New Gossip Girl Spoilers! & Preview “Carnal Knowledge”

2/2 New ‘Carnal Knowledge’

Gossip GirlIn retaliation for not playing by the unspoken rules of Constance Billard, Blair hatches a plan to bring down her teacher, Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge), and it’s going to be good. After Chuck wakes up in a hotel and only has a minor recollection of what happened the previous evening and who he spent the evening with, Nate and Vanessa try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery.

Preview of ‘Gossip Girl’ 2.17: Carnal Knowledge

Blair wants to take her teacher down and finds out a secret that she can use as a weapon in the new ‘Gossip Girl’.

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Things are getting more and more complicated between Blair and her new teacher, Rachel Carr, in the next ““. Blair devises a plan to bring down the teacher in retaliation for not playing by the unspoken rules of Constance Billard and finds it easier when she knows that Dan may have an affair with the young teacher.

In “Carnal Knowledge”, Serena spots Dan in a bar with Rachel. After Chuck wakes up in a hotel and only has a minor recollection of what happened the previous evening and who he spent the evening with, Nate and Vanessa try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery.

The episode will air Monday, February 2.

Meanwhile, a scoop from E! spills that a “former bigtime couple” are getting back together and it is neither Blair and Chuck or Nate and Jenny. — Ace Showbiz

Gossip Girl 2×17-“Carnal Knowledge” Extended Promo

Chuck remembers that he is given a business card and an address to attend on the night he loses memory of, all new in ‘Gossip Girl’.

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A chunk of “” upcoming episode is given out as a preview. Chuck seeks the assistance of Vanessa and Nate to help him recalling the evening that he lost memory of. Chuck wakes up half naked on the floor of a hotel room and doesn’t remember what happened to him or who he was with.

Nate, and Vanessa try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery. In the previous released promo, Chuck said that he has a memory of “the most beautiful girl” he has ever seen during the mysterious night. This girl is presumably played by Kate French who was reported earlier to have secured a 3-episodes starring role.

Also in the February 2 episode, in retaliation for not playing by the unspoken rules of Constance Billard, Blair hatches a plan to bring down her teacher, Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge). Serena thinks that her boyfriend Dan is having an affair with Rachel after seeing him brushing hair off her face. — Ace Showbiz

Blair gets into a detention and plans to bring her teacher, Rachel, down in the new ‘Gossip Girl’.

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Two more “” February 2 episode sneak peeks are released on top of yesterday’s clip. Both of them are about Blair’s scheme to bring down her teacher Rachel and what consequence she takes in the the rivalry.

Blair and her entourage lost means of communication to contact Gossip Girl and spread a scandal. Thus Blair summons Dorota to go undercover and slip them a phone. The Queen B also goes through a detention, doing a community service at the preservation society.

Also in the episode called “Carnal Knowledge”, Chuck wakes up in a hotel and only has a minor recollection of what happened the previous evening and who he spent the evening with. Nate and Vanessa try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery. — Ace Showbiz

Gossip Girl: No One Does Bitch Like Blair Waldorf

Here’s hoping Gossip Girl‘s latest cast addition, Laura Breckenridge, knows how to give a good cry. ‘Cause something tells us that’s precisely what she’ll be doing when Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) sinks her perfectly polished claws into her new teacher’s jugular.

In the sneak peek above, you can see that Blair isn’t taking too kindly to Miss Carr’s (Breckenridge) punishment. And the all-out war has begun.

Meanwhile, note to you Blair and Chuck fans: As you can see in the two extra sneak peeks below, Blair and Chuck appear to be going their separate ways. For Chuck, that means one step into a gentlemen’s club and one giant leap away from monogamy with Blair…

A former big-time couple that some of you love will be getting back together.Chuck and Blair fans should be weeping, because this old couple reconnecting totally means that they will not become a real couple any time soon this season. [Watch With Kristin]

Nate’s grandfather makes him an offer that’s too good to pass up, which leads to Vanessa feeling out of place, and the dynamic of that relationship shifting. Basically the whole rest of the season is relationship roulette. [Watch With Kristin]

Rufus and Lily continue to play house, which continues to sicken the kids. [Watch With Kristin]

Carnal Knowledge – Airing February 2, 2009
In retaliation for not playing by the unspoken rules of Constance Billard, Blair hatches a plan to bring down her teacher, Rachel (guest star Laura Breckenridge), and it’s going to be good. After Chuck wakes up in a hotel and only has a minor recollection of what happened the previous evening and who he spent the evening with, Nate and Vanessa try to help him fill in the missing pieces of what is turning out to be an increasingly intriguing mystery. [The CW]

Gossip Girl – Spinoff Details and Season End info

Gossip Girl” may be spinning off a new show — which would be set well before the soap’s teen characters were born.

The May 11 episode of the CW show will serve as the pilot for a potential new series from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the creators of “Gossip Girl.” The new show, which doesn’t have a title yet, would chronicle the high school adventures of Lily van der Woodsen, a former wild child turned society matron who is played by Kelly Rutherford on “Gossip Girl.”

The younger Lily hasn’t been cast yet, but Schwartz said the show would chronicle the high schooler’s adventures in the Los Angeles of the early ’80s.

“I’m very influenced by the ’80s, as is Stephanie,” Schwartz said in a recent interview. “A couple of movies we’ve talked about are ‘Valley Girl’ and ‘Less Than Zero,’ which are tonally very different movies. But that period of L.A. in the ’80s, the Sunset Strip [music scene] of the time, the idea of coming over the hill into L.A. if you lived in the Valley — that is just something that fascinates us. It seems like a very romantic, exciting time.”

“Gossip Girl” is based on a book series that has its own spinoff line of novels under the name “It Girl.” But Savage and Schwartz weren’t interested in making “It Girl” or a clone of the Monday night drama about rich teens on New York’s Upper East Side.

“We didn’t want to do a spinoff just to do it,” he said. “For us to do another teen drama, after ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘The O.C.’ [which both Savage and Schwartz worked on], it needed to be something that really excited us creatively. This felt like an unusual way to go for a spinoff, but that’s what got us fired up about it.”

Just as Schwartz’s other show, “Chuck,” is very different from both “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl” (although pop-culture references are a constant on all three shows), the new series will have its own vibe, though the creators haven’t fully decided what that will be yet.

“The tone will be different, it’s a whole new set of characters. You’ll get to meet [Lily’s] sister Carol and this whole other group of people that she lives with,” he said. “I think it’ll feel very different. I actually think, in some ways, it can be broader than ‘Gossip Girl,’ although ‘Gossip Girl’ skews older than people think, in terms of its median age. I think there are a lot of people who could watch the [new] show with their kids, nostalgically. Most of our teen audience — their parents were teens in the ’80s.”

Alexandra Patsavas, who served as music supervisor for “The O.C.” and performs that duty for “Gossip Girl” (as well as several other shows), is currently digging up choice ’80s tunes for the new show. Schwartz underlined the idea that the spinoff won’t be using the same few ’80s tunes that most of us have heard way too many times.

“We can go deeper than that,” Schwartz said. “There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s been kind of forgotten or hasn’t yet been rediscovered yet, and no one is more up to the task of finding that than Alex.”

As for whether the CW will pick up the show for fall, that has yet to be determined. “Gossip Girl” has not always done well in the ratings, but it’s very popular online and on iTunes, and the soap gets more than its share of media coverage.

“We feel like the success of the [spinoff] lies in a greater picture, and ratings are a part of that,” Schwartz said.

He was mostly mum when asked about what’s coming up on “Gossip Girl,” and he wouldn’t comment on whether we’ll see Dan and Serena’s secret half-brother again. (I’d explain the previous sentence more fully but it would take up way too much space).

Schwartz did say that Michelle Trachtenberg would be back around April and May as troublemaker Georgina Sparks, and Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) would remain at the forefront of the show.

“We get that that [relationship] works for people,” Schwartz said with a laugh.

He also noted that many of the show’s teen characters “graduate at the end of this year — that’s going to be a very big deal and it will shape direction of the show heading into Season 3.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

Gossip Girl – New Character being cast – 4 Episodes


20s, male. An extremely handsome man, with a sexy accent. Hip, worldly, and dashing. Runs with the fast, socialite crowd. European (not British)/South American/Australian. MUST HAVE BELIEVABLE ACCENT..sptv050769.5 EPISODES (220, 221, 22, 223, 224).

Source: SpoilerTV

Supernatural Spoilers & Preview 4.14: “Sex and Violence”

2/5 New ‘Sex & Violence’

SupernaturalSam and Dean enter a small town in Iowa where three men have inexplicably beaten their wives to death. The guys realize that behind the murders is a Siren, a creature that can take different forms and desperately needs love, compeling people to destroy themselves as a show of devotion. The Siren eventually puts Sam and Dean under her spell and pits the two brothers against each other in a fight to the death.

Preview of ‘Supernatural’ 4.14: Sex and Violence

A Siren that can take other forms of creatures will get in between the Winchester brothers, in the next ‘Supernatural’.

