually-for-sale building in downtown L.A., which Gary has ostensibly sold to the sheik. Sheik Amad and his goons insist they want to meet with Liechtenstein in his offices, which leads to a quick con job — Sarah, Gary and Chuck pose as exterminators and clear out a floor; Casey (“Cop Face”) stands in as security; the team dresses up the empty office as Liechtenstein industries; and everyone holds their breath that nothing goes wrong. Things immediately go wrong — paint is still wet, a letter in the nameplate is falling off, Amad insists on using his own translator even though Chuck doesn’t actually speak German. They finesse; Amad makes the money transfer, and the team retreats to Sarah’s hotel room to celebrate a job well done. Gary offers to go get some ice, and Sarah stupidly lets him — OF COURSE he’s taken off with the money, the computer, and everything else. The cash never made it into the CIA account. So where is it?…. Continue reading »

Heroes Episode Recap: “Our Father”

As we inch toward the midseason finale, this episode focused much of its attention on many of the characters’ dealing with their daddy issues. Some of the characters find a way to resolve their conflicts peacefully, others choose strength and violence and one even works out his papa problems by spending some quality time with his mom. Still with all this heartwarming going on, several people ended up dead and one hero found himself in a less than unsavory predicament. And let’s not even get started on the first testing of the “new and improved” formula. Since the episode (and its title) was basically given over to the fathers on the show, let’s break down the show’s happenings similarly. read more

Heroes: Episode 3.12 “Our Father” Recap — Buddy TV

Hayden Panettiere, Robert Forster and Masi Oka, HeroesPreviously on Heroes: The eclipse happened, Sylar killed Elle, and Hiro finally shared a scene with Claire as he teleported them to the moment when Kaito gave baby Claire to HRG.

Hiro (Masi Oka) and Claire (Hayden Panettiere) are back in Manhattan 16 years ago observing their younger selves. Hiro speaks no English, and Claire speaks no Japanese, so communicating isn’t very easy. Hiro sees his mother, who is sick and fears she will die that night. She begs Kaito that they must transfer the Catalyst, and she wants to put it in Hiro while Kaito wants it in Claire.

After learning that his mother is a healer (just like Linderman), Hiro thinks she can help him regain his memory, so he poses as the Nakamura’s new chef while Claire runs off to make sure HRG doesn’t let Kaito make her the Catalyst. It’s all surprisingly fascinating.

It’s also creepy, because Claire goes to the Bennet house and changes her baby self’s wet diaper. She sticks around posing as a babysitter, but big bad HRG (Jack Coleman) doesn’t fall for her lies. She begs HRG to love his baby, then asks him not to give his Claire Bear back to the Company.

Then came one of the saddest, most heartbreaking and brilliant scenes Heroes has ever or will ever do. Hiro tells his mommy who he is and begs her to cure his memory. She kisses him on the forehead and brings back his memory, begging him to tell her all about his life. After he does, he asks her to give him the Catalyst, so she transfers the light from herself to her son, dying in the process. Hiro, just like Buffy before him, is shocked that his mother and mommy is dead.

I don’t care about the rest of the season, that scene was brilliant, and a testament to what Heroes can be when it tries. It’s also brilliant because it means Hiro’s mom hid the Catalyst in the one place Arthur couldn’t find it, since, during the time between 16 years ago and the present that Hiro returns to, the Catalyst didn’t exist. She hid it in the future!

At least it would be brilliant if Arthur Petrelli hadn’t stolen Hiro’s time traveling ability. While Claire and Hiro meet on the rooftop, Arthur shows up, steals the Catalyst from Hiro and throws him off the ledge before teleporting Claire back to the present to tell Angela that it’s over. Thankfully, Hiro gets stuck on a flagpole.

