Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & Preview “Ball & Chain”

Source: Buddy TV

Love-HewittPreviously, we reported Jamie Kennedy’s admission that working on the set of the Ghost Whisperer from time to time brings some spooky moments, especially that instance when he was playing Eli James and the set for his apartment caught fire – then days later, it was destroyed in a real-life blaze, razing the whole Ghost Whisperer set.

Meanwhile, on the last episode Ghost Whisperer, which was a couple of weeks back, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) had to deal with Sam/Jim’s case for the first time.  She also encountered a girl who had been missing for 12 years, whilst discovering a long-held secret.  At one point, Melinda told Delia on the phone how he missed Jim, as opposed to Sam/Jim.  This episode reeled in 9.71 million viewers, 1.7 million less than the previous episode.

On tonight’s episode of Ghost Whisperer, Melinda will help a ghost of a woman named Tammy who needs to face hard facts about her marriage. Tammy was abused by her husband, and she wants Melinda to help the man’s new wife or girlfriend, Elisabeth, who is undergoing the same fate.  Sam/Jim is still with Melinda, and we get to see more of their strange interactions, but was assured that this isn’t going to be the focal point of the episode.

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producers released a statement recently defending the decision to kill Jim.

“Though there is plenty of aching and longing, the two of them are scrupulously respectful of each other’s boundaries – he because she is grieving her husband, and she because he is grappling with memory loss.  We’re planning to address what friends and neighbors think, in a big way, as we move forward in Season 4.”

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