Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “A Father Dreams”

Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “A Father Dreams”

When we last saw the Walkers, they were celebrating Thanksgiving in the hospital cafeteria after Kevin gave a piece of his liver to save his <strike>niece</strike>daughter’s life. (Read the full recap here.) This episode picks right up with Kevin recovering under the watchful (and overbearing) eye of Nora, who won’t let Scotty help in the way he likes. Meanwhile, Justin gets dissed by a first grader, Nora gets an unwanted blast from the past, Robert and Kitty rekindle a part of their relationship they’ve been missing and Tommy and Kevin squabble over possible daddy issues created by Elizabeth’s surgery (and the ensuing dreams Kevin now can’t stop). And, of course, there was some Walker arguing. The holidays are over, so let’s get to it.

Many of Kevin’s scenes in this episode were taking part in a series of dreams Kevin was having related to his recent ordeal with Elizabeth, particularly learning that he is he biological father. The dreams range from Nora serving liver (!) to Kevin and Julia making out to Scotty in a World War II soldier’s uniform. Ultimately, however, Kevin interprets the dreams to mean that for the first time, he believes he actually could be a parent, as in his final dream he consoles an older Elizabeth and makes her stop crying. As scary as his dreams are, he wakes to a real nightmare — Nora and Scotty arguing endlessly over how to treat their patient. Ultimately, Kevin uses Justin to bust him out of the house, choosing to recover at a five-star resort instead. (Great, funny sequence, from Justin’s trumpet to his awkwardness with Scotty and Nora. I was chuckling through it all.)

Justin has his own problems to deal with. While attending nephew Cooper’s first-grade class as (Justin thought) a distinguished guest for show and tell, Justin is embarrassed when Cooper calls him out for still living at home and playing video games all day. Ouch. But Sarah leads the natural Walker response: gather the family for an intervention, although this time for Justin’s lack of drive. Tommy tells Justin he has to get out of Nora’s “quicksand” house, and “let life suck a little bit” to get going. Sarah later learns, however, that Justin wants all the things they have suggested, but fears leaving his “safe zone” because he overdosed the last time he was on his own. Even so, Sarah helps him pick out a place (or a “dump” as Justin put it) and Nora is ultimately proud that Justin wants to move on. I’m sure the thoughtful gratitude Justin showered Nora with made it an easier pill to swallow….read more

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