Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & News: “Reasons why Jim 2.0 will work out in the end”

David ConradTV Squad Ten: Reasons why Jim 2.0 will work out in the end on Ghost Whisperer by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad
Before writing my thoughts on Ghost Whisperer‘s Sam (aka Jim 2.0), I wanted to give the new character a chance. Now that the last episode before the Holiday hiatus has aired, it’s time for me to weigh in on Sam and how his relationship with Melinda is working.

I could have easily written a “10 reasons why Jim 2.0 will not work out” (Sam is no Jim being the first reason on my list) but I want to stay positive about the series and feel like the hours I’ve put in catching up these past months will not have been for nothing. So here we go with 10 reasons why Jim 2.0 will work out in the end and why this twist is helping the show.

Disclaimer: Reasons are in random order.

1 – Melinda and Jim have a second shot at true love. One of the things that fans loved about the show was Jim and Melinda’s relationship. What we didn’t get to see before now, though, was how they became the couple we loved so much. The twist offers just that.

2 – David Conrad is still on the show. Some of you may recall that there have been talks of killing Jim years ago. However, back then, word was that David Conrad would not be sticking around. So the upside with this twist is that it allows Conrad to stick around. Not only that, but he seems to be getting more screen time!

3 – Kenneth Mitchell is not bad to look at. Okay, this may not be the best reason on my list, but let’s face it, one of the first things we thought upon seeing Jim enter Sam’s body was how he would look to the outside world. Looking like Kenneth Mitchell ain’t bad at all, for Jim and for us. I also can’t wait for Melinda’s other friends and neighbors to start asking questions as to why she spends so much time with someone who is not Jim.

4 – Jim and Melinda get new storylines.
As much as I loved Jim and Melinda as a couple, I must admit that I was getting tired of the fact they were mostly together in the same type of scenes: Melinda being troubled over a case and talking to Jim about it either in their living room or in bed; Melinda having a vision while sleeping and Jim comforting her when she woke up; etc. The fact that Jim 2.0 doesn’t know about Melinda’s gift and doesn’t recall he was Jim 1.0 offers new interaction between Melinda and him.

5 – David Conrad is offered new material. This list item goes hand in hand with #4. Conrad wasn’t offered much variety on the show these past years. We mostly saw him saving people after accidents or talking to Melinda at their house. Now playing Sam/Jim 2.0, Conrad has the chance to try new things and be in different settings. He also seems to be getting more screen time; however, this may change once the Sam novelty wears off.

6 – New characters are being introduced. Yeah, I know we get new characters every week thanks to the ghost of the week storyline. However, with Sam, we get potentially new recurring characters entering Melinda’s world. This can be a good thing because they’ll bring new twists and turns to the show, especially if they’re from Sam’s part of town…

7 – We might learn more about the ghost world. When Jim died, we were given a few new tidbits about how ghosts live. Now we know that they can take over a body for long periods, but there are a few catches. We know of one: Jim not remembering who he is. But is there more to this? Will Jim have to get out of Sam’s body at some point? Will Jim ever be able to be Jim again? Will the evil ghosts crash Jim 2.0 and Melinda’s party when they are finally a couple because Jim shouldn’t be there? All these questions will give us more answers as to how the ghost world works.

8 – Camryn Manheim gets more screen time and better lines. Delia is a supporting character, but given the acting skills Manheim displayed during her stint on The Practice (remember she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role), the actress deserved more. With Jim’s death, Melinda needed a shoulder to cry on and with Professor Payne away, Delia was the best choice to fill that role. Also thanks to this twist, Delia finally believes in Melinda’s work. It’s about time!

9 – Eli gets less screen time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, adding Jamie Kennedy to the show wasn’t the best of moves. I understand that with Payne gone, Melinda needed a new sidekick, but Kennedy is not the best drama series actor. However, now that he’s appeared in a few episodes, Kennedy appears to be more at ease with the role of Eli, and his acting is slightly better. Thankfully, because Sam and Delia need more screen time, Eli gets less. This can only be good for GW.

10 – We know that in the end, Jim 1.0 and Melinda will be together. No matter how rocky the road gets, fans must know that the show creators will have Jim and Melinda be together at last. This couple has one of the best love stories and relationships on TV right now, so they must honor it by having them reunite. But will it happen while Jim is in Sam’s body, or will it happen when Melinda and Sam die? I hope it’s the former … or secret option #3, Jim somehow gets his own body back before Melinda goes through the light for good.

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  1. SuzieQ

     /  December 13, 2008

    You say Melinda and Jim have a second shot at true love. NOT it is really Sam body Not jims and if they do have a child it will be Sams not Jims and if he could jump into Sams body why not jump into his own This is like watching movie ghost or wes cramer stuff Till Jim back where he belongs Stop watching the show Its like sci fi now

    What the writers go out for coffee and monkeys came in to write Just plan stupid All my friends hate the story line and changing channels fast

  2. Melly

     /  January 11, 2009

    While I am glad that they seem to be working their way towards their happy ending, I am also skipping past episodes. Especially now that I’ve reintroduced myself to season 3 on DVD. Just makes me cranky, and makes me wish for GW’s better sister: “Medium”

  3. sandra

     /  January 24, 2009

    bring back the proffessor as a love interest it might make jim remember interesting twists

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