Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Expectations & Disappointments on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Britton_chandler_teegarden If you caught last week’s scenes from the next Friday Night Lights, you know that Coach Taylor will walk in on Matt and Julie in bed together tonight. Mhmmm. And yeah, it’s awkward. The fuming angry father will handle the debacle just the way you’d expect him to… by telling Tami what he saw so she can have “the talk” with their daughter. But of course there’s still the matter of dealing with poor, sweet Matty Saracen who happens to be a player on his football team. Good thing Landry’s around to give the former quarterback his best advice on how to navigate the situation…

Kelly_kitsch_2 Unfortunately, the always-wise Landry — who is busy telling Tyra off for being a selfish, bad friend tonight! — was not available to lend his services to Buddy Garrity, who gets into a strip club brawl this evening that makes Coach T’s season two tussle with Tami’s ex-boyfriend look quite tame. Buddy’s beef with an irresponsible business partner will have serious ramifications: for him, for Lyla, even Tim Riggins is affected.

Jeremysumpter And down the road in Dillon, we’ll get another glimpse inside the McCoy household when young J.D. starts dating a cute Panther co-ed named Madison. Needless to say, Daddy McCoy doesn’t like the distraction from football. But Mommy McCoy — who is kind of awesome — seems quite excited about her kid having a lady. Of course, only one of them can win this battle. So who’s it gonna be? Watch tonight and you’ll see (hint: Tim Riggins gets a vote too)…

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