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Sam and Dean fall under the spell of Siren that takes form of a seductive woman, all new in ““. The Siren eventually puts Sam and Dean under their spell and pits the two brothers against each other in a fight to the death.

Sam and Dean enter a small town in Iowa, where three men have inexplicably beaten their wives to death. The guys realize that behind the murders is a Siren, a creature that can take different forms and desperately needs love and compels people to destroy themselves as a show of devotion.

Called “Sex and Violence”, the episode will air on The CW February 5.

“Supernatural” is a contender at GLAAD Media Awards which will be presented in New York City on March 28. Its episode “Ghostfacers” that presents a gay intern (guest star ) falling for Ed, will compete in the category of Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series without a regular LGBT character). —

New Smallville Spoilers & Preview “Requiem”

2/5 New ‘Requiem’

SmallvilleAn explosion at LuthorCorp kills all the board members and injures Oliver, who was there to announce the merger of his company with LutherCorp. Oliver believes that Lex is responsible for the blast, but Clark and Lana learn that the bomber is Winslow Schott (guest star Chris Gauthier), a toymaker and former Queen Industries employee with a grudge against Oliver.

Clark will face the dilemma between Lana and humanity as well as a new villain in the next ‘Smallville’.

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Between love and humanity, Clark is torn. In the next ““, Clark must choose to protect Lana or to let her get a revenge against Lex. Also in the episode called “Requiem”, there will come a new DC villain.

An explosion at LuthorCorp kills all the Board members and injures Oliver, who was there to announce the merger of his company with LutherCorp. Oliver believes that Lex is responsible for the blast, but Clark and Lana learn that the bomber is Winslow Schott (guest star Chris Gauthier), a toymaker and former Queen Industries employee with a grudge against Oliver.

“Requiem”, airing February 5, is one of the few last episodes where who plays Lana will appear. Rumor has it, the character will be given a “beautiful send-off” but Kreuk declines to affirm it, only saying ” there are a lot of tears”. — Ace Showbiz

New Greek Spoilers! Renewed for Season 3


Rusty is going to meet a new girl named Jordan that he falls head over heels for (literally, he falls down some stairs), but Andy (Jesse McCartney) is going to get to her first. [Watch With Kristin]

Both Rebecca and Ashleigh dabble in kissing girls this season, and they’ll like it. One of the girls even hits up another ZBZ sister. [Watch With Kristin]

Kyle XY – Cancelled

#fullpost{display:none;}Which do you guys want first — the good news or the bad news?

Okay, the good news it is: ABC Family has ordered additional seasons of Greek and Lincoln Heights.

Now the bad news: Kyle XY has been given his walking papers.

Although a rep for the cable net could not be reached for comment, sources confirm to me exclusively that Greek has been renewed for a 20-episode third season. Additionally, Lincoln Heights has been greenlit for a fourth season, although a specific episode count wasn’t immediately known.

Meanwhile, Kyle XY’s current 10-episode third season — which debuted on Jan. 12 — will be its last. I’m guessing the show’s dwindling viewership was to blame.

Eulogies on behalf of the Belly Button-less One are currently being accepted in the comments section below.

On the bright side, yay for Greek and that other show I’ve never seen!

Source: EW

New One Tree Hill Spoilers & Preview 6.16: “Screenwriter’s Blues”

One Tree Hill

Looks like Lucas’ movie is going to get shut down. [Watch With Kristin]

2/2 New ‘Screenwriter’s Blues’

One Tree HillLucas wrestles with casting for his movie while Peyton tries to prepare for their wedding. Dan advises Jamie on a school crush. Brooke meets the actress who will play her, Nathan gets exciting news, and Haley has to make a tough decision at school.

Preview of ‘One Tree Hill’ 6.16: Screenwriter’s Blues

It is time to decide on who should play who in Lucas’ movie, all new in ‘One Tree Hill’.

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Done with the director selection, it is now the matter of selecting the actors and actresses of the movie. The next episode of “” sees Lucas auditioning for the characters in his movie and put them together. Brooke meets her depicter and Peyton is mistaken for a look-alike.

Also in the episode called “Screenwriter’s Blues” which is named after one song by Soul Coughing, Nathan receives a good news while Haley has to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Peyton is making plans for the wedding. The episode will air in two weeks on February 2.

“Dawson’s Creek”‘s reprises his role as Dixon, the director who successfully secures a job in Lucas’ movie after convincing him and Julian in the last episode. — Ace Showbiz

Clips of ‘One Tree Hill’ 6.16: Screenwriter’s Blues

Brooke for the first time meet the actress who will play her in Lucas’ movie, in the next ‘One Tree Hill’.

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The CW have been generous in releasing two clips from the “Screenwriter’s Blues” episode of ““. The first clip, which is rather short, is on Julian and Brooke post having sex and the second one is one Brooke visiting the casting set to meet the actress that will portray her.

” finalist, Cassandra Jean, who famously walked out of the competition’s second season, is cast as Missy who will play Brooke in Lucas’ movie. Meanwhile, other actors who will play the other versions of Nathan, Haley, Lucas and Peyton have also been revealed by TV Guide. Chandler Massey and Alexandra Sgambati will play Lucas and Peyton respectively while Matthew Atkinson and Elizabeth Lynn Hingley will play Nathan and Haley.

Also in the February 2 episode, Lucas has problems with the casting for the movie and Peyton tries to solve the wedding plans. Nathan gets good news and Haley must make a tough decision by herself . — Ace Showbiz

New Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers!

Grey’s Anatomy

Beat Your Heart Out – Airing February 5
Now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect way to propose to Meredith, as Lexie demands that Mark go public with their relationship, and Bailey, encouraged by her work on recent cases and by Dr. Dixon, considers a new direction for her medical career.

Meredith learns from [Sam, Naomi and Addison] about a hidden talent her fiancé possessed during his years as a student. [TV Guide]

Grey’s Anatomy: Do Derek and Addison Kiss?

Patrick Dempsey, Kate Walsh, Grey's Anatomy ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT

Dear ABC Promo Dudes,

Could you please stop freaking out the fans of Grey’s Anatomy?

Thanks to your latest promo for next week’s Grey’s and Private Practice crossover—in which it appears that Addison (Kate Walsh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are going in for a kiss—we’re getting hundreds of emails from panicked MerDer devotees.

“If Addison and Derek kiss, I swear I am never watching Grey’s or Private Practice again!” Susan from Omaha writes.

Now, we know that’s not true. Like the rest of us, Susan won’t be able to keep herself away. Still, if you don’t mind, it would be nice if you could trim that apparent smoocharoo out of your promo. (It’s about 18 seconds in, and you can see it in the video box below.)


Dear Grey’s Anatomy fans,

Step away from the ledge! I have a sneak peek of the big crossover episode for you, and the definitive answer on whether Derek and Addison really do kiss…

Despite the smoochy-looking moment in the clip above, a source tells me of Addison and Derek: “No, there’s no kiss. They are still just friends. And there is no romance between them in the crossover episode.”

Instead, the romance comes from Derek plotting his marriage proposal to Meredith, and Lexie and Sloan going public. See for yourself in the sneak-peek photo gallery below…

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

Episode 3.23: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off Airdate: May 3, 2009

  • When Kitty and Robert reach a crossroads in their marriage, she is forced to reflect on her father’s (guest starring Tom Skerritt as William Walker) past indiscretions and decide what’s most important in life. Meanwhile, Ryan makes a discovery about his mother’s death and takes a huge leap in the wrong direction to vie for Rebecca’s affection. Guest starring are Tom Skerritt as William Walker, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Matt Letscher as Alec Tyler, Luc Charbonnier as Ben Tyler, Jay Knowlton as Grady and Toby Holguin as the bus driver. Source: ABC

Episode 3.24: Mexico (Season finale) Airdate: May 10, 2009

  • When the Walker family reaches out to Tommy, they’re devastated to find that he may be unwilling to accept their help. Meanwhile, Robert and Kitty reach a crossroads in their marriage that they may not be able to successfully navigate; Justin makes plans for the future, with or without Rebecca; and Saul makes a shocking admission about Ryan Lafferty’s mother. Source: ABC

Brothers and Sisters – Episode 3.24 – Mexico – Promotional Photos

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc.)

Kitty and Robert will probably not be back together this season. (TV Guide)

What can you tell me about Saul “making a shocking admission about Ryan’s mother” on the season finale of Brothers & Sisters next week?
Saul may have inadvertently caused the death of Ryan’s mother! In other B&S finale news, the Walkers are Mexico-bound this Sunday in order to bring Tommy back to America. Hint, it’s not going to work. But it’s for the best. Also, Kitty and Robert finally reconcile, while Justin and Rebecca announce to the family that they’re getting married. He even gets down on one knee with a makeshift ring. Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘Brothers and Sisters’ 3rd Season Finale Preview: Mexico

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

In the last episode of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ season 3, the Walkers family find Tommy in Mexico while Justin makes a huge move with Rebecca.

