New Desperate Housewives Spoilers! Bree Career Explosion, Gabe Back in Shape


Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

I loved Sunday’s Desperate Housewives stuff with Bree and Andrew and the porn doctor fiance! What’s coming up for them?
I’m hearing that Bree will need Andrew’s assistance more than ever in the new year as her cookbook rises to the top of the best seller list. Mrs. Van de Kamp’s career is poised to really take off and there will be talk of more books, merchandising and maybe even a cooking show.

Any Desperate scoop for me? Carlos has his eyesight back now, so how come Gaby still looks like crap? I thought she was supposed to get herself together.
My goodness, can we give the imaginary girl a break? She’s working on it. Word is, Mrs. Solis will return to top form around the end of next month.

Episode 5.14 – Casting Call

Here is a casting call for Episode 5.14 from one of our sources. No title has been given yet for this episode which shoots between 11th and 23rd December

[MR. BIXLER] 50-55, Mr. Bixler is the headmaster at a private elementary school. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING ROLE. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[GILAD] A good-looking, buff, 35-45 year old former
Israeli/Middle Eastern Commando, he now runs a fitness boot camp. Clearly Gilad was trained to kill people, and he’s brought that skill to his workout regimen for Gaby I am sure!. sptv050769 GUEST STAR (Possibly ONE DAY)

[HOMELESS MAN] A man in his 40s, he is first seen picking cans out of a dumpster. Later, he is driven around Fairview in a brand new luxury car. GUEST STAR (Possibly ONE DAY) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[SEAMSTRESS] A charactery Latin woman in her 50s, she tries to get her demanding client into an old (and now too tight) dress (With Gaby again!) ONE-DAY GUEST STAR

[PUBLISHER] A man in his 50s, he is Bree’s book publisher. CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[MAN] In his late 30s – early 40s, this Caucasian man buys his dream car. CO-STAR

[DISTRIBUTOR] A liquor distributor in his late 30s – mid 40s, he argues with a client over nonpayment of a bill. CO STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

Source: SpoilerTV

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