Major Supernatural Spoilers: A Third Winchester Brother?

I’ll be your friend if you give me some Supernatural scoop. — Shane
There is a traitor amongst Sam and Dean. Source: Ausiello Files – EW

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Grey's Anatomy ABC/RANDY HOLMES

Oh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you sneaky devil. You always keep us guessing—even from beyond the grave!

Even though he is fully dead on Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and Weeds, that didn’t stop JDM from schtupping Izzie (Katherine Heigl), and now, bearing fruit to one of the biggest, jaw-dropping, show-changing plot twists we’ve heard all TV season long. (Honest engine.)

Turns out, Jeffrey may be a daddy to a secret son on a certain show, and this certain show will be changed forever because of this upcoming plot twist.

Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural David Gray/The CW

What’s the latest on Jared and Jensen on Supernatural?
Let’s just say that if you happen to look like these dreamy dudes above (and God bless you for it), you should contact the CW right away, because I’m hearing that yes, you guessed it! There just might be a third freaking Winchester brother out there. Hear that? It’s the sound of my mind exploding! I’m told that the possible third brother has not been cast, but we’ll start hearing rumblings of another son courtesy of Dean and Sam’s father John Winchester, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, this season. Seriously, does that dead dude get around or what?! Meanwhile, I’m dying to know what you think of this twist and if anyone out there could possibly be delicious enough to pull off the same genetic code as Jensen and Jared. So please comment below, and if you have any casting suggestions, bring ’em!

On Supernatural, do you know if Alistair was destroyed or just repelled? I’m curious if we’re going to see him again?
Yes, Alastair will return later this season, but in a new, nastier “meat sock” form.

Source: Kristin on E!Online

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  1. Emma

     /  January 6, 2009


  2. Vee

     /  January 6, 2009


  3. ALi

     /  January 6, 2009

    ^ Definitely Jackson Rathbone!

    He’s super fiiiiiiiine. 😉

  4. tracey fleming

     /  January 6, 2009

    chad michael murray maybe??

  5. Tim

     /  January 6, 2009

    HELL. MOTHERFUCKING. NO. Are they crazy? I will totally disown the show.

  6. Stefhanie

     /  January 6, 2009

    IF they add another brother, I’m gonna lash out at Eric!!!!!!!! Thgey can’t do that it would destroy the show basically!!!!! The show is about That DEan and Sam only has each other to lean on as a core!!!! That is what makes us love it so much!!!!!!!
    IF there is another brother, I’m gonna HATE him!!!!!! and John!!!and Eric Kripke for bringing him on!!!!!

  7. Heather

     /  January 6, 2009

    For about a minute, I thought it would turn out that Jo was there long lost sister … I don’t know about a long lost brother, but hey, I don’t really buy someone as hot as JDM running around chasing beasties and not getting any lovin on the side …

  8. Mari

     /  January 6, 2009

    wow. If that does happen I hope kripke will be able to pull it off! I dunno how i’ll react to another brother (hee hee that rhymes!) I honestly just like sam and dean. period. but i wouldn’t mind seeing how it play out. ^_^

  9. Rena

     /  January 9, 2009

    I just hope it doesn’t break the dynamics of Sam and Dean. I think it’ll be interesting to see how they would react to another brother, especially one they didn’t grow up with. I also think it’ll be bittersweet to them to see how they might have been in this new brother. Will it make them cling more tightly to the bond they have ( to the exclusion of the new brother? And who’s to say this new brother hasn’t already been contacted by Lillith’s side?

  10. Loranie

     /  January 10, 2009

    I really, really hope this is just a one episode, sweeps type thing. Please nothing permanent! They already have angels and demons, and hell opening to deal with, why insert a third brother now? Besides which, it would completely throw off the dynamic of the show if we have to have 3 leading men. So no…just…no

  11. Anni

     /  January 10, 2009

    No! Please thats stupid! No third brother. I thougt that Jo could be the lost sister too, but a brother? No thanks. That sounds like a freaky idea to replace someone from the show.
    A bad ending with Sammi maybe? NOOOOO!!

