New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

I’m in Brothers & Sisters withdrawal. When are we getting the next new episode and what can we expect in 2009?!
Besides a new baby, a heart condition and felony embezzlement charges? Well, it seems Rebecca and Justin’s relationship will really be on the rocks. There’s a serious rift in store, perhaps spurred by Tommy’s upcoming plan to cut Holly’s control of the family business, which I first reported a couple months ago… Oh, and the next new hour airs January 4th.

Any scoop on my favorite Walker brother, Justin?
Besides dealing with a possible broken heart, the big J will look to broaden his horizons by applying to school in early 2009. Word is, J.W.’s past as an army medic may inspire a future career as a physician… though, for some reason, I so can’t picture that. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Tommy Walker is the most annoying sibling on Brothers & Sisters — in a family chock full of annoying. Will he ever get a storyline that will make me like him more?

Tommy is definitely the weakest Walker link. Try this: Cover up Balthazar Getty’s eyebrows with your hand and then tell me if you still see any acting going on. Nevertheless, his role in the ensemble works for me, but only in the way that every family has a not-quite-as-interesting sibling, right? (Nobody asked for your opinion, random reader Kristen O’Connor.) The good news is that the writers will use Tommy’s wildly uneven business acumen as a narrative jumping-off point when The Eyebrows find themselves furrowing for a sobering audience: a judge. — Source: TV Guide

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