Private Practice Spoilers 2.09: “Know When to Fold”

Ace Showbiz

A woman with ovarian cancer is refusing to have a surgery on the December 10 episode of ‘Private Practice’.

As can be seen through a newly-released preview, Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by , is fighting for the life of a woman who suffers from ovarian cancer on episode 2.09 of ““. The promo video also reveals how Addison insists that the woman undergoes a surgery for her own good.

On the episode, entitled “Know When to Fold”, the doctors of Oceanside Wellness are forced to compete for clients as Charlotte King’s rival practice, Pacific Wellcare, opens its doors. While Sam and Pete manage to steal one of Pacific’s clients, Addison’s favorite patient goes to Pacific for a second opinion.

The episode also shows Dell proposes the creation of an in-house adoption program. “Know When to Fold” will be aired on ABC network at 9/8c on December 10.

Private Practice: Did Cooper Get Charlotte Pregnant?


Doth the lady protest too much? From the looks of the sneak peek above, there might be a baby Cooper or baby Charlotte on the way on Private Practice. What do you think? Maybe Violet and Cooper is a long-lost dream, and from here on out it’s Cooper-Charlotte and Pete-Violet?

Also on Private Practice tomorrow night, we get a fabulous WB reunion. Click in to find out who and to get more sneak peeks…

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