    There are only two Winchester brothers for me!!

  12. Donna

     /  January 10, 2009

    Dear G-d NO! I’d rather let Uriel “purify” the entire town of Supernatural then proceed with any shark jumping “third brother” plan. If EK goes there, I’m swear this time I’m done with the show. Don’t bother with any “You’re not a true fan of Supernatural if you can’t accept another Winchester” dreck if any you care to start in with me on that. Even we true fans don’t have to “Trust in Kripke coz he’s a G-D”, especially if he feels as if we have to swallow this unspeakable potential “Wouldn’t it be cool?” plot twist as a ratings stunt. No, it wouldn’t “be cool”.

    EK can’t manage writing a show that gives his two leads equality in their respective “arcs” now and from reading the comments section from the new Sera Gamble interview did not encourage me at all that EK & staff will ever manage to pull their act together writing of coherent storyline for Sam now since S4 is a “blank slate”. I don’t know how he will manage writing for his new co-lead (Castiel) and a third Winchester at the same time. (Dean and bi-bro fans, this is not complaint against “Dean” or JA – JA continues to shine but I want JP to have some “shine” time, too).

    I hope since the only source is E!’s Kristin this is a “foiler” or misinterpretation of a “side”.

  13. Courtney

     /  January 11, 2009

    I don’t know how I feel about this one. Darn you Kripke, but it might be interesting as a one to three episode thing, but three Winchesters tends to be one to many at one time.

    However, I think Gaspard Ulliel would make a fine Winchester. Or a fine anything. >.>

  14. Anne S.

     /  January 12, 2009

    I’m not sure how many (if any) of you have seen that interview clip with Jared, Jensen, and Michael Rosenbaum, but I think the three of them would be fantastic in a show together.

    That is not to say that I’m in favor of a third Winchester, but if there had to be one, I think the talented Michael would do a great job. I think it should be a cousin, since I don’t want another brother taking away from the Sam and Dean dynamic.

    Michael Rosenbaum is a talented actor who can do funny, scary, or whatever. If they’re forcing another Winchester on us, I think he would do pretty well.

    Of course, I’m not totally opposed to the Jackson Rathbone suggestion either.

    Bottom line, though – I don’t want another Winchester. Bobby’s a good enough surrogate father and they don’t need anyone else in the show. However, it’s Kripke and others who decide ultimately.

  15. minnime zsazsa

     /  January 12, 2009

    If they do this, they’d better do it EXACTLY right. If they can pull it off, I say bring it on. If they’re even an iota off on this (if indeed there is a third brother), it’s going to sink like a rock in baby oil. Bad mental image? Precisely.

    My word to Kripke and Co. is this: Be extremely careful; you’re treading on ground sacred to most of your fan community.

    The brothers are why we watch the show, so if you’re going to throw a third one in there, he’d better be pretty freaking fantastic on screen. And if he doesn’t have absolutely AMAZING chemistry with the two, I fear for your life. I see mobs of fans bombarding chat rooms and forums across the internet, fanatical debates and raving on every Supernatural website, and a general chaos all around. Or it could be fine. Who knows?

    It may be a long road to ruin, but we’ll get there on an express train if this goes wrong. Beware, but be opened minded, too. Despite popular opinion, your mind will not fall out if you keep it open. It’s lodged in there pretty well.

    Let me explain my opinion in an analogy. Even though we as fans have had a hand in raising and nurturing Supernatural (I mean, without fans there’s no reason for the show), it is Kripke’s baby. We all love Supernatural, but in the end we have to hope that Kripke does what’s best for the boys. Scary? Yes, but we can endure. I mean, we have to.


    Minnime Zsazsa

  16. Donna took the words right out of my mouth.
    That bastard Kripke needs an ass kicking if he adds a third brother. He should know that there are two things that will destroy the series and that is either killing one of them off or adding another.

