Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?”

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Last week’s Gossip Girl featured yet another biggest-social-event-of-the-season, Faux Chuck and Beta Blair, and a mysterious limo crash featuring Bart Bass. Remember when he had a heart attack and drowned in the pool? What do you mean that was Caleb Nichols? Oh, they’re different people??

Sunrise is gorgeous over the headlines of Bart’s death. Serena, dressed totally inappropriately, sits down for breakfast with her brother and Grandma Cece (woot!!) sips gin out of her coffee cup (“life goes on”, as Cecelia points out.) Like a good little WASP, Lily has responded to her husband’s death by forgoing food entirely, and daringly carrying a tan Birkin with her grey suit. Lily is upset by the heat of the room and the smell of the tuna tartare and oh good lord, is she pregnant? She dashes out to take a walk; meanwhile, Chez Waldorf, Blair glowers at Cyrus Rose over a lox and schmear (oh, he’s not just gauche, he’s Jewish too?) while Eleanor echoes Lily’s sentiment to send a thank-you note to the newspaper’s photo editor for printing such a nice photo of Bart. Blair, in a LBD with a black velvet headbow, runs off to find out if Nate has heard from the bereaved Chuck. Serena has decided to wear a daringly low-cut one-shouldered Grecian gown to….her stepfather’s funeral…wow, this is just so inappropriate. Cece and Lily would never ever let her out of the house in that. Lily walks through Central Park with Rufus, telling him how guilty she feels for planning to leave Bart just before his death. She reveals that although Bart left her a voicemail the night he died, she hasn’t been able to listen to it yet: when she does, it’s Bart telling her that he knows why she was hospitalized. Rufus tells her that he will wait for her; meanwhile,Kellyrutherford8_gossipgirl_s1_240 Cece, following the two, is horrified to see them together. Chuck ignores Blair’s calls while meeting with Bart’s PI at a bar; he tells the PI he will pay more than “that bitch” Lily for whatever information Bart found out the night he died. Aaron and Dan compete, in front of the church, for Serena’s attention. Little J arrives in a 6-inch-long bubble skirt (it is a FUNERAL, people! Cover your goddamn knees!)

Blakelively9_gossipgirl_s1_240 When Serena arrives, she holds Dan tighter and longer than she holds Aaron, and everyone notices. Cecelia confronts her daughter – quickly and quietly and passive-aggressively – about seeing her with Rufus, just as a drunken, angry Chuck arrives borne up by Blair and Nate. Chuck screams drunkenly at Dan, telling him that his father is dead because of Rufus. Cece asks Dan to leave, telling him that Chuck needs to be here today, and if he doesn’t want Dan to be here, then Dan shouldn’t be here. Chuck then proceeds to call Lily a whore in front of the congregation and stagger into the church. Rufus strums that song he was playing when he kissed Lily at that VH1 concert last year as Dan walks in and tells his father what happened at the funeral. Rufus quizzes Dan about his relationship with Serena; this goes about as well as you’d expect. At the wake, Blair tries to get food into Chuck’s stomach, and Nate comments on how lovingly Blair treats Chuck. She splutters and goes running for the kugel. (Oh my god, it’s the Charlotte York Goldenblatt-ification of Blair Waldorf, and I could not be happier.) Cyrus tells Eleanor that the sermon made him unable to wait another day to marry her; Jenny offers to make Eleanor a custom le smoking for their wedding tomorrow. Cyrus runs off to tell Aaron, who is busy asking Serena to go to Buenos Aires with him for Christmas. She tells him she can’t – because she is at her father’s funeral right now, you ass – and he says it’s because of Dan.

Cece pulls Lily away to ask her what Chuck knows about her and Rufus, and tells her that she had better find out. Jonathan, Eric’s ex, appears at the funeral and tells Eric he has some ‘splaining to do. Lily follows Chuck up the stairs while Cece takes a call on her cell and says “she’ll be right down.” Lily finds Chuck rifling through Bart’s papers, looking for Lily’s file: he tells her that after he gets his money she will never see him again. Eric begs Chuck not to leave, that he doesn’t want to leave his brother too. Chuck hisses at him and leaves, which…ok, that breaks my heart, because Chuck is the only person who was there for Eric when he came out, and has been more than a brother to Eric ever since the moment their parents began dating.  Cecelia tells Lily that the PI has called her to bid on Lily’s secret, and that Cecelia is not going to pay.