Meanwhile, in the present, Parkman, Ando and Daphne speed to Manhattan to track down the courier who has Isaac Mendez’ final sketch book. They get it and see the final chapter, which tells the story of Hiro being stuck, powerless, on a flagpole 16 years ago. But now that Arthur has the Catalyst, they posit that another person can be injected with time traveling abilities to save Hiro. Ando thinks that person will be him.

Sylar vows to come after Arthur now that he’s rediscovered his evil roots and suspects that the Petrellis aren’t really his parents. Also, to make sure Elle is really dead, he burns her body. First he decides to go on a killing spree, collecting powers left and right. First up is Sue Landers, the human lie detector.

At Primatech, Angela urges Peter to kill his father with help from the Haitian, now that Nathan has switched sides for no real reason. Speaking of Nathan, he’s decided to take over Pinehearst and Tracy, busy making plans with the Department of Defense, convinces Arthur to let the respectable Senator take over.

Tracy is supposed to be a villain, but she makes sense while explaining that Arthur wants to give select humans powers to help protect and save the world, so they plan to inject soldiers. Tracy loses me completely when she calls the plan “Intelligent Design,” because that’s just silly. Once Arthur gets the Catalyst, Mohinder injects a soldier with the new Formula, and after twitching a lot, he comes out of it with super strength, feeling good.

Peter and the Haitian bust into Pinehearst, guns blazing. Arthur comes out to greet them and is a bit upset to find the Haitian blocking his powers. Still, Arthur believes his son won’t kill him. The Haitian holds Arthur back as long as he can, but right when Peter shoots the gun, the bullet freezes in mid-air. It wasn’t Arthur, however, it was Sylar!

Sylar asks if Arthur is really his father, and using his new ability to discover that it’s a lie, he kills his dad. Um, so Arthur Petrelli is dead? That was rather sudden and anti-climactic.

Next week on Heroes: It’s the finale of volume 3, so some major stuff is probably going to go down.

New Privileged Spoilers! Charlie Admits his Feelings to Megan!

‘All About the Ripple Effect’

Just as she is getting used to having a relationship with her father, Arthur (guest star John Allan Nelson), Megan is thrown for a loop by the return of her mother, Shelby (guest star Sharon Lawrence), who abandoned the family when Megan was a child. Megan finds it hard to control her anger toward Shelby, but Arthur makes it clear that he wants Megan to forgive the mistakes made by both her parents in the past. To make matters worse, Megan learns that her sister Lily impulsively ran off and got married to a man Megan can’t stand. Will finds it hard to understand Megan’s complicated family issues, and is jealous that Megan seems to prefer discussing her problems with Charlie. Meanwhile, Sage denies that she is attracted to Luis (guest star Ignacio Serricchio), so Rose and Marco come up with a scheme to make Sage admit her true feelings. Sage turns the tables on Rose by setting up a date for her with Zachary (guest star David Franco), a boy Rose already likes.

Michaelcassidy Privileged Information: You know how Megan’s been in the dark regarding Charlie’s feelings for her? That won’t last. He’ll finally confess his love during a drunken night and Megan’s reaction will be one of shock… — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Can you spill any secrets on Privileged, aka the most adorable show since Gilmore Girls?
I’ve got big news. Actually, I’ve got big, bad news: Megan might be leaving the Baker girls! I’m told that in the finale few episodes of the season, Megan will fulfill her dreams and get a job at a magazine. Can she possibly write for a major periodical, romance the witty and cute editor-in-chief and tutor the terrible two? Aaack! (P.S. Just in case you missed it on Friday, our girl Korbi broke the news that Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz guests in episode 14 of Privileged.) — Source: Kristin on E!Online

New Supernatural Spoilers: “Death Takes a Holiday”

Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles Michael Courtney/The CW

Anything juicy on my Winchester boys?
I think Sam Winchester and the grim reaper are going to sit down for a friendly game of chess on Supernatural. (If anyone can beat Death, it’s our Sammy.) Look for a Death match—or something like it—in an upcoming episode called “Death Takes a Holiday.” — Source: Kristin on E!Online

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Ryan & Rebecca? More on Tommy….

