Private Practice Spoilers: Violet and Pete Are So Busted!

Private Practice: Violet and Pete Are So Busted!

As Tim Daly teased to us last month, Pete and Violet are so on! After their sexathon at the end of last week’s episode, they’re facing a bad case of morning-after syndrome. Was it just a hookup? Is this the beginning of something serious? And if it is, how to tell our friends—or in Pete’s case, our friends with benefits?

Check out the other Vi-and-Pete sneak peek below. Can they escape the curse of postcoital weirdness?

Want more Practice sneaks before the new ep airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC? Check out E! Online’s Video albums and then share your take in the comments. Are these two in it for the long haul? And what’s your current theory on the Charlotte pregnancy thing? Because IMHO she’s totally knocked up and lying about it to Cooper and the rest of us.

New Secret Life of The American Teenager Spoilers!

Secret Friendship: Can you see Amy’s baby daddy and her boyfriend being buddies? Yeah, me neither, but a bond between those two Secret Life characters may actually come about this season when bad boy Ricky begins working for sweet Ben’s sausage king pop. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

New 90210 Spoilers: Shawn’s Not the Brother, Who is?

Source: Kristin on E!Online

What’s the deal with Shawn on 90210? Seems pretty shady to me!
You’re not the only one, sister! Speaking of sisters, AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi) played coy about her new onscreen bro (Josh Henderson) when we started to pry: “We’re going to find out some really, really, really bad stuff about my brother. It’s going to be a crazy reveal of certain things in his past.” Being the sleuth that I am, I couldn’t leave you with something that vague. Turns out Shawn may not be the long-lost son after all! “There is a possibility that Josh Henderson’s character isn’t our brother at all. He kind of goes away for a while. So that leaves the question, who is my brother?”

Any scoop on 90210?
I’m hearing a big storyline coming up is that Silver will have something in common with Britney Spears. No, not pregnancy. No, not lack of underwear. I’m hearing she will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and the storyline is pretty engrossing.

New Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Blair & Nate — Jenny is Not Pregnant!

What’s up with Nate and Blair on Gossip Girl? I heard they might be hooking up again? WTF?!

That’s what I’m hearing from sources too, and WTF indeed! And mind you, executive producer Stephanie Savage isn’t helping clear up these rumors. In a CW interview she reveals, “Nate and Blair have really become friends, and their romantic past has become a very nice platform for deep friendship. Without giving too much away about what’s going to happen, at the end of something like high school you find yourself looking back on who was with you when you started this journey and certain feelings come to the surface that might be surprising.” Stephanie also says Blair and Dan will be playing opposite each other in the school play “and that brings out some very interesting conflict on both sides.” OMG, could the frenemies become…friendly?! How many freaking suitors can Blair take on? — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Correction: I heard it actually Serena in the play, but with Gossip Girl spoilers nothing gets clear till the scripts come out.

Are Nate and Jenny going to have a baby? I am dying to know!
No, they are definitely not having a baby. Sorry, I believe this rumor stemmed from what I believed to be a very blatant joke, but a joke that at least one other site picked up as fact. (They did not bother to include my second sentence of “Just kidding!”) As far as I know, Nate and Jenny are done. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Newest Friday Night Spoilers: The Season Finale!

When do we find out if Friday Night Lights gets picked up for a fourth season?
Word from NBC will come after the Peacock-network premiere on Jan. 16. Says Connie Britton about the remainder of season three: “I think we get a little twist with that at the end of the season. The end of the season is kind of the end of the football season as well, that’s what we like to do on our show. They made it so compelling. Whether this is the last season or not, some of these students are going to be graduating, they may or may not be on the show next season, so it was important that they do that right, and they really did.” — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Adriannepalicki Dillon Duo: DirecTV peeps, did you notice a gleam in Tyra’s eye as she watched Landry on stage with his band last week? Indeed, you did. Ms. Collette will soon confess that’s she’s falling for L. Clarke again. But will he be down with her this time? — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

New House Spoilers!

I am so sick of all the mushy stuff on House. Please tell me the character hookups take a back seat to the diagnoses in the new year. I can’t handle it anymore.
Mmmm…sorry, can’t make any promises like that. Just talked to executive producer Katie Jacobs and she told me, “Our weekly medical mysteries are the meat and potatoes—and I say that because I love meat and potatoes—but it’s fun to break those conventions and get a little more personal.” So can I offer you a nice, well-balanced meal with meat and potatoes and candy-coated Cuddy on the side? — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & News: More on George Leaving!

Is our George really leaving Grey’s Anatomy? As a Gizzie and George fan, I hope not.

