New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & Photos for “Ball and Chain”

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Preview, Big Rain & More

by Kim Moses, Ian Sander & P.K. Simonds

TV Guide

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking back with us this week. As you know, we don’t have a show on the air this week, but we’ll be back with an all-new, original episode next week with “Ball and Chain.” In this episode, Melinda tries to solve the mystery of a ghost who claims not to understand why her husband is living with a new wife. The answer lies in a horrifying secret, and when Melinda figures out what it is, she’s forced to put her own life in jeopardy to protect an innocent victim. Meanwhile, Sam tries to determine who he bought an engagement ring for.

To get in the Ghost Whisperer mood, take a sneak peak at next Friday’s episode by checking out the art card here and the promo here.
We’ve posted the musical playlist for this episode on our MySpace page. FYI: This is a new online feature that will be updated on a weekly basis. BTW, if you have a favorite indie band we may not be aware of, please send us a link and tell us why you’re crazy about the song and we’ll check it out — maybe even use it in the show or online. Magic comes from many different places and you’re a great source.

We’re thrilled to tell you the three of us will be joining David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jamie Kennedy and Christoph Sanders at a book signing of the Ghost Whisperer Spirit Guide at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove in L.A. (189 Grove Drive) this Sunday, Dec. 12, at 11 am. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

In regards to production, member Light I Am posted this question: “What is the reason the streets are always wet in Ghost Whisperer? It can’t rain that much? ” Well, Light I Am, in addition to Grandview being on the East Coast where there’s lots of “weather,” production wets down the streets to create reflective surfaces— this enhances the lighting and makes the exterior scenes more beautiful. As you can imagine, this technique keeps our physical FX guru Ziggy busy as he has to keep the wet-down going (sometimes for three or four hours, depending on how long it takes to shoot a particular scene).  Puzzled about the making of Ghost Whisperer?  Let us know — we’re happy to clear up the mystery.

Speaking of mystery, ever been curious about what Melinda keeps inside her car? We have an all-new Helmet Cam up, in which you can explore Mel’s Saturn. Lots of fun things and few haunted surprises.

And, to bridge your entertainment experience between last Friday’s and next Friday’s broadcast of the show, try your skills with this new FLASH game “The Collector,” in which you try your hand at collecting spirits before you get sucked into the Dark Side.

For a wild walk on the Dark Side, check out THE OTHER SIDE web series where you get to see the world through the eyes of a ghost.

We’ve been getting some great comments on our Jim Clancy Twitter page — keep it coming.  And for those of you who haven’t put your two cents in yet, give it a try.  Everyone at Ghost Whisperer is loving your postings.

In closing, we have some great news about GHOST WHISPERER’S SAME AS IT WAS exclusive merchandise. In addition to the beautiful Beth Colt handbags (that were featured in Ep. 401) and the haunted locket (that Melinda wore in Ep. 305), coming soon are one-of-a-kind vintage tea cups featured in Ep. 411. They’re really beautiful — and haunted.

As always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week.

Ian, Kim, P.K.

“Ball & Chain” –

"Ball & Chain" - ghost-whisperer “Ball & Chain” "Ball & Chain" - ghost-whisperer “Ball & Chain” "Ball & Chain" - ghost-whisperer “Ball & Chain” "Ball & Chain" - ghost-whisperer

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