House Episode Recap

The POTW:  The POTW was previously the “happiest, sweetest little girl” who became a “secretive stranger” once she hit puberty and may or may not have attempted to kill herself because she’s over weight and teenagers are little snot-nosed cretins who look for any reason to pick on other kids in order to increase their own self esteem or perhaps to distract themselves away from the fact that their lives are destined for misery marked only by pathetic recollections of their “golden years” between the ages of 14 and 18. What?

In addition to having done some narcotics dabbling and perhaps some heavy drinking, the POTW volunteered at a soup kitchen and had some strange relationship with one of her school torturers, who brings her homework, used to sell her vodka, and was her “secret boyfriend” because he wouldn’t be seen with her in public, but she gave it up and he was into that. Her symptoms range from seizures to a damaged heart and liver, and as the team tries to figure out what’s wrong with her, they go from tuberculosis, to leukemia and consider various transplants before Cuddy gets the epiphany this week and realizes the POTW has eclampsia.

Toxemia of pregnancy, which means the happy and sweet little girl should have been told about condoms. The show looks to end on a double bummer, since the POTW says the baby came early, wasn’t breathing, and so she left it in an abandoned building by the soup kitchen. In addition to that, she’s going to die herself. However, when the girls expresses remorse over having never buried the baby combines with Cuddy’s baby obsession, the head of the hospital goes to the abandoned building to find the body. And, of course, finds that there are squatters in the building who found the baby and have been caring for it themselves. She brings it back to the POTW, who seems grateful and mature despite being a 16 year old with just a couple days to live…..

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