'Brothers and Sisters' 3rd Season Finale Preview: MexicoSee larger image” will have its third season finale on Sunday, May 10 and revamp it with the re-appearance of Tommy. Nora travels to Mexico to find the son the she had slapped previously, only to discover that Tommy is unwilling to accept their help. Things are also boiling for Justin and Rebecca. Justin makes plans for the future, with or without Rebecca but the preview gives the idea that both will get married in an impromptu move. Meanwhile, Robert and Kitty reach a crossroads in their marriage that they may not be able to successfully navigate. Saul makes a shocking admission about Ryan Lafferty’s mother. Several clips from the episode titled “Mexico” had been released previously, showing Nora’s attempt to reach out to Tommy and highlighting on Kitty’s struggle to keep her marriage intact. It has been confirmed that “Brothers & Sisters” will return for a fourth season.

5 Clips From ‘Brothers and Sisters’ 3rd Season Finale

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

‘Brothers and Sisters’ has been given ample sneak peeks that reveal in one of them, the discovery of Tommy Walker’s whereabout.

5 Clips From 'Brothers and Sisters' 3rd Season Finale
See larger image More than a week shy of the season finale, ABC has released a bunch of “” sneak peeks, ample to lead viewers into what happen to the Walkers family at the end of the third season. Released are six clips from the episode called “Mexico” that airs May 10. In the first clip posted below, Kitty deals with her marriage to Robert by talking to Kevin. Kevin tries to resolve the problem for them but the supposed ‘therapy’ session ends up in further quarrels. In the synopsis it is written “Robert and Kitty reach a crossroads in their marriage that they may not be able to successfully navigate”. Meanwhile, the rest of the clips show Nora’s venture to Mexico where she finds Tommy. She then sets up a family gathering to meet him there. The synopsis says, “When the Walker family reaches out to Tommy, they’re devastated to find that he may be unwilling to accept their help.” It is confirmed that who plays Tommy will no longer be a regular in the show. Meanwhile, Justin makes plans for the future, with or without Rebecca and Saul makes a shocking admission about Ryan Lafferty’s mother.

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 – 3.24 Sneak Peek 2

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 – 3.24 Sneak Peek 3

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 – 3.24 Sneak Peek 4

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 – 3.24 Sneak Peek 5

There’s a surprise engagement in the finale. (Michael Ausiello)

Is there any hope for the future with Justin and Rebecca on Brothers & Sisters? There is hope! In fact, I’m hearing Justin will be down on one knee in front of his entire family before the Brothers & Sisters season finale, but could Rebecca already be on a Silver-esque downward spiral? We’ll have to wait until next season to find out. Meanwhile, any guesses on which B&S couple nearly engages in a ménage à trois? Source: Kristin on E!Online

Justin and Rebecca’s relationship will self-destruct by season’s end — right around the time Rebecca and Ryan start cohabitating. [Michael Ausiello]

Balthazar Getty will depart in April when Tommy gets into some legal trouble and skips town, but it’s the producers’ hope that he will return as an occasional guest star next season. “We intend for Balthazar to be a part of the show through its entirety,” says executive producer Monica Breen. “But to the extent that Tommy figures into the daily lives of the Walkers, that remains up for grabs.” [Michael Ausiello]

Rebecca’s loyalties between Holly and the Walkers become more divided than ever when she discovers Tommy’s plan to drive her mother out of the family business. Meanwhile Nora gets a surprise phone call from an important person in William’s past. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Nigel Havers as Roger Grant, John Rubinstein as Dr. Marc Wilson, Scott Klace as Kent Barnes, S.E. Perry as Winston, Michael B. Silver as Stu Orenbacher, John Glover as Henry Mittner and Kaitlin Doubleday as Chelsea Yeager. [ABC]

Tommy may be going bye bye on felony embezzlement charges, but the Walkers won’t just sit back and watch Holly take over the family business by herself. Word is, Sarah will peace out on Greenatopia and return to her post at Ojai Foods… where she starts hooking up with a new co-worker. [Korbi TV]

Episode 3.14: Owning It Airdate: February 8, 2009

Rebecca’s loyalties between Holly and the Walkers become more divided than ever when she discovers Tommy’s plan to drive her mother out of the family business. Meanwhile Nora gets a surprise phone call from an important person in William’s past. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Nigel Havers as Roger Grant, John Rubinstein as Dr. Marc Wilson, Scott Klace as Kent Barnes, S.E. Perry as Winston, Michael B. Silver as Stu Orenbacher, John Glover as Henry Mittner and Kaitlin Doubleday as Chelsea Yeager. Source: ABC

Rebecca makes a shocking discovery about the Walkers and turns to her father for answers; Nora gets a phone call from a person in William’s past.
Airs: 8th February 2009. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.15: Lost and Found Airdate: February 15, 2009

Nora decides it’s time that she connect in-person with Ryan, Rebecca disappears to find her father in New York, and Tommy’s plan to get regain control over Ojai Foods hits a major road block. Guest starring are Ken Olin as David Caplan, Luke Grimes as Ryan Lafferty, Andrea Grano as Barbara Whitaker, Jim Gleason as Walter Geary, Patty Yu as the female barrista, Subhash Mandal as the cab driver and Carole Gutierrez as the B&B owner. Source: ABC

Episode 3.16: Family Legacy  Airdate: March 1, 2009

Twenty-four hours prior to a medical emergency, Nora holds a family dinner on Sarah’s behalf. Holly takes action against Tommy as her suspicions ring true. David returns. The sitting governer of CA revokes her pledge to Robert not to run for re-election and demands his support. When Robert refuses to suspend his campaign, she vows to take him out. Trish goes into labor, but Robert’s priority remains his career and Kitty’s patience ends. Source:

Episode 3.17: Title Unknown  Airdate: March 8, 2009

The Walkers deal with a heart-wrenching medical crisis. Reporters wonder about Robert’s political future. Source:

Episode 3.19: Spring Broken  Airdate: March/April 2009

Tessa: Any ethnicity, to play 20-22. Gorgeous, likable and smart. She is a pre-med student who meets Justin while she is on spring break in Mexico. Unfortunately, she has a meathead boyfriend who gets very jealous when he sees her talking with Justin. Hanna/Sabrina: Any ethnicity, to play 20-22. Gorgeous and sexy, these bikini clad college students are on spring break in Mexico. They are having a great time partying and meeting Justin, Tommy and Kevin. Van: ny ethnicity, early 20s. Brawny and good looking fraternity guy. He is the boyfriend of Tessa (see above) and is a bit of a meathead. Must be muscular and built so that he intimidates Justin. Shot Stud: Any ethnicity, late 20s-early 30s. He works at the beach bar where the spring breakers party and hands out shots to them. Shot Babe: Any ethnicity, late 20s-early 30s. She works at the beach bar where the spring breakers party and hands out shots to them. Source: SpoilerTV
Episode 3.20: Missing Airdate: April 2009

As fallout from Tommy’s actions continues, Saul, Nora and Sarah team up to convince the board to drop the charges. Holly surprises the Walkers by agreeing with them. Nora prepares to open her Center, with the help of Scotty and Ellen Snyder (from 3.14). Robert reluctantly caves to pressure and asks Kitty if they can talk. Source:

    Episode 3.21: S3X Airdate: April 2009

    Sarah reclaims her Ojai office and meets Cal, a staffer in accounting. He helps her unpack. Even in the heat of the moment, Sarah’s business savvy remains. When David, Holly, Rebecca and Ryan have dinner, David can’t help but notice Ryan’s behavior around his daughter. Scotty, Kevin and Chad share drinks. Source:

    Brothers & Sisters – Matt Letscher with multi-episode arc

    #fullpost{display:none;}Think you’re down in the dumps about Eli Stone’s cancellation? Look at the havoc it’s about to wreak on Robert and Kitty’s marriage on Brothers & Sisters!

    Sources confirm to me exclusively that Eli’s premature demise has paved the way for Matt Letscher (a.k.a. Eli’s bro, Nathan) to join B&S for a multi-episode arc as a potential romantic interest for Kitty (Calista Flockhart).

    Letscher’s character, a recent widower, befriends Kitty during a particularly tumultuous time in her marriage. He’s scheduled to start airing in April.

    “It’s going to become a serious complication,” reveals executive producer Monica Breen, ominously.

    How serious of a complication are we talking? And how did Robert and Kitty’s relationship become so strained that it would lead her to consider straying? Stay tuned to B&S this April and you’ll find out!

