Chuck Spoilers: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

Chuck’s slooow progress from superzero to superhero continues. Here, he taps into his fledgling spying skills to stake out none other than Sarah — watching from the shadows as she dates an older gentleman (Gary Cole), a mystery man who could prove perilous to her welfare. And Chuck always has chuckles, particularly with Morgan in the picture. The geeky boy-man finally wants to grow up, but his quest for maturity gets derailed, despite help from Captain Awesome. — Dean Maurer

What’s happening on Chuck? I love me some Morgan!
Anyone interested in seeing the little, bearded man in the buff? Good, glad I’m not alone! Joshua Gomez (Morgan) just gave me some scoop on the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit model episode. “There is a scene where I had to be disrobed, and that’s a tough act to follow. I mean, they’re very pretty, but me naked is a whole other world of pain!” Hot stuff! It also looks like Morgan is going to be dragging his feet when Anna decides she wants to move in together. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck Preview: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Where in the world is Anna Wu? Chuck fans have asked where she’s been hiding, and we found her. Following a few conspicuous absences from the Buy More staff meetings, Julia Ling reveals where her sassy salesgirl has been, and what she’s up to in the coming weeks. (NBC’s Chuck airs Mondays at 8m pm/ET.) First off, I want to apologize. In last week’s Mega Buzz column, I said that you had been “Wu-fully underused” this season, prompting one reader to tell me that my comment was “very offensive” and full of “prejudice.”
Julia Ling:
That was you?! My publicist sent me that article, and I wrote her back to say that whoever wrote that was so funny! I even sent that along to one of my writer friends to say, “This is the kind of stuff that I love.” Does it make you feel glad to know that people notice when Anna goes “missing”?
It’s definitely nice for them to notice. I myself sometimes worry, “Where did Anna go?” But I have a certain number of episodes in which I’m contracted for this year; the rest of the time I’m busy working on other projects. I’d love to see them sometime explain what “happens” to Anna, or if she just disappears. In this week’s episode, “Anna wants to move in with Morgan, who then feels pressured to grow up. But Morgan’s quest for maturity is derailed.” Question No. 1: Are you surprised at all to see Anna initiate this bold move in the relationship?
Not really, no. Anna has a strong personality, especially when it comes to Morgan. She knows what she wants in the relationship — she’s really in love with this guy, seeing all the good in him — so she probably feels that if she doesn’t take the initiative, it’s never going to happen. Question No. 2: What derails Morgan’s “quest for maturity”?
Oh, I think everyone goes through a stage where you don’t want to grow up, where you still love, like, fantasy and sci-fi. For Morgan it’s all about videogames and being that geek, and not wanting to let go of those dreams. In next week’s Christmas episode, a thief raids the Buy More, taking Chuck and the gang hostage – Anna included?
Yes, I’m a part of that. I thought she is fearless and might have handled the situation differently, but deep down she’s a sweet girl and she gets scared. She doesn’t whip out any of the fierce moves she used on Michael Strahan?
No, no…. I was just dressed in this really sexy elf costume. A lot of your fans want Anna brought into spy fold – or suspect she already is a sleeper agent and we just don’t know it yet.
I read things like that, and I would love that. I think she’d be a great spy. But she’s also a part of this comedy world that is so fun. I don’t know what Chuck has in store for her, but every script I read is exciting to me. It’s a discovery every episode. What is your favorite thing about playing Anna?
I love the skirts, the boots — her outfits are so sexy. I like dressing all Goth, and I like the ass-kicking, like with Strahan. She’s feisty, and that’s really cool! Is this true, that you graduated second in your high school class with 4.0 GPA and perfect SAT scores?
Yeah. I’ve been a nerd my whole life. And the perfect SATs, was that on your first try?
No, actually it was my third try or something like that. Whatever the case, it makes my 1290 combined look pretty wimpy.
Hey, that’s pretty good! I think I was just lucky.

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