Video: Luke Grimes Spills “Do Ryan and Rebecca Hook Up?”

Morning tubers! Press play above to see the latest installment of the Watch with Kristin Show, where Luke Grimes, Brothers & Sisters‘ newest castmember, spills about Ryan Lafferty’s upcoming entanglements with Rebecca, Nora and Justin. Will Ryan and Rebecca make out? Will Ryan and Justin throw down?

The original plan was for Saul’s boyfriend, played by John Glover, to come and go in just a couple of episodes, but I’m told that after his initial departure, all is not lost for Andrew and Saul—producers plan to bring him back for a second stint later this season. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Balthazargetty Walker Litigation: Could one of the brothers or sisters be going to prison? Rumor has it, a B&S sibling — my money’s on Tommy… you? — will be charged with felony embezzlement in the new year and things could get real ugly. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

New House Spoilers! House-Cuddy & Baby?

Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House Adam Taylor/FOX

No teasing. Are House and Cuddy going to have a baby together?
All I can tell you is that tomorrow night’s episode is going make you cry like a baby—and you wouldn’t be wrong if you guessed that what happens has to do with House and Cuddy. Sources also spill that there is a top-secret twist in tomorrow night’s outing that will have all us fans talking the morning after. (Meet you here?) Last but not least, tomorrow’s episode, “Joy to the World,” features one of my very fave Twin Peaks alums: Ms. Sherilyn Fenn guests, and her role is a pivotal part of a drama affecting a couple of our fave characters…

I’ve read on a House forum that Cuddy will leave work on episode 12, and she’ll ask Cameron to take her place. Is that true? Is Lisa Edelstein leaving the show? Is she having less screen time?
Lisa Edelstein
isn’t going anywhere. I can’t say anything about the future of Lisa Cuddy, but I can tell you that after Tuesday night, this rumor will make a lot more sense…Joy to the world! — Source: Kristin on E!Online

New 90210 Spoilers & Scoop!

Annalynnemccord Dylan Deja Vu: Is 90210‘s Naomi the new Dylan McKay? With her parents divorcing — daddy’s living at the beach with his new lady and mommy’s taking off to do a TNT pilot (in real life) — I’m hearing the Clark house will soon go up for sale and Naomi may move into a Beverly Hills hotel where the staff will get to know her well. Sadly though, as of earlier this year, the famed Bel Age no longer exists here in L.A., so little miss Clark will have to make herself at home elsewhere. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Are they really killing off Shannen Doherty from 90210?

According to the cast (via my colleague Marc Malkin), no. However, I am hearing that someone is going to be diagnosed with a disease, and one of our couples is breaking up. Guesses? The comment section is calling you…
It’s back Jan. 6. The cast just told me that we are going to be treated to the musical stylings of Dixon (Tristan Wilds) himself. Shenae Grimes (Annie) can’t stop raving about her TV bro: “He’s a star! You all heard it in The Secret Life of Bees.” Sounds like it may be some kind of musical episode? Dustin Milligan (Ethan) teases, “We’ll see how much some of us sing, I guess!”

Luke Perry Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Have we seen the last of the 90210 alums, or will anyone else come on board?

Luke Perry is coming! OK, so not the real Luke Perry (he’s still politely declining to appear), but I’m hearing that producers are in the process of casting the next best thing: a “bad-boy Luke Perry-ish type,” according to sources. Any suggestions? (Why do I feel a Jason Dohring comment or two coming?) — Source: Kristin on E!Online

New Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dan & the Hot New Teacher!

Blake Lively, Penn Badgley

Meow! Don’t tell Serena, but it looks like Gossip Girl‘s Dan Humphrey is getting a cougar for Christmas.

The good news? She’s really only 25.

The badass news? She’ll be digging her claws into Blair.