    Just kidding, I’ll tell you Wednesday in Ask Ausiello. Source: EW

    New Hero’s Spoilers: Fugitives


    Hayden Panettiere or Ali Larter have asked to be released from her contract. But NBC is unlikely to allow it. [Michael Ausiello]

    Ellen Greene is in talks with Heroes to return as Sylar’s mom during May sweeps. [Michael Ausiello]

    Jimmy-Jean Louis says not to expect a whole lot of screen time from the Haitian in Fugitives. “I don’t know too much about it, to be honest with you, because I’ve not been doing too much in this volume.” [Watch With Kristin]

    It’s very likely that at least one Hero will not be coming back for the next season. It’s being sorted out right now who from the cast will go. [Watch With Kristin]

    A Clear and Present Danger – Airing February 2
    Months after explosions brought down Pinehurst and Primatech, our Heroes try to put the past behind them and begin new lives. Now powerless, Hiro tries to train a reluctant Ando to be a true superhero. Suresh returns to life as a taxi driver, Peter is back to saving lives, and Daphne and Matt try to live as a normal couple. Claire’s attempt to live a regular life is cut short when she uncovers a deadly plot orchestrated by Nathan to track down and capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Sylar begins the search for his real parents. [NBC]

    Trust and Blood – Airing February 9
    Following a chain of unexpected events, our Heroes are on the run from their latest adversary and one of their own, Nathan Petrelli. After Matt paints a series of prophetic images, the tragic fate of someone close to him is revealed. Elsewhere, Sylar continues his search for his father and encounters a young outcast (guest star Dan Byrd) with information and an ability of his own. [NBC]

    Building 26 – Airing February 16
    Nathan’s plans face exposure as Homeland Security begins an investigation under direct orders from the President of the United States. Sylar and Luke (guest Dan Byrd) embark on a road trip to find Sylar’s father, but are secretly being hunted by Nathan’s agents. Life gets complicated for the Bennet family as Claire goes into action to protect a young man with abilities (guest star Justin Baldoni) from being captured by HRG. Elsewhere, Matt’s prophetic images lead Hiro and Ando to India and a mysterious ally comes to the aid of our Heroes. [NBC]

    In a spring episode called Cold Wars: While being held hostage, HRG (Jack Coleman) is subjected to Matt Parkman’s (Greg Grunberg) unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt’s discoveries bring Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) face-to-face with “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek). [SpoilerTV]

    Supernatural Episode Recap 4.13: “After School Special”

    SupernaturalThen: Sam wasn’t too keen on the way the Winchesters were raised, but Dean loved his dad and promised to always take care of his little brother.

    Now: It’s high school, and popular kids are gossiping about a Slutty Cheerleader doing the reverse cowgirl over the weekend with some random dude. The Slutty Cheerleader feels bad, so to cheer herself up, she calls another girl a Fat Pig. Later in the girl’s bathroom, the Fat Pig slams the Slutty Cheerleader’s head into the mirror before drowning her in the toilet. Then some black goo pours out of the Fat Pig’s nose.

    Later, the Fat Pig is in a mental institution where Sam (Jared Padalecki) asks her about being possessed. He believes her, so the boys head to her high school, which used to be their high school. The boys pull up to the school and flash back to 1997 on their first day at Truman High.

    Young Sam hates constantly switching to new schools. He’s nervous and awkward but befriends a nerd named Barry. A fat bully named Dirk teases Barry, but Sam tells him to stop before giving him the evil eye.

    Meanwhile, Young Dean has better luck, slacking off and flirting with chicks, making out with one in the janitor’s closet the same day.

    Back in the present, Sam is undercover as a janitor while Dean (Jensen Ackles) is the substitute gym teacher. Dean lets the kids play dodgeball, throwing balls at the kids and taunting them. He’s wearing red shorts and a head band….READ FULL EPISODE RECAP AT BUDDY TV

    New 90210 Spoilers: Donna Martin’s Return! The New Dylan!

    Any word on Tori’s comeback to 90210?
    I’m hearing Donna (Tori Spelling) comes back to Bev Hills and reveals she’s having problems with David (paging Brian Austin Green!). Seriously, have any of these women been lucky in love?! I feel for the old school 90210-ers! The upside, though, is their careers all appear to be going well (and global). Word is, Donna is thinking about opening a clothing store in Los Angeles, and she’s already a huge success in Japan.

    Have you heard any details on the new Dylan on 90210?
    Yes, Matt Lanter soon joins the cast as the new Dylan McKay, and AnnaLynne McCord tells me she’ll be the first to get in on that action: “He is the bad boy and Naomi starts to love herself some bad boy…[He] just throws her so off her Naomi world and off its axis, that it kind of intrigues her, so she feels challenged. He gets her into trouble.” And it looks like Shenae Grimes may also get into the mix.. “I feel like there’s going to be a triangle somewhere there,” she tells me, “and I wouldn’t complain if I was a part of said triangle.”

    Katrina in Auburn, N.Y.: Kristin, please tell me Josh Henderson will be back on 90210!
    The maybe-he-is, maybe-he-isn’t long-lost Wilson kid might not be finished with Beverly Hills just yet! Josh tells me the fate of Sean Cavanaugh has yet to be determined. ” I don’t think he’s done by any means. There are still things up in the air where I might be the son. It’s worth watching, I’ll just say that. My guy’s still bouncing back and forth.”

    — Source: Kristin on E!Online

    What’s up with Diablo Cody’s 90210 appearance?
    The rumors are true, Donna Martin will definitely be making her a dress for some high profile premiere. Mrs. David Silver is going to walk the red carpet with Diablo, forging the newest Bob MackieCher type partnership. Oh, and p.s., I’m hearing Ms. Cody might be sporting a hamburger-shaped cell phone on the show. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

    I don’t think Silver is being bitchy at all. Annie and Ethan on 90210 are totally annoying!!
    No worries, as I reported a while back, the nauseating couple will break up before the end of the season. As for Silver and Dixon’s recent estrangement, it won’t last long. Those two have many more trials to look forward to. As I told you weeks ago, Silver is going to have a mental breakdown — which not only brings her sister-in-law Donna Martin back to town — but also ensures a supportive Dixon at her side.

    Dylan Part Deux: As I first mentioned back in October, Beverly Hills will welcome a new bad boy who’s got his eye on both Naomi and Annie. From what I understand, we should meet said dude pretty soon and it seems he’s got a lot in common with Dylan McKay: intelligent and well-read, wise beyond his years, and respected even by the guy whose ex-girlfriends he goes after. I’m told he and Ethan will become pals and maybe even smoke a little peyote together. Mhmm. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

    New Gossip Girl Spoilers!

    Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester Giovanni Rufino / The CW

    Will there ever be luck for Bluck?!

    We’re talking, of course, about TV’s hottest (and naughtiest) cat-and-mouse pair: Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) on Gossip Girl.

    All season long, fans have been dying to see them become a real couple. And now, sources are spilling some exclusive deets on where they’re heading…but you might not like the answer…. Because Blair and Nate are getting back together just in time for graduation.

    What’s the latest on Gossip Girl?
    A former big-time couple that some of you (though, admittedly, very few of you) love will be getting back together…and who it is certainly surprised the pants off of me! Also, Nate’s grandfather makes him an offer that’s too good to pass up, which leads to Vanessa feeling out of place, and the dynamic of that relationship shifting. Basically the whole rest of the season is relationship roulette.

    Who is the GG couple getting back together?
    And yes, right now you Chuck and Blair fans should be weeping, ’cause this old couple reconnecting totally means that Bluck or Chair (or whatever your name of choice) will not become a real couple any time soon this season.

    Source: Kristin on E!Online

    New Greek Spoilers: The New Season!

    Episode 2.21: Tailgate Expectation Airdate: June 8, 2009

    It’s Homecoming Week and the Kappa Taus’ team up with the ZBZ to go against IKI and the Omega Chis in the annual float competition. When things don’t go as planned, will Casey and Cappie be able to keep their agreement to stay out of each other’s way? What will Rusty and Ashleigh do to ensure a victory? Meanwhile, Evan’s parents are in town for homecoming and, after a “heart to heart” conversation with his father, Evan is faced with the possibility of losing his trust fund. And Ashleigh discovers that Fisher has a secret of blue proportions. Source: ABC Family

    Greek – Episode 2.21 – Tailgate Expectations – Synopsis

    As the Homecoming Week float competition heats up, Rusty and Ashleigh work hard to obtain a win while Casey and Cappie try to avoid one another. Elsewhere, Evan learns that he may lose his trust fund, and Ashleigh uncovers a secret of Fisher’s. Air Date: Jun 8, 2009
    Source: TV Guide

    Episode 2.22: At World’s End (Season finale) Airdate: June 15, 2009

    Greek – Episode 2.22 – At World’s End – Press Release


    Gregory Michael (“Dante’s Cove”) Returns as Grant

    The War Tapes Perform at the Kappa Tau’s “End of the World” Party

    Season Three Set to Return on Monday, August 31 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT)

    Burbank, CA (Tuesday, May 26, 2009) – After she falls into a manhole risking her life, coupled with the Kappa Tau’s throwing an “End of the World” party, Casey is sent into an emotional tailspin, questioning her relationship with Max and her lingering feelings for Cappie. Whom will she choose to be with at the “end of the world”? Find out in the sophomore season finale of the ABC Family hit series “GREEK,” premiering Monday, June 15, 2009 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “At World’s End,” was directed by Michael Lange and written by Roger Grant, Jessica O’Toole & Amy Rardin. The third season of “GREEK” is set to return on Monday, August 31 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT)

    Meanwhile, Ashleigh faces her own punishment with Pan Hellenic after a complaint is lodged by Frannie for the Homecoming Float sabotage. Ashleigh turns to Casey to help fight the charge, but when Casey gets caught up in her own personal drama, she leaves Ashleigh to face Frannie alone. And with Dale having trouble keeping his cougar girlfriend’s sexual advances at bay and Calvin trying his best to resist hooking up with his new hot roommate, Grant, Dale convinces Calvin to go in on a “purity pledge” partnership so they can help each resist their most recent temptations.

