New Friday Night Lights Spoilers! Best (and Worst) Feet Forward on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Kitsch_kelly Though there’s a state championship-qualifying football game and city politics relating to the team in tonight’s episode, these two story lines are merely the backdrop for what Friday Night Lights is really about: relationships and character…

With Lyla still living at the Riggins house, since Buddy blew all her college money away, papa Garrity will actually turn to Tim for advice on how to get his daughter back. And Tim — noticing a marked change in Lyla, who seems to be masking a lot of pain — is actually open to helping the poor guy out. But more importantly, Riggs is there for Lyla in a way that we’ve never quite seen before. I think we knew he had it in him, because there’s always seemed to be a quiet sensitivity behind all that endearing bravado, but to watch it bubble to the surface is a whole ‘nother thing.

Adriannepalicki As for the older Riggins brother, wedding plans for Billy and Tyra’s sister Mindy are underway, and little T is in charge of planning Mindy’s bridal shower tonight. She does run into a few problems in the process, but it’s nothing the lead singer of Crucifictorious can’t fix. Yes, Landry Clarke seems to have quickly forgiven Tyra for her bout of selfishness and she seems to have gained some additional respect for him. There are definitely romantic feelings resurfacing on her part… but those feelings are overshadowed this week by the college admission stress she’s battling. And for the first time, we will witness Tyra’s mother deliver a one-on-one pep talk that we didn’t know she had in her.

Elsewhere in Dillon, another once-irresponsible mommy steps up to the plate as well. With Grandma Saracen’s mental health deteriorating and Matt’s future looming, Shelby will stand by her son in a way he’s never before experienced. It’ll take him some getting used to, but it’s definitely a good thing.

Jeremysumpter Of course, with all these sometimes unstable characters putting their best foot forward, we will also see the other side of the coin when J.D. McCoy’s dad loses his mind over the kid’s saucy new girlfriend, Madison. Is she a distraction from football, showing up on the sidelines of his practice and daring him to disobey his pop? Sure. But J.D.’s always overly attentive father is going to cross a serious line between discipline and, uh, well, it’s about to get ugly…

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