Major Gossip Girl Spoilers! Dan in Jail? Rufus & Lily’s Not So dead Love Child?

Michael Ausiello has included a question in his new edition of Ask Ausiello that refers to spoilers originally posted here on Spoiler Junkie!!!

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on ‘Lost,’ ’24,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘CSI,’ ‘House,’ ‘Daisies,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Smallville,’ ‘True Blood,’ and More!

Question: Any new news about the Veronica Mars movie? If not, some Gossip Girl scoop is perfectly acceptable.
Gossip Girl scoop it is! Word around the UES is that Serena will soon share something in common with Anne Hathaway. And garnering Oscar buzz ain’t it.

Ausiello referring to the fact that Dan is going land himself in jail. Watch the preview clip

Question: About Lily and Rufus’ kid on Gossip Girl: another site said it was a boy and he died. Is that true?
Only half of it.

For more details: Major Gossip Girl Spoilers and Scoop! Lily and Rufus’s son and Chuck, CEO!

I cannot believe that Gossip Girl is doing this whole love child thing with Lily and Rufus. 90210, Brothers & Sisters, so many shows have already covered it! To death!
I feel your pain, but I’m hearing GG may actually put its own little spin on the whole “bastard kid coming to town and turning everyone’s lives upside down” storyline. I know my pal Michael Ausiello at EW has said that the long-lost child will show up towards the end of the season, but as I understand, the original plan was for Rufus and Lily to find out that their first born son was killed in a tragic accident. — Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Question: I need to know more about Gossip Girl, please!
I have a sneaking suspicion that Chuck’s mother is alive. Anyone else share my hunch?

Source: Ausiello Files – EW

Gossip Girl – More Set Photos – 6th Jan

(Click to Enlarge)

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Gossip Girl – More Set Photos – 6th Jan

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Gossip Girl – Casting News

You read it here first! Kate French has been cast in a guest spot on Gossip Girl, the TV Fanatic has learned.

Kate currently stars on The L Word as outrageous actress Nikki Stevens, who is often seen in her birthday suit on the provocative series.

On Gossip Girl, Kate will play Elle, a mysterious nanny who comes to town and gets involved with Ed Westwick’s Chuck Bass.

Elle’s arrival sounds like it’s just in time with Chuck spiraling out of control over his father’s death, and his way hot uncle encouraging his bad habits.

No word yet on whether Kate be sporting the same lack of wardrobe for her XOXO stint!

Catch Gossip Girl Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.
Source: OK Magazine

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