    Source: ABC Family

    Season 3 Spoilers

    Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) has been cast as Ashleigh’s father, Brian Howard, in a season 3 episode. Pops arrives on campus to spend Father-Daughter Weekend at the ZBZ sorority with Ash. Source: EW

    It sounds like the third season of Greek will be quite the religious experience. The show is casting the roles of a Mary-Elyse, a flirty Catholic girl who tries to recruit Cappie and Dale, and Pastor Dan, a laid-back minister who helps Dale get over his guilt issues. Season 3 kicks off Aug. 31. Source: EW

    Greek – Episode 3.01 – The Day After – Casting Call

    [SECURITY GUARD] Male or female, 30s. This kind but gullible security guard outside the Chemistry building greets Casey and Rusty to let them in, and gives Rusty a candy bar when Rusty fakes being hypo-glycemic (actually, he/she pinches off a piece of the candy with his/her fingers and pushes it into Rusty’s mouth). Later, the security guard discovers Cappie inside the chem building.sptv050769..CO-STAR

    [PETER] He is 18, a pale, friendly Canadian resident, complete with accent, who lives on Max’s floor…CO-STAR

    Source: SpoilerTV

    Greek – Episode 3.03 – The Half-Naked Gun – Casting Call

    [KATHERINE] Female, 20-22 years old, the President of Panhellenic (an umbrella organization that supervises all joint sorority activity), Katherine is attractive yet uber-buttoned-up, an overachiever who is dressed casually smart and always manages to get the best of every argument. She’s a no-nonsense type who doesn’t suffer fools and who has future leader written all over her…GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

    [TARA] Female, 20-22, another delegate to Panhellenic, Tara is delighted when Katherine acknowledges her birthday — but soon her smile fades as Katherine coolly reminds Tara that she forgot to send out a birthday reminder e-mail.sptv050769..CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

    Source: SpoilerTV

    ‘Greek”s Rebecca Logan is kissing a girl and really liking it…

    Yes, Rebecca Logan will kiss a girl this Monday and it’s kind of a big deal. As I told you back in March, one of “Greek“‘s straight sisters is going to switch teams this season and that girl is the former senator’s daughter. When Frannie’s big sis returns to CRU for her wedding this week, one of the bridesmaids will catch Rebecca’s eye. Surprising? Maybe. But as Dilshad Vadsaria, who plays Rebecca, pointed out when we spoke today, it’s really not so far fetched. “My first thought [regarding this storyline] was, of all the characters, Rebecca would be the one to do this. It makes sense for Rebecca because she’s never really been herself or known who she is outside of this bubble of being the Senator’s daughter,” Vadsaria explained. “And now that that bubble has totally popped, she has this opportunity to explore who she is and question things that she may not have even thought of questioning before. And Rebecca’s also the type of person who wouldn’t hold back in questioning something. She’s not shy about things and that’s just who she is, so I thought this story fit her well.”

    And the story fits “Greek” well too. Though sexuality may be a serious topic, “Greek” — as we’ve seen with its handling of the Calvin character — is skilled at raising issues of importance with a lightness and humor attached. The show consulted with GLAAD, getting their blessing on the material, and Dilshad spoke with a couple people who had similar experiences in real life. “I wanted to make sure that I took it seriously and I portrayed it in a very responsible manner,” she said. At the same time, there’s a young and fun vibe to what Dilshad’s character is going through. “There’s a line where Rebecca says to Calvin, So is this how the gays do it?,” creator Sean Smith laughed.  But, make no mistake, Rebecca’s attraction to a woman isn’t a fleeting thing that will come and go in an episode. “It’s not like, Oh this is college and let’s experiment! These are really true feelings she’s having,” Dilshad said. “This is a very valid experience for Rebecca and I think it will [help to] form her as a person. I think it’s a character trait in her and it helps put her in the direction of figuring out who she is.” Also, the actress playing Rebecca’s love interest, Anna Osceola, is sticking around for a while, so yeah, we’ll have time to really see this side of Ms. Logan that neither she nor the audience knew existed before. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

    Give us some dirt on Greek!
    How about some sexy dirt? “Expect some hot girl-on-girl action,” says Greek girl Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh. “And great relationship stuff happens coming up with Frannie and Evan.” Paul James says he’s excited about his juicy upcoming storyline: “At the end of the season, I get a love interest, played by Gregory Michaels.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

    ‘Greek’s’ got Garofalo this week, plus new love for Ashleigh & Rusty…

    Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

    Alright, so, after tonight we’ll be three episodes into “Greek“‘s current season and I’ve been getting some questions about what’s coming up, thought I’d answer a few…

    Oh, and Janeane Garofalo‘s guest appearance is this evening.

    You mentioned just a few posts ago that Ashleigh would be be finding romance, could it possibly be with Beaver? I was just catching up on Monday’s episode and noticed that in the previews the gentleman Ashleigh was kissing looked very much like Beaver. I think he is a funny character, so why not? Any scoop on that?
    Ha! Beaver. Interesting. Actually, Beaver might be getting a little action this evening. But not with Ashleigh. I believe there’s a girl who’s super into his fashion choice for tonight’s KT party and there could be a connection there… Ashleigh will be otherwise occupied with a new member of the ZBZ family. No, she’s not the girl who may be going gay (that’s Rebecca, by the way, keep it hush hush). The sorority is hiring a hasher by the name of Fisher to do kitchen duty type things in the house and he’s, uh, super hot. The ZBZ ladies will lose their minds over him and so Ashleigh, being the responsible president that she is, gets creative in protecting him from them. And he seems to be quite appreciative of her efforts.

    Are we meeting Rusty’s love interest this week?
    We are. But we’ll also be watching her make out with Jesse McCartney this week, so… yeah. She’s cool though. You’ll like her anyway. She’s introduced in an art history class that Rusty, Dale and Calvin take together and she and Rusty will become friends quickly… ZBZ is looking for extra pledges and Rusty sort of facilitates her bid. She’s new to the school and doesn’t really know anyone, so it works out.

    When will Max and Casey break up? When will Casey and Cappie get back together?
    You’re going to have to wait a bit longer… Max is going to take a leave of absence from CRU later this season, leaving Casey and Cappie to get reacquainted, but as of right now, Max and Case are still good. Actually, it’s Max and Cappie that are having problems. There will be a confrontation between the two of them this evening. The word “douche” will be involved. You’ll like it.

    What is going on with Evan on “Greek” this year? I haven’t heard much.
    Evan is lost. He needs help actually. You’ll see tonight. There’s an interesting reveal coming…

    Episode 2.11: Take Me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes  Airdate: March 30, 2009

    • Rebecca will announce to Ashleigh that she is defecting to Frannie’s sorority but there is more to this move than meets the eye… Speaking of the Alpha Omega house (aka Frannie’s house), the sorority will sort of have a 70-year-old sister because Joan, the landlady, lives in the house and put as a condition in the lease that she can mingle with the sisters if she gives them prior notice. Remember that extra messy and smelly KT room Rusty said would become his own? Well it will have gone through major redesign when the season resumes. It will be everything that the KT house is not: clean and peaceful. New-age spa music will be playing to help Rusty focus on his studies. There will even be a mini fountain! And when Rusty closes the door, the cacophony from elsewhere in the house doesn’t penetrate thanks to acoustic foam panels placed in the walls and the ceiling. As expected, the most peaceful room in KT land will not stay peaceful for long… Well, in order to find a quiet place to study and rest, Rusty will actually move out of the KT house and be roommates with Dale again. However, they will be staying off campus. Source: TV Squad
    • Sources close to the set tell me that Rebecca will be staying with the Zeta Beta Zeta house and not leaving for Frannie’s Iota Kappa Iota house, but that doesn’t mean the ZBZ’s won’t be desperate for new girls. Source: Kristin on E!Online
    • Rusty has been working as a camp counselor at Camp Tall Pines. At the beginning of the episode, it’s the last day of camp and Rusty sees his group of boys off. Casey’s congressional internship with Paula Baker is coming to an end. She and Max made it through the summer. Casey looks for an apartment to rent in order to put her life on a more serious path. Ashleigh must deal with sisters defecting to the Alpha Omega (AO) house, Frannie’s new sorority. Cappie, Beaver and other KTs have fun with a Slip-n-Slide. Rusty introduces freshman Andy, a 18-year-old jock with whom Calvin used to play football in high school, to his friends. Fraternities will all try to get Andy to rush with them as he is the number one football recruit. Frannie shows the AO house to her new sisters and introduces them to Joan, their 70-year-old landlady who lives in the house and has the right to mingle with them occasionnaly if she gives notice. This surprise will not suit well with the ZBZs who agreed to follow Frannie to the AO house. Rebecca, Beth, Brenda, Andrea, Laura, Betsy, Evan, Dale also appear. Source:

