Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck and the Deloreon”

Yvonnestrahovski_chuck_s2_240 Chuck wonders what the hell Sarah could possibly see in Gary — he’s so old! But Sarah’s not dating Gary — he’s her father, dedicated con man. He used to use cherubic young Sarah in his schemes, but he’s been working on his own for a while. His latest score involves ripping of an Arab sheik for $750,000 by selling him a building he does not, in fact, own.

Small problem: The sheik in question has ties to terrorists. The CIA would love to get a crack as freezing his bank account, but they haven’t been able to find it. If they could get him to transfer money to the CIA’s account, they could trace it back and nab him. Therefore, they need Sarah, Chuck and Gary to step up the con.

Things get set in motion when Chuck poses as Mr. Liechtenstein, the fictitious owner of a not-actually-for-sale building in downtown L.A., which Gary has ostensibly sold to the sheik. Sheik Amad and his goons insist they want to meet with Liechtenstein in his offices, which leads to a quick con job — Sarah, Gary and Chuck pose as exterminators and clear out a floor; Casey (“Cop Face”) stands in as security; the team dresses up the empty office as Liechtenstein industries; and everyone holds their breath that nothing goes wrong. Things immediately go wrong — paint is still wet, a letter in the nameplate is falling off, Amad insists on using his own translator even though Chuck doesn’t actually speak German. They finesse; Amad makes the money transfer, and the team retreats to Sarah’s hotel room to celebrate a job well done. Gary offers to go get some ice, and Sarah stupidly lets him — OF COURSE he’s taken off with the money, the computer, and everything else. The cash never made it into the CIA account. So where is it?…. Continue reading »

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