Leightonmeester5_gossipgirl_240 Blair chases Chuck down the street, begging him not to go. She tells him that wherever he needs to go, whatever he’s going through, she wants to be there for him, to go through it with him. He shakes with rage as she tells him that she loves him, and gets into his limo, overwhelmed. The next morning, Dan and Serena walk through the rain as she tells him about Bueno Aires; he asks her if she’s asking him to ask her not to go. Cyrus tells Blair that he loves her and how happy he is to have her as a daughter; she tells him about telling Chuck the same, and that he pushed her away. Cyrus shakes his head, and holds her as she cries, and tells her Chuck just needs time. Cece enters the kitchen and tells Lily that this chapter is closed, and what is she going to do now that she’s in love with Rufus. Lily says pertly that she doesn’t think she’s going to do anything, and Cece aha’s that she was fishing. Heh. I would watch these two read the phone book to each other. Serena, of course, walks in just as Lily is telling her mother that she loves Rufus. Serena sadly tells Lily it’s her time now, and tearfully says that she’s going to try to make things work with Aaron.

Taylormomsen9_gossipgirl_s1_240 Jenny and Dan run for Eleanor’s wedding, where Dan is planning to tell Serena not to go to Buenos Aires. Lily calls Rufus, and the two make plans to go away together for Christmas. In the meantime, the PI reveals that Chuck was the only bidder for the information – Cece told him that Lily wanted to expose all of the lies in her past. Oh, Cece. Serena arrives at the Waldorf abode and tells Aaron that she is going to Argentina with him; Dan arrives to see them kissing. Aaron walks away and Dan tells Serena not to go; Serena tells him that she can’t be with him because their parents are truly in love. Blair flounces downstairs in champagne silk to grab Serena for her fashion sense (which, honestly, is going to wind up with Eleanor in a wrinkled satin micromini and a Miracle Bra.)

Edwestwick8_gossipgirl_s1_240 Chuck glowers at Lily and tells her that he’s surprised she wants this information to become public; she is confused, then understands. She begs him to not turn away from the people who love him, then walks away. Chuck throws Lily’s secret into the fire. Dorota! Is a bridesmaid! Eleanor and Cyrus glow at each other under the chuppah as Dan walks home in the cold. Lily and Rufus pack their respective bags, and Cyrus and Eleanor toast each other as Dorota tells Blair that she has a visitor. Chuck sits crying on her satin coverlet. She holds him, and he falls back into her arms. Cece arrives at Rufus’ front door to tell him that all she has ever wanted is Lily’s happiness. Serena and Aaron taxi to the airport, as she tries to be happy, like Lily always was, with the choices that have been made for her.Later, Dan arrives home to find Rufus sitting in the dark. He tells Dan that he will never be with Lily, and walks out the door; Dan calls Serena, and Aaron tells Serena that he’s falling in love with her. Well, that’s one way to stop her from answering the phone, ass. Rufus arrives at Grand Central and asks Lily if their baby was a boy or a girl. Blair wakes up to find a note from Chuck telling her she deserves better, and not to come looking for him.

January 5th: Chuck Bass is a golden god!

OMFG. To me, that was a darned near perfect episode, even if the Lily-and-Rufus-had-a-baby reveal was a little less than shocking (I mean, that’s what we had all figured it was, right?) How are we supposed to wait four weeks for more? Merry Chrismukkah to you all, and you know I love you…xoxo…

Gossip Girl: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad

Gossip Girl
(S02E13) “Only a masochist could love such a narcissist.” – Blair

Wow! I finished watching the last new episode of Gossip Girl before the hiatus about 10 minutes ago and my jaw is still not back in its place. Talk about an emotional and action packed episode! Gossip columnist such as Kristin Dos Santos and Michael Ausiello warned us that “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” was one of the best GG episodes and they weren’t lying! Not only did Ed Westwick gave one of his best performances to date, but the reveal as to what Lily’s secret is just sent the series in spin mode as a lot of twists and turns can be brought up with it.

Bart may not have been a major player in the series and fans will probably not write angry letters to The CW saying that they made the worst mistake in killing him off but you have to admit that his death caused major chaos that will felt throughout the rest of the season if not beyond.