    Episode 2.12: From Rushing With Love  Airdate: April 6, 2009

    • Rho Chi: Male, age 20-22, this leader of a group of male rushees at KT house blows a whistle and announces it’s time to move on the to next house. Pretty Rushee: Female, 18 years old, this pretty, sweet rushee at ZBZ talks with Ashleigh and Casey about Frannie’s new house, and agrees that the IKI girls didn’t seem very nice. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 2.13: Engendered Species  Airdate: April 13, 2009

    • Fisher: 18-21, male, this hunky, drop dead gorgeous college student who resembles a scruffy, young Brad Pitt, is the new hasher at ZBZ. He gets all the girls hot and bothered, but he’s anxious to stay removed from everyone because he’s been fired from past jobs for engaging in inappropriate relationships. He needs to make money so he can put himself through school, so he doesn’t want any trouble at ZBZ. However, his and one of our Zeta Beta Zeta girl’s attraction for one another won’t be denied. Professor Janet Freeman: Mid 30s to mid 40s, this cool, snappy, intelligent and put-together professor (think Tina Fey) teaches Women in Politics and earns Casey’s admiration. Professor Freeman warns Cappie that each year there is a token male in the course who fails, both academically and with the female students. She also gives Casey advice on her conflict resolution dilemma. Professor Summerfield: MALE. In his 60s, rumpled, this art history professor teaches Perspectives on the High Renaissance to Rusty, Calvin and Dale’s class. He’s a bit stuffy and hates the internet, but most of the art slides he shows have a sexual element to them that make the class snicker. Jordan: ALE, 18-20. This naturally beautiful, sweet, sexy, and funny “guy’s girl” wears vintage sneakers to class but cleans up really nicely. She catches Rusty’s eye in Art History. They get along famously, and she appreciates his help when she arrives late to class. She becomes a perfect snap pledge for ZBZ, and seemingly the perfect girl for Rusty, too. Recurring guest cast. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 2.14: Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp  Airdate: April 20, 2009

    • Patrick: 25-30, a free spirit who’s been bumming around in Costa Rica, he shows up without any advance warning and takes Evan (Jake McDorman) out for drinks and a talk. He is Evan’s big brother and the black sheep of the family. Patrick cast off his trust fund and rejected his parents’ plans for him, because he felt there were too many strings attached. Natalie: 20-22, this cute and extremely timid college student is the President of Gamma Psi house. While at ZBZ, she’s in awe of her surroundings. Natalie confirms the suspicion that Fisher the hasher might be a thief. Barista: 20-22, this surly, stone-faced, female barista at a coffee house is immune to Cappie’s charms. Bar Patron: 20-22, this male bar patron is annoyed when Casey accidentally soaks him with the contents of her shot glass. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 2.15: Evasive Actions Airdate: April 27, 2009

    • When Frannie challenges the sisterhood of ZBZ girls, Casey retaliates by challenging the IKI’s to a game of dodgeball. Which sorority will take the least amount of hits? The dodgeball game is also part of the effort by Casey and Ashleigh to win over Jordan, ZBZ’s new pledge, who reveals that she doesn’t think the sorority is the place for her. Determined to change her mind, Casey and Ashleigh attempt to give Jordan a ZBZ makeover. Meanwhile, Rusty struggles with the fact that Dale is so in love with their new apartment that he never leaves, so Rusty enlists the Kappa Tau’s to invade the house to scare him away. But the plan backfires when the landlord shows up the next morning with a tour (they live in a model apartment), and upon finding remains from the night’s escapades, evicts the boys much to the chagrin of Casey, whose name is on the lease! Source: ABC Family

    Episode 2.16: Dearly Beloved Airdate: May 4, 2009


    Collette Wolfe (“17 Again”) Guest Stars as Casey’s Grand-Big Sis, Kiki, Johanna Braddy (“Fame”) Returns as Jordan and Michael Rady (“Melrose Place”) Continues His Role as Max, Casey’s Boyfriend.  Casey’s (Spencer Grammer) grand-big sister, Kiki (Collette Wolfe), is back at Cyprus-Rhodes University for her wedding and all the ZBZ girls are invited. Amidst all the wedding frenzy, Max decides it’s time to take his relationship with Casey to the next level and gets down on one knee. How will Casey react to Max’s bold move? Find out in an all-new episode of the ABC Family hit series GREEK, premiering Monday, May 4, 2009 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Dearly Beloved,” was directed by Melanie Mayron and written by Michael Berns.

    Meanwhile, with Andy (Jesse McCartney) out of town, Jordan (Johanna Braddy) ends up dragging Rusty (Jacob Zachar) around town to help pick up the flowers for Kiki’s wedding. When the two discover that the order was never placed, they have to come up with a plan of action — a plan that backfires and puts both of them in the emergency room with identical allergic reactions. The unexpected common bond leads them to share a kiss.

    Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria), in the meantime, soon finds herself in new territory as she kisses Ashleigh’s openly gay big sis, Robin (Anna Osceola), in one of the bachelorette party game – sparking Rebecca’s curiosity.

    GREEK is executive produced by Lloyd Segan, Shawn Piller, Anne Kenney and John Ziffren. The show is created by executive producer Patrick Sean Smith. Michael Berns and Mark Stegemann also serve as co-executive producers. The ensemble cast includes Jacob Zachar as Rusty, Spencer Grammer as Casey, Scott Michael Foster as Cappie, Jake McDorman as Evan, Clark Duke as Dale, Dilshad Vadsaria as Rebecca, Paul James as Calvin, Amber Stevens as Ashleigh and Tiffany DuPont as Frannie. Source: ABC

    Episode 2.17: Guilty Treasures  Airdate: May 11, 2009

    • Dr. Magda Stephanopoulos: In her 50s, attractive and intimidating, with long hair and a professional, stylish-looking suit, she is a renowned, extremely intelligent scientist who has come to campus to recruit research assistants for a month-long project at Oxford. Dr. Magda is tough to impress, and always wants what she can’t have. Dr. Broom: In his 50s, uncongenial, he’s an engineering professor who piles on the workload and makes life unpleasant for Max. He’s annoyed when Max crashes a science faculty party. Omega Chi Pledge: 18-20, male, this Omega Chi Pledge accuses Cappie of theft and is confused when Evan contradicts him. Waitress: 20s. This waitress at Gentleman’s Choice tells Wade that the disco balls he’s brought belong to the other club. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 2.18: Divine Secrets  Airdate: May 18, 2009

    Episode 2.19: Social Studies Airdate: May 25, 2009

    • Delia: 18-20, female, sexy, sharp and flirty, she’s a women’s study student who knows Cappie well, and plans on studying with him for midterms. Michelle: 18-20, female, equally sexy and sharp as Delia, she’s also a women’s study student who knows Cappie well, and plans on joining him and Delia for a study session. Tiny: Late 30s to 40s. Male. He is the rather large owner of a car impound lot. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 2.20: Isn’t It Bro-Mantic? (Season? finale)  Airdate: June 1, 2009

    • Grant: 18-21, male, this extremely hot, fit, preppy OX brother is a great guy. So, Calvin is a bit surprised when Grant comes out to him at a fraternity function. There’s a lot of chemistry between these two, but when they become one another’s roommates, it’s unclear whether Calvin will ever act on his attraction, or whether he will keep things platonic and unmessy. Possibly recurring. Alice: 18-21, female, this extremely intelligent, cute, and winning coed is a new member of the Amphora club, an elite club that Evan and Cappie have also been invited to join. The two old rivals are both smitten with Alice and vie bitterly for her attentions. Bjorn: 20s, male, this attractive and personable Swedish waiter is initially charmed by Casey, but as she grows progressively more tipsy and annoying, he can’t wait to present her bill and get her out of his station. Hostess: 20s, female, the hostess at a posh local restaurant, she’s not amused by Rusty’s somewhat inept attempt to impress her. Source: SpoilerTV
    • Greek‘s stereotype-shattering gay brother, Calvin, is going to literally have his hands full this semester. Gregory Michael is joining the ABC Family hit as a love interest for Calvin, sources confirm. Michael’s character is described as a genetically-blessed, closeted Omega Chi active who comes out to Calvin — which is all well and good until the two end up rooming together. Sexual tension abounds, as does some serious heavy petting (or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days). Michael will recur throughout Greek‘s new season. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

    General Spoilers:

    • Sources on the set tell me the Iota Kappa Iota house is already in full swing. Because of the IKI (pronounced “icky,” tee hee) house, Zeta Beta Zeta is going to be desperate for girls, and will even pair up with the Kappa Taus for a party. When it goes down, Cappie and Casey will get into a huge fight over the fact that a nongreek male is in attendence…Max! Yup, he’ll be sticking around CRU. […] Calvin might be getting a boyfriend. (Might.) He meets a hottie at the gym named Jess who seems to be flirting with him, but when they get together later to watch a football game, the messages are more mixed. Source: Kristin on E!Online
    • Evan’s getting an older brother, to be played by Step Up 2 stud Robert Hoffman. Source: TV Guide Online

    New 90210 Spoilers!

