New Privileged Spoilers! A New Love for Megan!

What are the chances of Privileged returning for a second season?
I just talked to the lovely Joanna Garcia and asked her that very Q. She says, “I hope the chances are really good. If you know Les Moonves‘ home number, call him up.” As for the show, Joanna spills, “Megan’s going to start needing the Baker twins as much as they need her.” Last but not least, Joanna weighed in on the biggest Q of all, Charlie or Will: Says Joanna, “I think that there might be some new love interest that might come into play. It’s definitely keeping me busy and out of trouble.” Mmmm.  — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Pete Wentz about who he’ll be playing: “I’m in a club scene, and we’re hanging out. When I walk into the club, it’s not really how it works in the world of Pete Wentz. They ask me for the hoodie off my back, and then I have a little bit of a tiff and kind of walk out.” [Watch With Kristin]

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