Any hope for Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl? I cannot stand her new beau, Aaron.
That makes three of us! Here’s hoping Santa gives him an Epilady for Christmas to tackle those three chin hairs, ’cause that would enhance my Gossip Girl viewing experience greatly . Regardless, it looks like Dan and Serena will not be rekindling any flames Penn Badgley, Laura Breckenridgeany time soon because I’m hearing from reliable sources that Dan is getting a new love interest. Laura Breckenridge, whom you may remember as the youngest sister (Rose) from Related, is playing that hot new teacher I told you about a few weeks back, and I’m hearing she’ll be sparring with Blair and getting romantic with Dan Humphrey. Gossip Girl writers, you know we love you. XOXO

Yes, inside sources tell me exclusively that Dan (Penn Badgley) is getting a new love interest of a more mature (and scandalous) nature.


Source: Kristin on E!Online

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers Breaking: George (TR Knight) Leaving the Show?

TrknightBreaking: Has T.R. Knight Called a Time of Death on George O’Malley?

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Let me begin by saying that this story has not yet been confirmed, but rumors are flying around town that Grey’s Anatomy‘s T.R. Knight has cleaned out his Seattle Grace locker for good. Sources say the actor was unhappy with his storyline, and after hearing that his character George O’Malley may be written out before the end of the season anyway, he decided to pull a Star Jones and beat the show’s producers to the punch. Of course, Knight is under contract, so I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work out, but we shall see…

Again, I must stress that this story is not yet confirmed, but I’ve contacted ABC for comment and will provide more details as I get them. In the meantime, what are you thinking? If T.R. has up and left Grey’s, do you think it was a good move? Would Georgie’s absence affect your support of the series?

Chuck Spoilers: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

Chuck’s slooow progress from superzero to superhero continues. Here, he taps into his fledgling spying skills to stake out none other than Sarah — watching from the shadows as she dates an older gentleman (Gary Cole), a mystery man who could prove perilous to her welfare. And Chuck always has chuckles, particularly with Morgan in the picture. The geeky boy-man finally wants to grow up, but his quest for maturity gets derailed, despite help from Captain Awesome. — Dean Maurer

What’s happening on Chuck? I love me some Morgan!
Anyone interested in seeing the little, bearded man in the buff? Good, glad I’m not alone! Joshua Gomez (Morgan) just gave me some scoop on the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit model episode. “There is a scene where I had to be disrobed, and that’s a tough act to follow. I mean, they’re very pretty, but me naked is a whole other world of pain!” Hot stuff! It also looks like Morgan is going to be dragging his feet when Anna decides she wants to move in together. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck Preview: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Where in the world is Anna Wu? Chuck fans have asked where she’s been hiding, and we found her. Following a few conspicuous absences from the Buy More staff meetings, Julia Ling reveals where her sassy salesgirl has been, and what she’s up to in the coming weeks. (NBC’s Chuck airs Mondays at 8m pm/ET.) First off, I want to apologize. In last week’s Mega Buzz column, I said that you had been “Wu-fully underused” this season, prompting one reader to tell me that my comment was “very offensive” and full of “prejudice.”
Julia Ling:
That was you?! My publicist sent me that article, and I wrote her back to say that whoever wrote that was so funny! I even sent that along to one of my writer friends to say, “This is the kind of stuff that I love.” Does it make you feel glad to know that people notice when Anna goes “missing”?
It’s definitely nice for them to notice. I myself sometimes worry, “Where did Anna go?” But I have a certain number of episodes in which I’m contracted for this year; the rest of the time I’m busy working on other projects. I’d love to see them sometime explain what “happens” to Anna, or if she just disappears. In this week’s episode, “Anna wants to move in with Morgan, who then feels pressured to grow up. But Morgan’s quest for maturity is derailed.” Question No. 1: Are you surprised at all to see Anna initiate this bold move in the relationship?
Not really, no. Anna has a strong personality, especially when it comes to Morgan. She knows what she wants in the relationship — she’s really in love with this guy, seeing all the good in him — so she probably feels that if she doesn’t take the initiative, it’s never going to happen. Question No. 2: What derails Morgan’s “quest for maturity”?
Oh, I think everyone goes through a stage where you don’t want to grow up, where you still love, like, fantasy and sci-fi. For Morgan it’s all about videogames and being that geek, and not wanting to let go of those dreams. In next week’s Christmas episode, a thief raids the Buy More, taking Chuck and the gang hostage – Anna included?
Yes, I’m a part of that. I thought she is fearless and might have handled the situation differently, but deep down she’s a sweet girl and she gets scared. She doesn’t whip out any of the fierce moves she used on Michael Strahan?
No, no…. I was just dressed in this really sexy elf costume. A lot of your fans want Anna brought into spy fold – or suspect she already is a sleeper agent and we just don’t know it yet.
I read things like that, and I would love that. I think she’d be a great spy. But she’s also a part of this comedy world that is so fun. I don’t know what Chuck has in store for her, but every script I read is exciting to me. It’s a discovery every episode. What is your favorite thing about playing Anna?
I love the skirts, the boots — her outfits are so sexy. I like dressing all Goth, and I like the ass-kicking, like with Strahan. She’s feisty, and that’s really cool! Is this true, that you graduated second in your high school class with 4.0 GPA and perfect SAT scores?
Yeah. I’ve been a nerd my whole life. And the perfect SATs, was that on your first try?
No, actually it was my third try or something like that. Whatever the case, it makes my 1290 combined look pretty wimpy.
Hey, that’s pretty good! I think I was just lucky.

