Heroes Episode Recap: “Our Father”

As we inch toward the midseason finale, this episode focused much of its attention on many of the characters’ dealing with their daddy issues. Some of the characters find a way to resolve their conflicts peacefully, others choose strength and violence and one even works out his papa problems by spending some quality time with his mom. Still with all this heartwarming going on, several people ended up dead and one hero found himself in a less than unsavory predicament. And let’s not even get started on the first testing of the “new and improved” formula. Since the episode (and its title) was basically given over to the fathers on the show, let’s break down the show’s happenings similarly. read more

Heroes: Episode 3.12 “Our Father” Recap — Buddy TV

Hayden Panettiere, Robert Forster and Masi Oka, HeroesPreviously on Heroes: The eclipse happened, Sylar killed Elle, and Hiro finally shared a scene with Claire as he teleported them to the moment when Kaito gave baby Claire to HRG.

Hiro (Masi Oka) and Claire (Hayden Panettiere) are back in Manhattan 16 years ago observing their younger selves. Hiro speaks no English, and Claire speaks no Japanese, so communicating isn’t very easy. Hiro sees his mother, who is sick and fears she will die that night. She begs Kaito that they must transfer the Catalyst, and she wants to put it in Hiro while Kaito wants it in Claire.

After learning that his mother is a healer (just like Linderman), Hiro thinks she can help him regain his memory, so he poses as the Nakamura’s new chef while Claire runs off to make sure HRG doesn’t let Kaito make her the Catalyst. It’s all surprisingly fascinating.

It’s also creepy, because Claire goes to the Bennet house and changes her baby self’s wet diaper. She sticks around posing as a babysitter, but big bad HRG (Jack Coleman) doesn’t fall for her lies. She begs HRG to love his baby, then asks him not to give his Claire Bear back to the Company.

Then came one of the saddest, most heartbreaking and brilliant scenes Heroes has ever or will ever do. Hiro tells his mommy who he is and begs her to cure his memory. She kisses him on the forehead and brings back his memory, begging him to tell her all about his life. After he does, he asks her to give him the Catalyst, so she transfers the light from herself to her son, dying in the process. Hiro, just like Buffy before him, is shocked that his mother and mommy is dead.

I don’t care about the rest of the season, that scene was brilliant, and a testament to what Heroes can be when it tries. It’s also brilliant because it means Hiro’s mom hid the Catalyst in the one place Arthur couldn’t find it, since, during the time between 16 years ago and the present that Hiro returns to, the Catalyst didn’t exist. She hid it in the future!

At least it would be brilliant if Arthur Petrelli hadn’t stolen Hiro’s time traveling ability. While Claire and Hiro meet on the rooftop, Arthur shows up, steals the Catalyst from Hiro and throws him off the ledge before teleporting Claire back to the present to tell Angela that it’s over. Thankfully, Hiro gets stuck on a flagpole.

Meanwhile, in the present, Parkman, Ando and Daphne speed to Manhattan to track down the courier who has Isaac Mendez’ final sketch book. They get it and see the final chapter, which tells the story of Hiro being stuck, powerless, on a flagpole 16 years ago. But now that Arthur has the Catalyst, they posit that another person can be injected with time traveling abilities to save Hiro. Ando thinks that person will be him.

Sylar vows to come after Arthur now that he’s rediscovered his evil roots and suspects that the Petrellis aren’t really his parents. Also, to make sure Elle is really dead, he burns her body. First he decides to go on a killing spree, collecting powers left and right. First up is Sue Landers, the human lie detector.

At Primatech, Angela urges Peter to kill his father with help from the Haitian, now that Nathan has switched sides for no real reason. Speaking of Nathan, he’s decided to take over Pinehearst and Tracy, busy making plans with the Department of Defense, convinces Arthur to let the respectable Senator take over.

Tracy is supposed to be a villain, but she makes sense while explaining that Arthur wants to give select humans powers to help protect and save the world, so they plan to inject soldiers. Tracy loses me completely when she calls the plan “Intelligent Design,” because that’s just silly. Once Arthur gets the Catalyst, Mohinder injects a soldier with the new Formula, and after twitching a lot, he comes out of it with super strength, feeling good.

Peter and the Haitian bust into Pinehearst, guns blazing. Arthur comes out to greet them and is a bit upset to find the Haitian blocking his powers. Still, Arthur believes his son won’t kill him. The Haitian holds Arthur back as long as he can, but right when Peter shoots the gun, the bullet freezes in mid-air. It wasn’t Arthur, however, it was Sylar!

Sylar asks if Arthur is really his father, and using his new ability to discover that it’s a lie, he kills his dad. Um, so Arthur Petrelli is dead? That was rather sudden and anti-climactic.

Next week on Heroes: It’s the finale of volume 3, so some major stuff is probably going to go down.

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