One Tree Hill Episode Recap 6.13: “Things a Mama Don’t Know”

James Lafferty, Jackson Brundage and Bethany Joy Galeotti, One Tree HillPreviously on One Tree Hill: Lucas flew off to L.A. to meet with Julian about the movie, Peyton got some news from her doctor, Brooke learned the identity of her attacker, Sam ran away, Nathan tried out for the pros, and Millie and Owen found themselves looking for some sexual healing.

Peyton (Hilarie Burton) tearfully calls Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) late at night and says she can’t call him her fiancé, because now she has to call him her baby daddy. Peyton’s preggers! Nathan (James Lafferty) gets a call of his own letting him know he is now a player for the Charleston Chiefs. Good news for everyone.

Well, good news for everyone in the Scott family, at least. Mouth (Lee Norris) is complaining to Skills about losing Millie and Brooke (Sophia Bush) is scrambling to find Sam. Speaking of that little girl, she’s woken up Jack’s Quentin-murdering brother, who isn’t happy about Sam taking the drawings stolen from Clothes Over Bros. He’s giving Dan a run for his money in the “super creepy” department.

It turns out Jack wasn’t the one who beat up Brooke, it was his brother. Jack tries to defend Sam and gets a slap in the mouth for his trouble. The brother locks the two kids into a bedroom where Jack manages to pry a window open to flee. Sam, unfortunately, gets caught by the brother, thrown onto the bed, and menaced with duct tape. I miss the wacky psychotic Nanny Carrie, because this violent, murdering potential rapist is way too upsetting…. READ FULL RECAP

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