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Just a Sliver”

‘Brothers & Sisters’: And the baby daddy is… –

Brothers and Sisters

This year, it looks like Thanksgiving will be RUINED because each of the Walker children have made plans to celebrate with their significant other instead of with Nora. True to form, none of the kids have told each other — or Nora. Common courtesy, folks — if you change plans, you let the host know, so she doesn’t go out and buy a ginormous turkey when she’ll actually only be serving two.

But before that kerfuffle can blossom into a brouhaha, wham! The Walkers get hit with a heaping spoonful of perspective. Elizabeth, Tommy and Julia’s daughter, starts throwing up blood, so they rush her to the hospital. They find out she’s suffering from liver damage — it can happen with children born prematurely, as they get a lot of drugs pumped into their underdeveloped systems — and that she may need a transplant. The best bet for a new liver would be to harvest a slice from one of her biological parents. Uh-oh.

Tommy calls Justin and Kevin and asks them to sneak over to the hospital for tests. Nora overhears (thank god Justin was a medic, not a spy, in the war — he can’t do stealth to save his life) so the can determine who the biological father is. Justin and Kevin spar over who they think Tommy wants it to be — Justin brings great hair to the table, while Kevin touts his SAT scores — but before they can get too into it, Tommy interrupts. Elizabeth needs the transplant, and Kevin, it’s you.

There follows a whole bunch of talking about feelings, and I get a little frustrated, because it’s so not about Justin or Nora or Kitty right now. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be feeling conflicted or scared or angry or whatever, but their need or desire to process should be taking a back seat to Tommy and Julia’s needs until Elizabeth is out of the woods, and to Scotty’s needs until Kevin is ok. After that, Justin can be as conflicted as he wants about not being Elizabeth’s biological dad, and Nora can feel guilty about wanting everyone together for Thanksgiving. When Elizabeth is safe, Kitty can freak out about Sarah’s terminology. But right now? It’s not about them. Right now is the time for them to suck it up and give Tommy and Julia whatever they need.