    Episode 1.15: Help Me, Rhonda Airdate: February 3, 2009

    • Adrianna reveals her pregnancy to the baby’s father and is shocked by his parents’ handling of the situation. Naomi stands by Adrianna’s side while they devise a plan to break the pregnancy news to Adrianna’s mother, Constance (guest star Maeve Quinlan, “The Bold and the Beautiful”). Annie and Ethan are still shaken from his accident but their relationship becomes strained when he starts spending a lot of time with Rhonda (guest star Aimee Teegarden, “Friday Night Lights”). Silver confronts Dixon and tells him the words he has been longing to hear. Rob Estes, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold also star. Source: The CW
    • French teacher: Female. 30. Attractive. Any ethnicity. Leads a class in an exercise. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 1.16: Of Heartbreaks and Hotels Airdate: February 10, 2009

    • Tom: Male. Late teens, early 20s. Any ethnicity. Wanna-be actor taking an intense acting workshop. Takes his craft very seriously as he performs a Shakespeare Monologue. Knowledge of “Hamlet” a plus. Julian: Male. 16-18. Any ethnicity. West Beverly Hills High School student. Kind of a jerk. Possibly recurring. Stuart: Male. 16-18. Any ethnicity. West Beverly Hills High School student. Kind of a jerk. Possibly recurring. Mr. Sinton: Male. Mid to late 30s. Any ethnicity. West Beverly Hills High School math teacher. Waiter: Male. Late 20s. Any ethnicity. Works at a trendy, fancy, prestigious Beverly Hills restaurant. Lacrosse friend: Male. 16-18. Any ethnicity. A Jock that enjoys scoping out girls at a dance. Possibly recurring. Clerk: Male/Female. 30s. Any ethnicity. Works at a fancy gourmet chocolate shop in Beverly Hills. Hotel waiter: Male. Late 20s. Any ethnicity. Works at a trendy, prestigious Beverly Hills hotel. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 1.17: Title Unknown  Airdate: February 17, 2009

    • Milo: Male, late teens, early 20s. Any ethnicity. Dangerous, sexy. Intimidates Naomi. Drag races Liam. Source: SpoilerTV

    Episode 1.18: Title Unknown  Airdate: February 24, 2009

    • Kevin: Male, early 40s, moustache and thick glasses, hanging out at the train station. Has a creepy presence but turns out to be a helpful ally to Silver. Dierk: Male, 40s, large, Swedish, speaks with an accent. Dim Sum Waiter: Male or Female, Asian, 20s. A waiter at a Dim Sum restaurant. Dry sense of humor. Cop: Male, late 20s, attractive. Any ethnicity. Ticket Salesman: Male, 20s – 30s, any ethnicity. Irritated ticket salesman at a train station. 3 lines. Nurse: Male or Female, Late 20s, ethnic preferred. Source: SpoilerTV
    • Original Beverly Hills 90210 alum Priestley will be directing the 18th episode of the first season of CW’s 90210. Jason has teased that the episode is “very ambitious, production wise,” and a large-scale disaster may be heading for the world’s most famous ZIP code. A crisis will strike 90210 when Jason hits town to direct, and someone may not be so lucky in the aftermath. Jason says, “I have a lot of challenges ahead of me on how to shoot this, it’s big.” Could it be a big crash scene, maybe an earthquake? “Yeah, we’re in a hospital…a female ends up in the hospital.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

    Episode 1.19: Title Unknown  Airdate: April 2009

    • This season’s 19th episode (airing in April) will be must-see-worthy for two reasons: It marks Tori Spelling’s return as Donna and features the arrival of Dixon’s estranged mother. Source: The Ausiello Files

    General Spoilers:

    • [Jackie Taylor] will soon make a return appearance. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV
    • Silver will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and the storyline is pretty engrossing. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    New Ugly Betty Spoilers!

    Episode 3.13: Kissed Off Airdate: February 5, 2009

    • Betty contemplates making a personal decision to help her family and finances. But things keep sidetracking her like the fact that sexy neighbor Jesse (guest star Val Emmich) is suddenly interested in her again. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to hide his tracks as Connor is determined to find out the identity of the mystery man who stole Molly’s heart. Guest starring are Grant Bowler as Connor Owens, Sarah Lafleur as Molly, Lauren Velez as Elena and Val Emmich as Jesse. Source: ABC

    Episode 3.14: The Courtship of Betty’s Father
    Airdate: February 12, 2009

    Episode 3.15: There’s No Place Like Mode
    Airdate: February 19, 2009

    General Spoilers:

    • According to insiders connected to the series, the fantastic Ashley Jensen, who plays Betty’s BFF Christina and is also well-known to you Extras fans, is the series regular who has asked to leave Ugly Betty. […] As for the character who will be killed off, it’s someone who just came on board this season and whom the fans-and [Daniel] -fancy. Source: Kristin on E!Online
    • Multiple sources confirm that Daniel Eric Gold has been cast in the recurring role of Matt, a seemingly Henry-esque hottie with whom Betty meets at YETI (Young Editors’ Training Initiative). I’m told Betty producers have big plans for Betty and Matt. The kind of big plans that led them to include a series regular option in Gold’s just-inked contract. […] Marc’s getting a new roommate…But the show isn’t adding any new cast-members. Source: The Ausiello Files
    • Dexter co-star Lauren Velez has been tapped for a multiepisode arc on ABC’s dramedy Ugly Betty. She will play Elena, a nurse that enters the lives of the Suarez family, on the ABC Studios-produced series. Details about her character and how she will interact with Betty (America Ferrera) and the rest of the Suarez clan are being kept under wraps, but word is that she is tied to a plot twist that might involve the death of a major character. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

    Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: “Body of Water”

    Ghost Whisperer was the night’s most watched program, delivering 11.27 million total viewers — a seven percent week-to-week increase and the series’ best numbers since Nov. 22.

    .storyCopy p { margin:0px 0px 0px 0px !important; } .storyByline { margin:2px 0px 0px 0px !important; }

    Davidconrad_ghostwhisperer_240 Previously on Ghost Whisperer… Jim jumped into Sam’s body and Melinda conned him into living in her garage. Sam’s old girlfriend Nikki showed up and they are spending lots of time together. And now Nikki wants to move in with Melinda while she’s there to see Sam. Oh dear. Continue reading »

    Flashpoint Spoilers!

    Enrico Colantoni Talks Emotional Side of Flashpoint

    by Gina DiNunno TV Guide

    Enrico Colantoni, Flashpoint

    CBS’ hit series Flashpoint (Fridays at 9 pm/ET), which follows the lives of elite cops within the Strategic Response Unit, has returned for its second season after debuting with strong Friday-night ratings. Enrico Colantoni, who plays the SRU’s Sgt. Gregory Parker, tells us what distinguishes his series, teases upcoming storylines and reveals what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Plus, Veronica Mars‘ dad dishes about the upcoming movie. How does Flashpoint differ from other law enforcement shows?
    Enrico Colantoni: There’s a heightened adrenal rush and sentimental experience that has little to do with cops and robbers. It has more to do with watching our characters struggle with a particular situation and how that affects them directly. I find myself quite moved by the human aspect in our scripts that show what these guys are going through and how much they care. Every week we deal with people having a bad day and it’s hard not to feel for them. You guys tackle some extreme storylines. What situations can we expect in upcoming episodes?
    Colantoni: Friday’s episode is about the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on police officers. Then we’re going to deal with some revenge situations that actually are specifically related to what happened during the pilot episode of last season. Recently, we’ve been handling a lot of domestic situations that vary in different locales — like the winter. [Laughs] People freak out over the snow! It just makes them do crazy things. Anything exciting coming up for Sgt. Parker?
    Colantoni: I wish I knew! What I anticipate is maybe a little about what his love life would be like. He’s so committed to his job, his team and these people. I think it would be difficult to watch him in a social environment because he’d probably fail miserably. So I hope we get to watch him struggle with that and trying to find a semblance of normalcy. Television is a tough market in terms of cancelations. How does it feel knowing you’re show does so well?
    Colantoni: I’m just relieved we’re not dipping that much from Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. And we just found out that we beat Friday Night Lights‘ premiere. It was like, wow, people are intentionally sticking with us, and that’s always nice. What’s it like on set when the cameras aren’t rolling?
    Colantoni: Imagine us filming the show inside a male locker room — that’s how I’d describe it. Hugh and I create this whole environment where there’s a lot of yelling, name-calling and good guy banter. And poor Amy Jo — she sort of has to tolerate it. Last season she was pregnant most of the time, so she didn’t really have the energy to reprimand us! But the context of the whole day is a lot of fun. It’s been reported that Rob Thomas wants to make a Veronica Mars movie. Would you want to resurrect your role as Keith Mars?
    Colantoni: Uh, yeah! I keep hearing about it. It’d be a much better sense of closure. Absolutely! So many people were disappointed, including me, that we didn’t get to tie a little bow around that show. I wonder who’s going to play me in the movie? [Laughs] Paul Giamatti as Keith Mars!