    I have been a huge fan of Supernatural since the beginning and if this rumor is true I will stop watching the show. Also, I think I am not the only fan who is going to quit if they go through with this bs.

  17. matt

     /  January 16, 2009

    shane meier!!! i know he was on an episode of supernatural already but who the hell cares?!?! lol

  18. danae

     /  January 16, 2009

    Haha people are so funny… we all need to be a little open minded …

    I think its a fun idea and would bring in something new!! I would love to see the reaction. Im actually excited about this. All I care about is that he’s as hot as the other two boys on the show. And as a response to the person who said they wanna see more story line for sam well for goodness sakes sam took up a good portion of the fist two seasons…. I think its great to see more deapth with what went on with dean in hell and how he’s coping with it…

    Micheal… I think would be an intresting pick

    As far as that jason guy he’s a bit soft looking…no offence

    And gaspar ullie ohh he’s one sexy mo fo… they should put him on the show as a deamon that would be awsome…

    I was thinking taking that guy who plays green arrow on smallville as one of the brothers….

    Hehe james marsden? Cuz he’s hot…

    Idk the man just needs to be all american looking… a mans man… and supper hot…

  19. marla

     /  January 19, 2009


  20. marla

     /  January 19, 2009


  21. Danielle

     /  January 20, 2009

    Remember a younger Winchester brother would be alot younger. He would probably still be a teenager. Tough and streetwise. Not necessarily a hunter or aware of the supernatural. I think bringing a kid brother into it would make an interesting dynamic.

    People that call themselves supernatural fans that say they’ll quit if Kripke does this or that make me sad. I am a hardcore supernatural fan and will stick with the show no matter what! I have utter faith in Kripke. Now if they were ever toying with the idea that Jo was a sister they quickly realised it wouldnt ever work and wrote her out of it. I think a younger (teen) brother could work.

    Now I don’t know if it would be a permanant addition or more like Bobby a guest star. I mean he could be in it a couple of episodes and then go off to ‘live’ his life. Having a younger kid brother to look after would really help Dean and the brothers relationship has gone a bit stale its the same thing all the time so something new to spice it up would be good. Dean is all about family.

    or maybe they are made to think they have another brother but its really a supernatural trick. or maybe they find a brother and then he dies oh!

    And as a last note I think that Jackson would be a good choice he fits my idea of a young Winchester. Hope he can act!

  22. Danielle

     /  January 20, 2009

    Sam has not died! I love this seasons Sam. I used to be a total Dean girl but this season I am a total convert. Sam all the way! His character has so much more depth than it used to. Sam has had an amazing journey his character has really evolved over the season. More Sam please!

  23. Margaret

     /  January 20, 2009

    this is totally just rumored!
    i mean what is the third brother gunna do? ride in the backseat of the impala? cmon thats so stupid and cliche if they have a long lost bro

  24. JANINE

     /  January 22, 2009



  25. NikkiJ

     /  January 22, 2009

    I think a third Winchester bro would spice it up, especially if he’s hot
    Yeah, it’s all about Dean and Sam, but what if it gets better?
    It’d be hot if it’s three brothers! Especially if he’s younger

    It should be Kellan Lutz :]
    He’s fucking hot and with Twilight it might make people watch the show more.

    It just has to stay good and I’ll keep watching it

  26. Stoj

     /  January 25, 2009

    No this would be horrible. Please dont ruin the show like that

  27. Ema

     /  January 25, 2009

    That will ruin the show, Dean And Sam are perfect there we don’t need another brother. Please! don’t add another “Long lost brother” PLEASE!!!

  28. Fred

     /  February 6, 2009

    I think if they bring in another brother, he should be at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Perhaps a demon? To make a brother they know nothing about, and make him a complete abomonation to the Winchester name would be an episode I don’t want to miss. The possibilities could be endless.