Because right now, Tommy isn’t doing so well. He’s feeling helpless, and angry, and ashamed about being angry, and everything else. (Great work by Balthazar Getty, by the way.) Kitty finally catches up with him and lets him know that yes, she does know how he feels, because she’s going through a lot of the same things herself when it comes to the adoption. (See? THAT’S a good way to process!) Tommy is relieved to find out he’s not as alone as he thought.

The operation is a success, and Nora coaxes Tommy and Julia down to the hospital cafeteria, where she’s installed Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family. Everyone is there, and now that everyone has the sort of perspective that a desperately ill child can bring, all is well. For now.

Highlights, thoughts and odds and ends

  • I loved seeing the spouses/significant others get all hard-core about Thanksgiving plans. Julia is my favorite. “Listen up, Walkers!” she barks into the phone. “You’re adults – stop worrying about your mother. Go over there and tell her the truth!” Hell yeah!
  • Justin comes in a close second, who proves his relationship bona fides by admitting that he’s doing housework at Rebecca’s. Hee!
  • Of course, ALL of the kids should have told Nora as soon as their plans changed. It’s just good manners!
  • Sarah is NOT happy to discover she’ll be the only family member joining Nora: “You’re all dead to me,” she snarls. Then she beans them with apples. She’s got good aim!
  • Kevin and Scotty go for a run before the big day, and Kevin isn’t happy about it. “You’re the one who wanted to lose five pounds so you can gain it back at Thanksgiving… ” Hee.
  • Nora proposes that she give her massive turkey to Holly, but Justin declines: “Mom, she doesn’t want your used turkey.” “It’s not used!” Nora replies. “It’s brand new. It has no cooties.” “It’s more about he psychological cooties,” Justin says. Very true.
  • Poor Scotty — I felt so sorry for him when Nora steamrollered over him when it came to getting Kevin’s things. Scotty just wanted something to do, some way to feel like he was doing something for his husband, and Nora wouldn’t let him. Again, Nora –it’s not about you.
  • The transplanted T-Day dinner? That, Nora, was a good call. And of course, they managed to smuggle in some alcohol.
  • Justin and Kevin discuss who is a better biological dad for Elizabeth. Justin:  “Well, I mean, Kevin, let’s face it: I have better hair, and your nose on a girl? Tragic!” Kevin: “You want to talk SAT scores, pretty boy?”
  • Rebecca also takes some time to delve into her issues, but at least she doesn’t do so at the hospital. She asks Holly about her father, and Holly says he would have disappointed at some point. Thanks for the unilateral decision, Holly!
  • Tommy apologizes to Kevin for firing him. Good! Now we can get over this feud, and move on to a totally different one!

Desperate Housewives Episode 5.10 Recap “A Vision’s Just a Vision”

‘Desperate Housewives’: Was blind, but now I see –

Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Desperate Housewives

We’re chugging right along toward a whole mess of revealing and resolving on Desperate Housewives, and while the plot may seem at times to be dragging inevitably toward the mystery’s conclusion, I’m enjoying the twists, turns, and witty repartee we find along the way.

Lynette: First I must say this: If you need to be forced to sit down and eat fresh waffles, there’s something seriously wrong with you. I’m looking at you, Scavo children. Unfortunately, family waffle time is interrupted when the police come to arrest Porter. Shouldn’t the police have wondered how Dave knew it was Porter, and not Preston, in the club? At any rate, Mary Alice informs us that it will be many years before the Scavos will have breakfast together again.

With Bob as his lawyer, Porter admits to his parents that he has an embarrassing alibi: He was at Edie’s. Tom: “What’s wrong with girls your own age?! Do you know what I would give to sleep with a 17-year-old?” Ha! It turns out, though, that he was there to steal her gun and “scare” Mr. Schilling, not to sleep with her. So…worst alibi ever, basically. And it does beg the question: How did he know that Edie kept her gun in her dresser? Lynette does her crazy mother thing and returns the gun to Edie’s house. She really takes this mama bear stuff to the extreme, doesn’t she?

