New House Spoilers! House-Cuddy & Baby?

Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, House Adam Taylor/FOX

No teasing. Are House and Cuddy going to have a baby together?
All I can tell you is that tomorrow night’s episode is going make you cry like a baby—and you wouldn’t be wrong if you guessed that what happens has to do with House and Cuddy. Sources also spill that there is a top-secret twist in tomorrow night’s outing that will have all us fans talking the morning after. (Meet you here?) Last but not least, tomorrow’s episode, “Joy to the World,” features one of my very fave Twin Peaks alums: Ms. Sherilyn Fenn guests, and her role is a pivotal part of a drama affecting a couple of our fave characters…

I’ve read on a House forum that Cuddy will leave work on episode 12, and she’ll ask Cameron to take her place. Is that true? Is Lisa Edelstein leaving the show? Is she having less screen time?
Lisa Edelstein
isn’t going anywhere. I can’t say anything about the future of Lisa Cuddy, but I can tell you that after Tuesday night, this rumor will make a lot more sense…Joy to the world! — Source: Kristin on E!Online

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