  29. Jo

     /  February 8, 2009

    The minute i heard about this i was so excited! It will add more excitment to the show. This season so far has been darker then ever, which was how it was planned. The brothers drifting apart slowly, Sam going into his darker side…was all predictable in my opinion.

    I dont see how anyone can say Sam hasnt had any air time this season?! Have we not seen his whole digging into his demon side eps?? And like Danae said most of the first 2 seasons were about him. I totally think the brothers have had equal airtime.

    And for those who say they will not watch the show if they add another brother are not true Supernatural fans in my opinion. If you was you would watch the show no matter what and have faith that Kripke and crew can pull something this big off.

    The show has gotten better each season, and i love the dynamics and paths this season has taken. Im looking forward and eagerly awaiting anything Kripke wants to throw at us, and will never stop watching the show, because i am a true fan.

  30. Jo

     /  February 8, 2009

    Also i would like to say that the episode talked about bringing the 3rd sibling in is called ‘Jump the shark’….so basically makes me think its going to be another episdoe like What is and what should never be….where see some kinda of alternate reality or something to that effect. The producers are prob going to have a little fun with this ep, with the idea of it…..but personally im thinking this is as far as the 3rd winchester brother will go, so everyone can settle down and not panic 🙂

  31. samantha

     /  February 8, 2009

    wow i heard they were gona do this but didnt think they really would lol. the new Winchester is going 2 b playd by Jake Abel . now im not aganst this but they r going 2 need 1 hel of a gd plan if its goin 2 wrk , i mean is he goin 2 b permanent? or will he die or is he goin 2 turn out eventually 2 b evil or even just 1 big mind screw from Lillth?
    i dnt get obsessed with shows but this 1 is drivin me MAD!! the show were we meet the 3r bro is called: ‘JUMP THE SHARK’.
    and he is introduced as Adam Milligan ahhh!. that all any1 no’s o and that it airs on April 23rd. i dnt no what will happen i think the writers and the producers are gonna have fun with this 1 lol . but i’ll say this if its not gonin 2 b an alternate reality or hes not a fake then they need 2 get this just rite if they dnt want loads of angry fans lol , we like they brothers only havin each othr i still want 2 no y dan was brought bak from hell! but im gona love watchin this episode wen it airs (yay) . ppl just need 2 clam down and wait 2 c wat happens never no it cld b really fun !.

  32. samantha

     /  February 8, 2009

    o and i 4gt he’ll b 18 so its ok 4 they girls 2 get excited he kinda a cutey 2 lol . but still not as cute as Sam (Jared) or Dean(Jensen) . look him up. Jake Abel . lol

  33. Mrs. Jensen Ackles

     /  February 9, 2009

    they better not do that… i luv dean

  34. samantha

     /  February 13, 2009

    ok duz any1 out ther no wat happs in episode 15 its drivin me mad not bn around so i dnt no HELP! b4 i go crazy lol

  35. Bob

     /  March 15, 2009

    I just researched this whole idea and honestly, i believe EK knows what he’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not thrilled with this decision, does someone want to say “Fonzie?” at all because that’s exactly what i’m thinking.
    EK is a smart guy, he knows how to handle his show and i guess we all just have to put the future of the show in his hands as fans.
    I think Jake Abel has already been cast as said “third brother” and no one for sure has said that he is definately going to be the winchesters sibling, after all it could be kind of like “the kids are alright” where they assume he is and it turns out he’s not.
    Plus that, there are a myriad of monsters that could have somehow affected reality in someway to keep the boys on their toes.
    I’m just going to put my faith in EK’s hands and hopes that he sees fit to make this episode DAMN AWESOME. I would still watch it, i just don’t think i’d enjoy it as much.
    The only thing i’m having a problem with is the fact that i don’t think John would ever have an affair, i mean look at how he took Mary’s death. He never let himself get over that, so i really don’t think the whole affair thing is a good idea.
    I’m just happy Jo isn’t their half sister…now THAT would be a mistake.

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