Smallville Spoilers & Preview 8.11: “Legion”

The heroes have come from the future to assist Clark in defeating their enemy, all previewed in the new promo of ‘Smallville’.

Another preview to “” 8.11 which is titled “Legion” has been made available by The CW. A considerably longer in length, the preview shows more on the new heroes that will take the series to the next level. “Legion” is the reference to the name of the superheroes from the 31st century.

Three superheroes from the future travel to the past and join Clark in hopes that together they can defeat Brainiac, who has taken over Chloe’s body. More about Clark finding his fate to be a hero, and him meeting Lana once again are exposed in this episode which will hit the screen on January 15.

Talking about the Legion, writer Geoff Johns previously said, “They are absolutely, 100% on point with the Legionnaires and their relationship with Clark Kent. I can say you’ll see an appearance by one of the Legion’s better known enemies.”

The producers reportedly have prepared several options to end this season with two different plots at open ends. It is either “a heroic send-off or a heartbreaking decision for Clark to move on to the next phase” but it will depend on whether the eight season will be the final or not. — Ace Showbiz

[The] Legion villian appearing in the episode […] is the Persuader. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.15: Infamous  Airdate: February 2009

Clark does, in fact, come out as an E.T. during an interview with Lois. I can also confirm that said revelation causes mass chaos. Source: The Ausiello Files

Linda Lake threatens to expose Clark, but Clark decides he’s going to reveal the truth about himself – on his own terms – before she gets the chance to. The news media is in a frenzy over the Red-Blue Blur, and they approach Chloe to ask what it’s like to be the hero’s best friend. They ask what it’s been like to keep his secret for so long, which may imply that her memories are returned by this point. Jimmy is transported to Metropolis General, and Chloe refers him as her husband. A teenage admirer fakes a fall so Clark will rescue her. Lois Lane (Erica Durance) returns in this episode. Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy), Cassidy Freeman (Tess), and Justin Hartley (Oliver) do not appear in this episode. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.16: Turbulence  Airdate: February-April 2009

Aaron Ashmore returns in this episode as Jimmy Olsen, but Erica Durance (Lois) and Justin Hartley (Oliver) do not appear. “Turbulence” as a title refers to interactions between Clark and Tess on Oliver’s jet as well as turbulence associated with Jimmy’s return from his coma. Tess takes Clark out of town with her to an important press conference in another city. Clark tries to find out from Tess how much Lex had actually told her about him. Jimmy reacts violently seeing Davis and has an angry outburst towards Chloe. Davis visits a cathedral where he confesses that he has hurt people that he cares about. Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.17: Hex  Airdate: February-April 2009

The episode’s guest is a character named “Cassie” whose father taught her about sorcery before he passed away. We’re wondering if “Cassie” might be a substitute name for the DC Comics magician character Zatanna, much like “Melissa” was substituted for “Maxima” in initial leaks. Many Silver Age DC Comic books told the tale of Zatanna looking for her father, Zatara. Interesting trivia: Zatara first appeared in the same comic book that introduced Superman – Action Comics #1! Cassie tries to get Oliver to believe in witchcraft, and comes to him for help. Apparently Lex had obtained an item before he disappeared that she would like to obtain. She offers to give Oliver his “deepest desire” if he helps her. This episode puts a spin on the “Chlois theory” as a magic spell turns Chloe into Lois… literally. Cassidy Freeman (Tess) and Sam Witwer (Davis) do not appear in this episode. Source: KryptonSite

Jimmy will witness Davis Bloom murdering someone. Is he hallucinating? Or does Jimmy know Davis’ secret? And whose side will Chloe take when confronted with this news?

Source: The Ausiello Files

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