    Smallville Spoilers: Lana’s Farewell!

    Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk Teases a Tear-filled Farewell

    by Matt Mitovich TV Guide

    Kristin Kreuk with Tom Welling, Smallville

    “A lot of tears” is what Kristin Kreuk promises when Lana Lang bids the CW’s Smallville (if not Smallville, Kansas) a final farewell. As the original cast member’s final three episodes unspool, welcomed the chance to chat with Kreuk about Lana’s super secrets, her big-screen butt-kicking, and the change that she hopes to bring to the world — one small step at a time. (Smallville airs Thursdays at 8 pm/ET.) Word has it that Lana might have left town last spring under rather different circumstances than she led us to believe. True?
    Kristin Kreuk:
    Very true. There’s a lot of stuff going on with Lana that nobody knows except for her. The audience will slowly begin to understand as my remaining episodes air. You’ll find out why she returned … and why she was gone in the first place. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the shock factor?
    It’s Smallville, so I’d say a 7.5. Considering there are always weird creatures on the show…. [Laughs] I saw an interview where you said that Lana will get “a beautiful sendoff.” Why does that sound like a teary deathbed scene to me?
    I don’t know what I’m allowed to say about anything, but … there are a lot of tears. But I don’t know if there was a bed involved in any way! What was it like reuniting with Tom Welling for this arc? Did your old shorthand just pick up right away?
    Yeah, pretty much. Tom and I have been working together for a long time and I adore him. We had a really great time. How was it being directed in the episode airing Jan. 29 by Allison [Mack, who plays Chloe]?
    It was great. Allison is one of my dearest friends in the world, so I was really excited for her. She was wonderful and able to handle what is generally a very stressful situation for most directors with a lot of grace. I really respected her for that. She has never directed anything like Smallville before and she is only 26 years old and a female. That’s really commendable in this industry. Lana’s slightly different look — is that because Kristin has a different look, Kristin wanted a different look, or the producers wanted a different look?
    I wanted to cut my hair after I left the show, so I called up the producers and said, “Is that OK?” They were like, “Yeah, totally — it will fit great.” But I cut my hair quite short and everyone liked it except for one individual who has control over most things, so I had to put in extensions which don’t look as good as the short hair or the long hair. They’re somewhere in the middle. It’s fine, though. Before Lana leaves us, will there be any sort of “passing of the baton” with Lois? Will she, like, give Lois her endorsement in pursuing something with Clark?
    No, Erica [Durance, Lois] and I never really get the opportunity to work together, and Lois is not in any of the episodes that Lana’s in. They don’t have any interaction. Lana doesn’t discuss her…. It just doesn’t happen. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, starring Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li — are you excited to see that hit theaters on Feb. 27?
    I am! I haven’t seen a cut yet, so I’m interested to see how it all turned out. It was a really great experience. I know you had some martial arts training going in, but was there a cool, new trick you learned? A flying roundhouse perhaps?
    Nothing that I could whip out on the street, but all of my wire work skills are much better than they ever used to be! And my ability to learn any martial arts moves has increased a lot. Any nasty bruises to show for it all?
    Yeah, I got a lot of bruises, and I hit my head a few times, but nothing too serious. Lastly, tell me about this retreat/contest you’re organizing through Girls by Design. I was inspired just reading about it.
    My company with my business partner, Girls by Design, will be a social network for teen girls, and it will be centered on self esteem-building and project creation. And my friend Tami has Time Out Retreat, which she started just before her mother passed away from cancer, and is about empowering people to understand that they can heal themselves in many ways. We meshed her concept with Girls by Design and created something that would encourage girls to intersect and look at their lives in a holistic way. It’ll be fun, bringing girls from different backgrounds and all over the Los Angeles area to a beautiful location, and have speakers to inspire them. As part of the contest, girls have to answer the question, “How do you hope to see the world change in your lifetime?” Not to get all Barbara Walters on you, but how do you hope to see the world change in your lifetime?
    For me, it’s about building more compassion, and that starts with individuals. We can be really mean, even in little ways. But it all starts with us, how we are with ourselves and then how we treat each other based on that. I know it all sounds really small, but I’m not a politician and I’m not able to create policy. So I really do think one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals is be kind with ourselves and kind with each other. Do you believe that Barack Obama entering the office of president will bring about some sort of this type of change you’re talking about?
    I really hope so. I’m Canadian, but I have been surprisingly emotional about the whole thing. I was like, “What’s this?!” I don’t normally feel this involved. But it’s amazing. Even if it’s simply having an African-American man in power, that’s a beautiful thing for young people to see and experience. It’s amazing.

    Preview of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ Crossover Episode: Spoilers!

    Preview of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’ Crossover Episode

    A crisis brings Addison back to Seattle Grace Hospital in a crossover episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Private Practice’.

    See larger image

    It is the crossover episode of “” and “” on February 5. From the preview given by ABC for the next episode of “Grey’s”, it is known that Derek receives a call from Addison in some kind of an emergency situation involving her brother, Archer.

    Based on the synopsis given on “Private” February 5 episode, Archer will have a severe seizure that Addison and Naomi try to find a cure using every resource possible. And when they don’t, Addison seeks the help of the neurosurgeon she knows well, Derek. Also in the episode, now that Derek has the engagement ring, he searches for the perfect way to propose to Meredith.

    Archer, played by Grant Show, moves to L.A. to work at Pacific Wellcare but he causes problems between Addison and Naomi.

    “Private Practice” is the spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”, which first aired in 2007 and focused on the solo journey of ‘s character. Addison once made a return for a specialized surgery to “Grey’s” several months after “Private” premiered. The crossover may be a multi-episode event in February.  — Ace Showbiz

    Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “Stairway to Heaven”

    Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “Stairway to Heaven”

    This week on Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie finally realizes why Denny has come for her; Owen asks Cristina for a second chance at a first date and the death row patient at Seattle Grace finally checks out….read more

    House Spoilers: House and Cuddy will do the deed!

    It’s official: House and Cuddy will do the deed

    by Michael Ausiello

    Houseleteatcake_lHuddy fans, prepare to plotz.

    At last night’s 100th episode party for House (held at West Hollywood celeb magnet STK), executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs finally revealed what has long been hinted at but never officially confirmed: House and Cuddy will have sex this season.

    “Yes, we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex,” declared Shore, adding that the duo will seal the deal before the end of the season. “There is a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of Huddy hoping for a hookup. It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character.”

    Adds Jacobs: “We have to be careful about making moves like this. We do not want to disappoint the fans and just do something out of left field.”

    Word of the impending Huddy romp took leading man (and romp participant) Hugh Laurie off guard. I think. (You never really know with Laurie.) “Really? They told you that? They haven’t told me that. Do you suppose either one of them were ever going to tell me that? Was I just going to come in one day and read that in a script and be given no preparation time? Now I’m nervous. And I have to start doing some push-ups or sit-ups. Did they tell you how much of me will be shown? What areas do I need to work on? Now I am really glad I didn’t eat that 100-episode cake.”

    After taking a moment to digest the news, Laurie conceded that the development was a long time coming. “I think it will be a lot of fun,” he said. “These two characters, for all their bickering, obviously take such pleasure in each other’s company. They are two loners and there is a sort of comfort that they give to each other. This could be very sweet and touching, and, then I am sure, because I know David and how his sick mind works, it will all go pear-shaped.”

    Lisa Edelstein also admitted to being in the dark about the Huddy hookup — although, c’mon, the seed was rather publicly planted (by me!) last week. “I did not know they were going do it for sure,” she confessed. “I always figured someday it was inevitable but I had not heard that yet.”

    Echoing Laurie’s sentiments, Edelstein expressed confidence that the dicey plot would be handled with great care. “I don’t think there will be any shark jumping because it is still David Shore running the place,” she said. “If David got fired and someone else took over the show and put a sex scene in, I might be worried. But because it is David at the reins, I think it will be well thought out and planned and have a point.

    “It won’t work out anyway,” she added with a laugh. “It isn’t like they’d would move in together and raise Cuddy’s new baby and have a wedding and a house in Connecticut. It will end in disaster. It may be really fun for a brief period of time, but then it will all come crumbling down. David is clearly not comfortable with positivity and happy endings.”

    Okay, Huddy fans, I want to hear from you: Are you relishing your hard-fought victory? Or is this a case of be careful what you wish for? Sound off below! (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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