New House Spoilers: Huddy, Foreteen & More!

Source: Kristin on E!Online

As happy as I am that Cuddy got her Christmas miracle baby, I still want to see some Huddy love. Please tell me that this baby doesn’t mean the end for my favorite TV couple.
This baby doesn’t mean the end for your favorite TV couple, but the next episode has minimal Huddy, since both of them spend most of the episode at their respective houses: Cuddy’s preparing for a social worker who’s checking on the baby’s welfare, and House is dealing with a plumbing problem. That’s not a euphemism though. The man’s got problems with his pipes!

Omar Epps, Olivia Wilde, House Adam Taylor/FOX

Any dish on Foreteen? They’re really growing on me.
The final scene of the next episode is Foreteen-centric, and it will knock you back on your heels. After you gasp, you’ll spend the rest of the night tying yourself into ethical knots. It’s a very nicely developed plot twist, and it adds a layer to Foreteen that gets them up to Sixteen or Seventeen at least! Let’s just say that Foreman has to make a choice that will either jeopardize his career or her life/health, so it ain’t sweet and simple.

A-TV Spoiler Alert: Cameron’s in, Cuddy’s out on ‘House’

Christmas has come early for Cameron fans.

The latest episode of Ausiello TV features an exclusive, first look at a scene from House‘s Jan. 19 episode that marks a major (and long overdue) shift for Jennifer Morrison’s criminally sidelined character: She’s getting Cuddy’s job!  [Michael Ausiello]

In the promo for next  episode, the bathroom Cuddy is in is House’s bathroom. [Michael Ausiello]

Things will get worse before they get better. Let’s just say Cuddy’s maternal instincts don’t kick in immediately, and it freaks her out a little. [Michael Ausiello]

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