Bail is set at $20,000, which they would be able to scrape up if Lynette hadn’t secretly given all their emergency money to Ann Schilling to get her out of town and keep her quiet. Bob acts horrified when she confesses this to him, but he had to know that they wouldn’t be ideal clients after he heard Porter’s “alibi,” right? Lynette uses the restaurant as collateral for a bail bondsman, again secretly, which becomes a problem when Porter skips town after being threatened by Mr. Schilling, leaving Preston to take his place at the arraignment. Anyone else reminded of George Sr. and Oscar Bluth? No? Lynette, unwilling to lose the restaurant by admitting to the judge that Porter ran, allows Preston to take his place. Worse mom ever?

Bree: I am completely loving this plotline. More Andrew, please! Bree, upon finding out that Andrew and Alex (Orson’s doctor) are an item, invites them both over to dinner. She awkwardly tries to express her approval, and invites Bob and Lee to enjoy in the awkwardness. Over Andrew’s objections, Alex announces that they’re getting married. Bree eagerly agrees to plan the wedding, without being asked. So clearly, the “Eagle State” isn’t meant to represent California.

Marciacross_desperatehousewives_s4_ There’s just one fly in the ointment: Bob and Lee recognize Alex from an adult film. Bree: “By ‘adult,’ you mean complex and sophisticated?” No, not so much. And she chooses to break the news to Andrew in the most sensitive way possible: by presenting him with a copy of the movie in question. Turns out, he already knows — Alex needed the money for med school, and made a mistake. Andrew’s cool with it, since he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite with his checkered past, and he loves Alex and all. Awww…way to teach Bree a valuable lesson about not being awful! It’s actually really sweet, and he appreciates that Bree was willing to rent gay porn for him.

Susan: Katherine’s tagging along with M.J. and Mike so that M.J. can get to know her as Mike’s girlfriend, but M.J. freaks out on her, throwing ice cream in her hair and later dropping a bowling ball on her shoe. Apparently, Susan told M.J. in an attempt to comfort him right after Mike left that Mike may come back, so M.J. doesn’t want Katherine getting in the way. And M.J. isn’t the only one who believed it — Susan feels like she needs closure, too. But Mike can’t face the prospect of saying out loud that they’ll never be together again, either. And if I sound bored writing this, it’s because I was pretty bored watching it, too. Super predictable and clichéd. I’m assuming that they’re trying to build sympathy for the three of them as a family in advance of Dave’s actions. Otherwise, I don’t get it.

Evalongoria_desperatehousewives_s4_ Gaby: Carlos can see!!! Shapes and shadows at first, but it improves rapidly. Unfortunately for Gaby, this means that Carlos is now able to discover all the stuff she sold to keep their family afloat during the past five years, including a family heirloom baseball signed by Lou Gehrig. He’s upset, understandably. To get it back, Gaby has to dance on a table for the Italian businessman who bought it. While she’s gone, Carlos realizes that she sold most of her designer clothes and shoes to make ends meet, too, and he feels like a big jerk. Yup. And so he buy a fancy new dress for her with the money that he got from re-selling the baseball. Aww! These guys seriously ARE the best couple on the show.

Dave: Brace yourselves, guys: It was the car wreck thing all along! Maybe! Dave is plagued by visions of a woman carrying a small blonde child, first asking them to go away while claiming he still loves them (Lynette overhears), then visiting them in the graveyard and telling them that he has a plan, so they need to wait a little longer before he can be with them. Mike, it seems, has to pay for taking them away from him, and Dave needs just the right moment. He wants Mike to lose what he lost. The graves reveal that he lost Lila Dash (loving wife and mother) and Paige Dash (loving daughter). Chilling!

So what, this whole brother in prison business was a red herring? Or is it more complicated than it seems right now? Because I gotta say, I’m not sure it counts as a surprise ending if you do what was obvious from the beginning after distracting us with a bunch of random filler about a band and your brother.

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