The latest I’ve heard from inside sources is that yes, T.R. did ask to get out of his contract, and so far, no final decision or details have been reached, but it is looking likely he we will go. However, you should know that according to ABC sources, T.R. is not the first Grey’s castmember to be asked out of his contract. There have been at least two others in recent years. Any guesses?

Got any more scoop on T.R. leaving Grey’s?
When asked whether T.R. is leaving the show, Eric Dane tells us: “I don’t know how true that is, but if it were, it would certainly be a loss. I don’t think there’s any truth to that until I’m told otherwise.” I’m told that pretty much the entire cast and crew is being kept in the dark as to what is really going on. Still, T.R. remains close friends with Katherine Heigl. They were spotted having dinner Thursday night at BLVD 16 with Katherine’s hubby, Josh Kelly, and her mother. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Heroes Episode Recap & Spoilers: “Dual”

In the final installment of the “Villains” volume, the thematic issue of duality that underscored the last 12 weeks came to a head in a weirdly non-confrontational way. That is, the two allegiances (good guys and bad) didn’t truly face off in any kind of grand war. But there was plenty of self-exploration, some self-motivation, a game of cat-and-mouse and ultimately at least one “duel”. By the time it was said and done, some of what we’ve come to know was going down in flames (literally), while other plots were hatched. Oh, and this episode stacked up a pretty impressive body count along the way. Let’s get to it! read more

Heroes Redux: Is Sylar Really Dead?

Duel NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

This volume of Heroes began with Sylar scalping Claire and taking her power, and ended with Claire jamming a shard of glass into Sylar’s skull and taking his power. All’s fair in love and war, and our little Claire-bear is a fighter after all.

So is Sylar dead? And is anyone buying that they would write Zachary Quinto off the show? Anyone?

And what other Vol. III: Villains actions will have consequences in Vol. IV: Fugitives? Read on for the inside track…

Duel NBC Photo: Chris Haston


Most Petrellis Are Mostly Evil: Uh, did Nathan just go evil? Did Nathan just convince the president to round up all the people with abilities—including Tracy’s biological nephew Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey)—and keep them under federal control? I guess that nicely sets up the Fugitives theme for the next volume. Run, Heroes, run! And man, even though Nathan probably has some wholesome reason for doing this, he’s really going back to a Machiavellian mode that can’t be good for anyone. Of Arthur, Angela, Nathan, Peter, Claire and imaginary/onetime Petrelli Sylar, only Peter and Claire are reliably “good.” I hate to resort to quoting Bonnie Tyler, but I’m holding out for a hero on a show called Heroes.

Red Lightning’s Not So Bad After All: Again, remember back when we thought Ando’s red-lightning power was deadly? Well, turns out it’s just awesome. Ando’s the “power-up” gold coin for this video game—hang with him and whatever your natural abilities, consider them amplified a 1,000 times. (I wonder if regular human powers—like being Suresh-smart—are also amplified?) Can’t wait to see how Ando’s new skill overlaps with other Heroes’ powers. For example, if you cross Ando with Tracy, can you stop the polar ice caps from melting and save the polar bears?

Sylar’s a Hero? Angela is a pathological liar, but she did have a point about Sylar being an accidental hero of sorts. Arthur had successfully disarmed Peter, disabled Angela, and killed the likes of Maury Parkman and Adam Monroe. But against Sylar’s psychopathic determination, he was defenseless. Scary, yes, but compelling. Another reminder that Elle was right to see something in Sylar. Sigh.


Sylar’s Not Dead: Yes, Sylar’s healing power was deactivated, and yes he was in the exploding building when Meredith went kablooey, but no, he ain’t dead. He’ll emerge from the rubble and set off on a quest to find his powers. And Angela told the truth (believe it or not) when she said he was decidedly not the product of a humble watchmaker and a woman who collected snow globes.

That Death Reset: The death reset I’ve been promising was not Elle. The death I’m referring to has not happened yet, and after this episode I’m more glad than ever that the writers are giving the character a second chance—because she rocks.

Hiro on Hold: Even though Arthur took his native abilities, Peter can now fly, thanks to a timely injection of the formula. Hiro’s powers, however, will remain offline for the time being. Good news for the anti-time-travel faction of the fandom!

Now, what did you think of the finale of Heroes, Volume III: Villains? Was it awesome, awful, or somewhere in between? And will you keep watching when Heroes returns next year?

Chuck Episode Recap: Chuck versus the Santa Claus

When a crazed highway madman drives through the front doors of Buy More and takes everyone hostage, Chuck has to balance saving his friends and family and keeping his identity a secret. Is this going to be the merry Christmas they all hoped for?….read more

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