New One Tree Hill Spoilers: Chad Michael Murray set for Season 8!

Any One Tree Hill scoop? You haven’t had much recently. — Becky
You can pretty much count Chad Michael Murray in for a season 8 — assuming The CW wants a season 8. The newbie writer says he’s already pitched a story for next season. “I want to do a Scrooge episode,” he says. “[James Lafferty] can be Tiny Tim, and the girls would be the ghosts of rock and roll past, present, and future.” Consider my DVR set and promptly tossed off a 20-story building. — Source: The Ausiello Files

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

How about some more scoop on who is pregnant on One Tree Hill?

Nothing new to report there, but I can tell you that casting for the movie is underway and that’s going to bring plenty of Brooke, Peyton, Nathan and Haley clones to OTH for what I’m hearing will be a highlarious episode! — Source: Kristin on E!Online

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  1. WOW!!!!if chad is gonna be in season 8 is gonna b great :):D !!!!isjust gonna be one more star to shine the sky!!!1

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