Chuck, masterfully played by Ed Westwick — especially this week — was quite shaken up by the death of his father. It may be surprising to some that Chuck reacted so strongly considering the lack of relationship he had with his father, but remember that the young Bass’ mother passed away meaning that he is, in a way, now all alone and that Bart recently made some effort to be a better father. We also have to keep in mind, as both Sissy and Lily said, that everybody mourns in their own way.

What I’m afraid now is what will happen next for Chuck. He is clearly not thinking straight and he is reacting, not acting. Seeing Chuck crash and burn may be entertaining for a while but as a fan of the character, I do not want to see him self-destruct more than he already has. He must find his way back to being in control and, to do so, he will have to rely on his family (aka his friends) like it or not.

In case you were wondering about the content of Chuck’s letter to Blair, he tells her that he’s sorry for everything, that she deserves much better and he asks her not to look for him. Quite frankly, I hope Blair doesn’t follow his request. Chuck is in need of a shoulder to mourn on and Blair is the best to provide that at this time. Not only did she finally tell him she loves him but she truly accepts him with all his flaws. Since Blair is a resourceful girl, especially when teamed with Dorota, it’s only a matter of time before she finds Chuck’s hiding place.

Bart’s death also had major impact on the Lily and Rufus pairing. As you know, I’m a Lily/Rufus shipper and truly hoped that Bart’s death would mean that they would finally be able to get a second chance. I was all giddy inside for about 90% of this week’s episode as it did look like they would be a couple once again. In the back of my brain, I always thought that Lily went to the institution because of her relationship with Rufus. I expected the secret to be that she ended up being a huge mess after their breakup (maybe a depression and/or self-mutilation) but never thought that the secret would end up being a deal breaker.

So when I watched this week’s episode, I expected Lily and Rufus to get a few week of lovin’ before the Upper East Side reality came knocking. Yeah I know, it was foolish of me to think that the last episode before the hiatus would end perfectly for Rufus and Lily. But somehow, I wanted the GG people to give us a tiny gift before parting ways for a few weeks. Looks like my list to GG Santa got lost in the mail.

So Lily went to the institution not because she had mental problems but because she was with child. It’s not 100% certain that Rufus is the father but considering his strong reaction, it’s pretty much a given that he is. This storyline is not the most original out there (90210 has a similar storyline going on) but seeing it unfold in Gossip Girl‘s world can make it quite interesting. Rufus may have said “I will never be with Lily” after learning of the secret but, somehow, I expect them to patch things up in the end (“the end” can actually be the series finale).

Lily hid a major secret from him and he has all the rights to be pissed, but Rufus is a down-to-earth and sensible man so once he learn her reasons and sees his child (now an adult), things may different from him and he may want to give Lily another chance. In any case, that’s my wish. So GG Santa please hear my request and make it happen before the series end.

What do you think of Lily’s secret? What repercussions do you think it will have in the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders? What will be Chuck’s next move? Are you happy that Eleanor and Cyrus got married? Share your theories, opinions and ideas in comments below.

Gossip Girl will return with fresh episodes on January 5.

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  1. Sophie

     /  December 8, 2008

    Personally, This episode was one of the best of Gossip Girl so far. Ed is a very talented actor but the way he played Chuck was unbelievable! I understand why he is so mad and he is lost and I think that any chuck fans were terribly sad for him tonight! I hope the God that Blair will not follow his letter and go after him, she is the only person that can help him through his darkness and she said that she loved him (I was so hoping he would say it in return…) I am really attached to Blair and Chuck and they are without any doubt the BEST couple on GG! Hope the god GG writers wont kill my fav couple! I think that Lily and Rufus should get back together; they are so cute together but that would probably kill any chance of Dan and Serena being a couple again (I believe that S still has feelings for Dan). BTW I saw picture of Ed and Jessica together, I don’t know but i do not see them as couple.. That is my opinion, don’t hate 😛 Ed is just too hot! lol Anyways GG fans we have to wait until January to see what happen next :(… I’m counting the days hahahah
    Sophie -xoxo-

  2. Kathy

     /  December 15, 2008

    Yes, this was a great episode. The Chuck and Blair scenes were heart breaking. Chuck loves her back but he has to push her away because he is afraid to love anyone right now. Hopefully he will come to his senses and realize that he and Blair should be together.

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